If you ended up with a pair of running shoes that simply does not suit you or you no longer need, you can get rid of them with a clear conscience by donating them to the less fortunate. Perhaps your child quickly outgrew a pair of shoes and they are still in very good condition.

It may simply be that the color of your shoes does not suit your mood of late. Whatever the reason, by donating them, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you saved another human being from going barefoot. Many souls are going soleless in Asia, from Singapore to Jakarta.

From the list below, find a place near you, where you can send or take your running shoes that are still in fairly good condition.

1. Shoes for Planet Earth

Based in Sydney, Australia, Shoes for Planet Earth provides running shoes to those who need them in Australia, Africa, and Asia. Donors can choose where their shoes will be sent.

Photo Credit: Shoes for Planet Earth

2. Project Love Sneaker

An initiative by Running lab, Project Love Sneaker is an annual shoe-donation drive that serves runners desire to recycle their “retired” running shoes that are still in good condition. Started in 2008, it has collected over thousands pair of shoes over the year. Interested donors can bring their running shoes to any of Running Lab stores during their yearly collection period, which typical lasts around a month. The shoes will go to selected charities in other countries.

3. Compassion

If you have not heard about it yet, Compassion is a charity in South East Asia where you can donate used or new running shoes and other items. The things you donate will be sold, and the proceeds will go to children in need in South and Southeast Asia. All you have to do is visit the URL below, fill out a form and submit your donation.

Photo Credit: Compassion International

4. Passiton.org.sg

If you live in Singapore, you can donate your running shoes through this website. All you have to do is complete the form provided and upload a picture of the shoes. Staff will contact you to collect the shoes that you want to donate.

Photo Credit: Central Singapore Community Development Council


The Singapore Woman Council Organisation at Waterloo Street helps women in need. You can contact the council if you have any women’s running shoes that are still in good condition that you wish to donate.

Photo Credit: Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO)

6. Minds

This is a chain in Singapore where you can donate running shoes and other items. They will be sold in one of the MINDS shops in Singapore by the people that MINDS cares for, and the proceeds will go back to them. MINDS shops are in Margaret, Woodlands, Rosyth, and other areas in Singapore. Visit the one nearest you to make your donation!

Photo Credit: Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS)

7. Bina Dhuafa

Bina Dhuafa is a charity foundation in Indonesia where you can donate running shoes, including other items to both adults and children of all ages. This foundation reaches all of the islands in Indonesia, so your donation here will go far. Visit the URL to reach them by landline, mobile or e-mail.

Photo Credit: Bina Dhuafa Indonesia

8. POD

This place provides you with a great opportunity to give children a chance to run and much more. Cambodia is one of the most impoverished countries in South East Asia. You will be doing the children at POD a great service by donating your used running shoes here. You can also give in other ways such as teaching, helping the children grow and care for the them.

Photo Credit: PoD

9. Travel and Give at Ecoteer

Here is a great chance to help the children of the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia while also discovering the area and its people. You can volunteer in Ecoteer Responsible Travel volunteering community projects in Asia and bring your old running shoes here where the children could really use them.

Photo Credit: Ecoteer Responsible Travel

Several other organisations in Asia will take the running shoes you want to donate. Many countries in Asia are still developing, so not all charities and foundations in need of running shoes will be listed on the Internet.

Local papers, posters and TV ads can also help clue you in on the places where you can donate shoes. Find the one nearest you and see if there are any children or young adults in need of shoes. Your donation does not have to stop at just giving a pair of shoes.

Through your love of running, maybe you can motivate others to start running. If you are a professional runner, maybe you could give some tips on the best ways to get into running. You never know, you may be creating the champion runners of tomorrow!

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