Have you ever heard of the Infinite Monkey Theorem? It’s been circulating around the scientific community for centuries and goes like this: If a monkey hits random keys on keyboards long enough, she will create text that could equal the complete works of Shakespeare.

We’re not sure whether or not to buy this theory, but we do know that some monkeys are smarter than humans, which is why we’re doubling down on your invitation to take part in the Run for Monkeys Online Challenge 2018 that takes place between 14th and 27th December 2018.

The occasion? Monkey World Day, and there’s not a simian on the planet that doesn’t deserve some love. All you have to do to show that love is to monkey around long enough to become a forest defender by taking part in this online race. No scratching or shrieking required, but it’s not prohibited, either!

Lemurs and Tarsiers and Great Apes, oh my!

Dr. Seuss was right when he talked about the influence animals have in our lives and if those critters happen to be primates, you know that protecting their habitats isn’t just important, it’s critical. For some, monkey mischief doesn’t do much to endear these rascals to the public, but for those who love them, this race is important.

You can register to Run For Monkeys at Spacebib, assuming there are still slots left if you’re not a fast decision maker. Once that’s done, you become a forest defender by signing up for one of these four categories:

  • Chimpanzee Race – Run & Walk 5km (earns a collectible, 3D, engraved copper metal)
  • Mandrill Challenge – Run & Walk 10km (earns a collectible, 3D, engraved brass metal)
  • Baboon Challenge – Run & Walk 21km (earns a collectible, 3D, engraved silver metal)
  • Orangutan Challenge – Run & Walk 42km (earns a collectible, 3D, engraved gold metal)

Have you ever been thanked by a monkey?

Singapore’s lively monkey population may not know how to give you a hug or a kiss, but consider yourself thanked by participating in this event. Hang a photo of a primate on your fridge and every time you walk or run to up your numbers, you remember that this is one of the species benefiting from your participation.

Don’t know how online challenges work? It’s easy: You use a GPS-enabled running app or tracker to record distances covered by walking, hiking, running or stair climbing (no mobility devices permitted). Snap selfies while on the go and use the race #hashtags to memorialise your participation. You can event count other marathon distances in your total if you log them within this time period.

Upload mileage to your Spacebib profile until you have met your goal, and then break into your happy dance as you await the E-Cert and race bib that will be posted as soon as your totals have been verified. Snag a medal if you take part in any of the 4 competitive races, too. It’s easy. It’s worthwhile. And it’s fun!

Will you join the fight to save monkey habitats and species by running this online race? The monkeys are counting on you, so don’t let them down!

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