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CSC Run by The Bay 2017 Shows Your Civic Pride

by On Jun 17, 2017

Never heard of the CSC Run by The Bay? Where have you been? It’s a big deal on the Public Service STAR Games Calendar and it's aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles among public officers and the community at large.

CSC Run by The Bay 2017 Shows Your Civic Pride

According to Dr. Aisha Ghaus-Pasha’s treatise, “The Role of Civil Society Organisations in Participatory and Accountable Governance”, the idea of a civil society reaches back to ancient Greece where democracy included all members of society — not just guys in white togas pontificating within the walls of the Senate.

Today’s civil service systems aren’t very different — despite the passage of time. This well-oiled system acts as part of the nation’s backbone and its community face is particularly robust: Singapore’s Civil Service Club (CSC) fills an important need and plays a vital role in helping society stay healthy and connected.

Everyone benefits from the CSC

While some civil service clubs may give lip service to looking after people, Singapore serves as a role model to the world. The CSC promotes recreational activities throughout the land that include social and sports-focused activities. Members sit on boards that include institutions of higher learning, government-aided schools, statutory boards and private organisations affiliated with government.

Despite this formidable network’s vast outreach, Singaporeans are most familiar with work undertaken by the CSC at the local level. Three clubhouses located in Tessensohn, Bukit Batok and Changi neighbourhoods offer programs and services that help individuals and families pursue hobbies, interests, fitness and fun in community settings.

CSC Run by The Bay 2017 Shows Your Civic Pride

About the CSC Run by the Bay

To bolster and support services, the CSC Run by the Bay is scheduled to be held on 1st October in the cool of the morning at Marina Barrage to both showcase the CSC and raise funds. The morning will be more than a tribute to CSC; it’s also your chance to earn a personal best.

As you can tell by this race's name, participants will skirt the bay and enjoy the gorgeous Singapore skyline as they strive for personal goals. Some will opt for the challenging 21km. Others will take the event’s 10km challenge. There's to be a non-competitive 5km category as well as a lively 1km Parent and Kid Dash to flesh out the CSC menu. As you can see, there is no shortage of variety in this list!

Early bird rates for individuals and families took effect in late May and will continue to be offered until 31st July, so while you’re making your plans, save some money by registering at Spacebib website to reserve slots for yourself and your family members at reduced rates.

CSC Run by The Bay 2017 Shows Your Civic Pride

Everybody is welcome

While CSC members and public service officers are going to be on hand to compete, the most honoured guests of in the morning will be members of the public who take advantage of all of the services our system offers.

Whether you're planning to make it a family morning or you are eager to better your last personal best, you're going to be in great company on this special morning. After all, organisers have arranged so many categories of events, choosing just one could be dilemmatic!

Perhaps the most exciting category is the Ekiden where teams made up of three runners of the same sex pass a baton between themselves to reach that 21km goal. Each team member is only responsible for logging 7km, so nobody bears the burden of the entire 21km distance. As a result, participants finish with energy to spare so they can properly celebrate their collective victory.

Don’t feel left out, 10km and 5km runners! There will be team events available for those who love them but don’t care to tackle 21km, so whether you are up for tackling the 5km family challenge or the 1km Parent and Kid Dash, you're going to be competing in great company as these are all popular categories.

CSC Run by The Bay 2017 Shows Your Civic Pride

Collect lots of loot!

Since this is no run-of-the-mill marathon, expect entitlements to be exceptional. Mizuno race singlets, finisher tees, race bibs finisher medals, e-certificates, chilled cold towels, drawstring bags and a bounty of sponsored items are already being gathered for the occasion so nobody leaves without signature mementos and souvenirs.

CSC Run by The Bay 2017 Shows Your Civic Pride

CSC Run by The Bay 2017 Shows Your Civic Pride

Sponsored items in Goodie Bag:

  • 1 free copy of RUN Singapore’s digital edition
  • 25% Mizuno Discount Voucher
  • 3-month digital subscription to SHAPE Magazine
  • 3-month digital subscription to Men’s Health Magazine
  • African Sea-Coconut Brand Lozenges
  • Singapore Pools Face Towel (post race)
  • And many more

CSC Run by The Bay 2017 Shows Your Civic Pride

The more daunting your race, the more goodies you can expect, but kids most certainly won’t get short shrift. The entitlements little ones receive on race day will make their eyes dance like they do at Christmas and the excitement in the morning won’t be lost on them as you make memories and have a great time together.

But, remember that this is an equal opportunity sporting event. Whether you’re a public official or a family grateful for having a place to go in your community that looks out for your well-being, having fun is mandatory! Being part of the CSC Run by the Bay is more than your chance to win a medal. You’ll also discover how it feels to be part of a community connected by love of the sport and the homeland.

Has Singapore’s Civil Service Club impacted your life in ways that have changed and benefited you? We would love to hear your story.

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