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Bangkok Midnight Marathon 2018: The Shirts are Hot; the Weather’s Not!

by On May 1, 2018

What does it take to get 10,000 enthusiastic runners to an inaugural marathon? Not much. In 2017, runners from 30 nations showed up for the Bangkok Midnight Marathon (BMM). Given cool nighttime temperatures, BMM 2018 could break attendance records. Not bad for a second year of operation!

Bangkok Midnight Marathon 2018: The Shirts are Hot; the Weather’s Not!

Bangkok by day is exotic, teeming, bustling and exciting. Double those descriptors if you’re trying to tell fellow runners what the city looks like at night, when every building is lit up to greet athletes and landmarks morph from enchanting to shimmering.

At first, the skyline may not get all of your attention if you run BMM 2018, but once your race jitters dissipate, you’ll relax into your pace and get lost in the magic that is Bangkok. But, you can't make any of this happen if you don't clear your calendar and sign up—which is exactly what you'll want to do once you finish reading this.

About Bangkok Midnight Marathon 2018

The territory may be new to you, but the time won’t be if you ran the BMM last year and recall taking off at midnight. While last year’s marathon took place in May, things have been moved to 25th and 26th August after that inaugural year to take advantage of moderate temperatures. But that’s the only moderating factor you’ll encounter—especially if you opt to be one of only 1800 to grab a Full Marathon slot.

You can snooze longer if you join a maximum of 3,700 half-marathoners being flagged off at 3:00 a.m. or sign up for the Mini, a 10km race inviting 4,500 runners to hit the start line at 3:30 a.m. That stated, sleeping in will likely be the last thing on your mind when this much excitement awaits you.

There are lots of age categories from which to choose, so whether you’re 16 and want to try your first 42.195km or you’re over the age of 60 and the 10km is your race, there will be a place for you. Early Bird rates disappeared on 27th April, but you can still make sure there’s a place reserved for you if you register now.

Bangkok Midnight Marathon 2018: The Shirts are Hot; the Weather’s Not!

All the perks a runner could desire

Forget about leaving the Bangkok Midnight Marathon with nothing but the hot-looking shirt we referred to above! Whether you pick the 10km, half or full event, you’ll be handed a race bib plus timing chip, goodie bag and, assuming you complete the challenge, a finisher’s medal.

But the folks organizing the BMM want to make sure you stay on your feet, which is why they also provide food, beverages and insurance so you can run worry-free, knowing you don’t have to arrive at the site imitating a food Sherpa. E-certificates will be sent to competitors after the fact, but you can collect your entitlements beforehand at the event’s race pack collection site—Airport Link Makkasan—on either 18th or 19th August 2018.

Bangkok Midnight Marathon 2018: The Shirts are Hot; the Weather’s Not!

Finishing is one thing; a trophy is another

Assuming you’ve conditioned like a pro and taken care of all of your travel and lodging arrangements in Bangkok, your focus should be on running the race of a lifetime. Accomplish that goal and you stand to add a little something to your luggage when you return to Singapore.

You can probably pick up souvenirs that reflect the marathon’s theme— “The Colour of Thai; The Image of Thai” that reflect the patterns and lines of Bangkok, but surely you can find room in your luggage for cash prizes and trophies that will be awarded to the best of the best.

To keep things fair, those prizes will be determined by your standing in the community, so whether you’re registered as a foreigner, ex-pat or Thai citizen—and if you finish fast within your age group, you’ll be judged accordingly. Unless we counted incorrectly, there will be more than 50 trophies awarded at the finish line. One of them could be yours if the stars align on 26th August and you are victorious.

Bangkok Midnight Marathon 2018: The Shirts are Hot; the Weather’s Not!

After the Bangkok Midnight Marathon race

What to do once you’ve run your race? Allocate enough time to hang out at the race village to meet your competitors and wind down. It’s part of the experience—whether this is your first marathon or your 50th. If this is your first Bangkok visit, we recommended cramming in as many sites and attractions as you can before returning home.

Your checklist for running Bangkok Midnight Marathon 2018

  • Secure at least 4-days’ worth of vacation time with your boss.
  • Talk a running mate into competing with you at the BMM.
  • Visit Spacebib to register for the race.
  • Pick up new shorts to match the t-shirt you’ll receive at the race pack collection site.
  • Make your transport and lodging arrangements.
  • Watch this video for inspiration.

What advice would you give to first-time runners who love the idea of running in Bangkok, but can’t quite get up the courage when it comes to making the commitment?

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