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Batman Run 2019: Become the Superhero You Knew You Could Be

by On Jul 11, 2019

Batman may have just turned 80 but he remains a mighty symbol of honesty and fair play—qualities that will be on display when athletes participate in Batman Run Singapore 2019.

Batman Run 2019: Become the Superhero You Knew You Could Be

For runners who grew up with the legend of Batman firmly affixed to their psyches, this cartoon character was more than a fantastical hero who stood for right and wrong. He reminded fans good character remains an important part of every person’s makeup.

“Born” in 1939, Batman was conceived by cartoonist Bob Kane in response to “National Comics” editor Vin Sullivan’s request for a new superhero so unique, he would look like no other. Kane succeeded, as every child will agree!

Who was Batman?

By day, he was the bored socialite Bruce Wayne. By night, he donned his signature costume and swung into action as a dedicated crime-fighter ready to rid society of bad people. In his garage, a Batmobile stood ready to help him battle crooks and criminals and by the 1940s, he was joined by Robin the Wonder Boy who remains a trusted sidekick.

Batman fought against a quirky collection of bad people that included The Joker, the Penguin and CatWoman, but Batman also found love with photo-journalist Vicki Vale in 1948. During the 1950s, more characters were added to Batman’s world including BatGirl and Ace the BatHound, a dog who wore a mask to help fight crime.

Batman became a TV series and movie star as his list of adversaries grew. Today’s Batman image has been “updated,” but the character’s dedication to protecting citizens of the world has never changed. No wonder run organisers chose this character as the symbol of Singapore’s upcoming Batman Run.

Batman Run 2019: Become the Superhero You Knew You Could Be

You can be part of the Batman fantasy

You don’t have to be a crime stopper to be part of this event that begins when athletes mark the date on their calendars (Saturday, 21 September 2019) and register at Spacebib. No costume is required to participate in this run, though if you want to wear one, this would be an ideal way to show your devotion to this heroic legend.

Choose between the 8km Competitive category and the 4km Fun Run. Batman Run Singapore is designed to appeal to people of all ages, thus kids as young as three can get in on the action. This will be an especially magical experience for children with birthdays celebrated on or after September 21, 2016: they can participate for free. The event commences at 6 p.m. that evening at Marina Barrage, so naps for kids are recommended.

Batman Run 2019: Become the Superhero You Knew You Could Be

Early bird rates and cool entitlements

While the idea of a justice-loving, crime-fighting superhero is motive enough to register for this event, who doesn’t want souvenirs of the day? Register by 16th August to take advantage of discounted entry fees and you can save enough cash to acquire a Batman video and enough snacks to make it a party!

In anticipation of the big day, event bibs will be personalized if runners meet the registration deadline and 8km participants can look forward to seeing if they too can be superheroes by achieving personal bests. Finisher medals will be awarded to everyone crossing the finish line, just as long as they arrive by the cut off times of 2.5 hours for 8km contestants and 1.5 hours for Fun Run finishers.

Ready to channel your own superhero?

Batman is a beloved character for people of all ages thus this will be the perfect opportunity to get the entire family together for an invigorating, fun time sure to include all of the excitement fans enjoy every time a new Batman film debuts. Whether your goal is to introduce your child to a healthy, fun activity or you just want to get out and have a run on a cool evening as an homage to the beloved character who inspired your imagination as a child, sign up now.

What is your favorite Batman characteristic? Do you admire his crime fighting abilities or his 80-year history of setting examples of honesty and truth-telling that people of all ages can follow?

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