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Defend Your Run in Honour of Total Defence Day 2019

by On Feb 14, 2019

Put your patriotism front and center during a week-long online running event that shows your Singapore pride.

Defend Your Run in Honour of Total Defence Day 2019

Singapore may be a small nation when compared to Russia, Sweden and Finland, but larger nations like these served as models for Singapore when the nation formulated its complex Total Defence initiative. By establishing a Total Defence system that is commemorated every 15th February, Singapore's goal was confronting myriad threats.

What is particularly poignant about Total Defence Day is that it marks the anniversary of the surrender of the British to the Japanese 77 years ago that launched nearly four years of brutal occupation. “Never again,” say Singaporeans.

You can say that too. Defending against outside aggression relies on more than just a strong military. Government officials understand that Singapore is vulnerable in myriad threats in this age of terrorism; the country’s economic, social, civil and psychological fabric can be torn apart should adversaries try to undermine society.

To establish a platform from which Singapore can respond to all types of threats, 15th February is designated as Total Defence Day, reason enough to stage a symbolic run dedicated to the nation’s cohesive effort to protect Singapore on every front.

Defend Your Run in Honour of Total Defence Day 2019

About the Total Defence Run Online Challenge

Can you help Singapore strengthen its collective resolve to keep the nation safe, secure and sovereign by being part of this online challenge? The answer is, “In more ways than you imagine.” By signing up, you get a full week to amass the 7.7km distance (based on the 77th anniversary of Japan’s occupation) between 15th and 24th February that earns you a distinct finisher’s medal and pride in having done your part.

Because you can pace yourself during race week, your participation couldn’t be more convenient. In the spirit of this important anniversary, run by yourself, with friends, your club or your neighbors. After all, this is a nationwide commemoration so making this a friends and family collaboration makes your accomplishment more meaningful.

Haven’t run an online challenge up to now? It’s so easy a child can do it. Sign up at Spacebib, load data into your GPS-enabled running app or tracker, finish your run and upload results to your Spacebib profile. That's all there is to it.

Defend Your Run in Honour of Total Defence Day 2019

Total Defence Run Online Challenge Classic Category

Reasons to say yes

  1. You receive race memorabilia, including an e-cert, e-bib and e-badge.
  2. An inspiring commemorative t-shirt shows the world your devotion to the homeland.
  3. Display a finisher medal etched with figures of the forces that protect us.
  4. You run your race for the right reasons: health, happiness and national pride.
Defend Your Run in Honour of Total Defence Day 2019

Total Defence Run Online Challenge Basic Category

Make it habit to run for your nation

Will this online event be your first or just your latest? Last July, the Run For Singapore Challenge 2018 gave patriotic runners chances to shine, but the 2019 Total Defence Run Online Challenge adds meaningful history to the mix.

It may have been 77 years since that fateful day in 1942, but for grandparents and the venerable older members of society, those memories and images likely remain indelible in their brains. Give them the gift of remembrance by running for them as well as for yourself.

What is your reason for considering participating in this race? Do you have a personal story that deserves telling? Let us know.

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What we can do to help the situation is to keep our body and immune system in peak condition. If you are allowed or able to run outdoors, please do so cautiously but not panicky. Join our free online race to motivate you and pay tribute to our frontline heroes.

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