Care for Your Running Shoes and Run without a Care!

by On Jan 31, 2015

Because when you take care of your running shoes, they will take care of you.

Care for Your Running Shoes and Run without a Care!

Running is more than just a sport. It is a way of life, and as a runner, you know that certain components are necessary to safe, efficient running. Proper gear and suitable running conditions are crucial. The latter you cannot control, but the former you can.

Proper gear is an integral part of running, and one of the most important pieces of running gear is, of course, running shoes.

Once you have taken the time to methodically select the perfect running shoe for your type of running, your average pace, and the typical conditions you are accustomed to running in, it is important to ensure that you maintain proper upkeep of your running shoes.

If you fail to do so, your running shoes will wear down quickly over time, and you'll be left in need of purchasing yet another pair.

Don't neglect your running shoes! If you follow the advice below, you'll be sure to add years to your running shoes' life.

How Often Should You Clean Your Running Shoes

This question is the best place to start. There is a profound and distinct difference between washing and cleaning your running shoes. If you do a quick search on the internet, you'll find that most runners are either ecstatic about washing their running shoes or gasp in horror at the prospect.

If you decide to wash your running shoes, do so sparingly. The reason for this is because the materials used to construct your shoe will deteriorate if you put them in the washing machine or dryer too frequently. On the contrary, you can clean your shoes on a daily basis.

Using a spare toothbrush, you can gently scrub the dirt off of the outsides of your shoes every day, and it will not harm the integrity of the shoe's exterior. Otherwise, you can wash your shoes in a machine once every few months – only as needed.

Care for Your Running Shoes and Run without a Care!

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Methods and Tips for Cleaning Your Running Shoes

When cleaning your running shoes, you want to ensure you do not degrade or harm the integrity of the shoe itself. In order to do so, you'll want to use the machine washing as a last resort – only when absolutely necessary. Otherwise, running shoes are meant to withstand water.

As such, running through a puddle will clean the outside of your shoes and use no extra time at all. You can also rinse the inside and outside of your running shoes with warm water while gently scrubbing them with a toothbrush to remove the more resistant dirt and grime.

If you feel the need to wash the interior of your running shoes, perhaps due to an unpleasant odour or a discoloured interior, you can do so with warm water and a very mild soap. After rinsing, you can stuff the running shoes with newspaper or socks to preserve the shape of the running shoe.

NEVER MACHINE DRY YOUR RUNNING SHOES. Doing so can irreversibly destroy the inner and outer materials of the running shoe itself.

Brand Advisories and Tips

All running shoes come with a care guide either in the box, or one will be available for access online. Certain running shoe brands will suggest a specific care regime suitable for the materials used to make the running shoe.

Typically, these instructions will include rinsing the running shoes and hanging them up to dry (line drying shoes preserves the integrity of the shoes' shape).

Otherwise, always be sure to read the care guide associated with your shoe in order to ensure you are maintaining proper upkeep of your running shoes.

Benefits of cleaning your running shoes

Cleaning your running shoes has a number of benefits. To start, it will increase the longevity of your running shoes. An efficient pair of running shoes can be costly, and neglecting to care for your running shoes will leave you without a pair in a short period of time.

Additional benefits include better smelling shoes, which leads to better smelling feet.

Furthermore, cleaning your running shoes preserves the exterior beauty of the running shoe itself, and let's face it, there is nothing quite like the appearance of a new pair of running shoes.

Finally, cleaning your running shoes regularly is a simply a good habit to form. It is one that will translate into other areas of your life and lead to a healthier lifestyle in general.

Care for Your Running Shoes and Run without a Care!

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Cleaning your running shoes regularly is as important as running on a regular basis. Not only will it preserve and extend the life of your running shoes, but it will also make you feel better about yourself.

You'll save money in the long run (better care of your running shoes equals longer gaps between needing to purchase a new pair!), and you'll feel great about it!

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