Earth Day Online Race 2020: Save the Planet, One Footfall at a Time!

by On Mar 3, 2020

You don’t have to leave home to participate in Earth Day Online Race 2020 if there’s a treadmill in your house. Show your devotion to Mother Earth simply by switching it on!

Earth Day Online Race 2020: Save the Planet, One Footfall at a Time!

It matters not where you turn in 2020: Tragic stories about icebergs melting, indigenous animals losing their habitats and temperatures upsetting the balance of life are sprawled across headlines. You’re concerned. Worried. Perhaps you even lose sleep over this troubling topic.

You want to make a difference—but your job, family and commitments consume your day. Happily, there's an opportunity on the horizon that can give you an opportunity to help save the earth via your favourite sport. Participate in the Earth Day Online 2020 Race! No queues. No frustration. No early morning deadlines. Just fun and fitness.

The Earth Day Online Race: designed just for you

Online races are trendier than ever, so when the Earth Day Online Race kicks off on Wednesday, 22 April 2020, you can claim bragging rights, start getting fit and begin racking up kilometers until Sunday, 10 May 2020.

Jump on your treadmill. Gather your running club. Enlist your family. The more the merrier. Since this is an online race, you can run or walk when and where you like. Forget start and finish lines. You set the rules.

Enrolling for this event is a breeze. Visit Spacebib, then use your GPS-enabled device—running app, sports wearable or treadmill—to tracks distances. Upload them to the site and your rewards will come your way as soon as your totals have been validated.

Singapore is proud to lead this movement

In case you have no idea how far-reaching Singapore's efforts are compared to most of the world, you should know that the nation has a zero waste master plan that is truly Herculean in scope and ambition. Setting a goal of reducing waste deposited daily in the Semakau Landfill by 30-percent by 2030, this is but one effort undertaken by a caring nation.

If you want to live in a world that’s habitable, green and healthy, taking part in the Earth Day Online Race 2020 turns you into a symbol of progressive action that helps move the nation into the future with pride and dedication. And you'll be part of this amazing effort.

Your goal is big. The stakes are bigger!

It’s hard to imagine that Earth Day has appeared on calendars and in conversations for 50 years, yet that’s exactly how long this important movement has been commemorated. As one of the most dramatic and critical challenges for our planet, Earth Day has become an essential reminder that we take our world for granted, but you get to show your concern with every kilometer.

Further, we don’t have to tell you that the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting the lives of everyone in Singapore, thus the Earth Day Online Race gets you the exercise and accomplishment you seek without having to go out in crowded places and exposing yourself to environmental dangers.

Earth Day Online Race 2020: Save the Planet, One Footfall at a Time!

There’s another important upside to participating in the 50th annual Earth Day Online Race: The official race beneficiary is Mercy Relief, an organization that has no parallel in Singapore. A portion of every entry fee goes to this worthwhile nonprofit organization.

All the trappings; none of the hassle

Earth Day Online Race 2020: Save the Planet, One Footfall at a Time!

Snag a Finisher’s e-Cert, e-Badge and e-Bib to show off your accomplishment in addition to being part of a significant effort to work toward a zero-carbon future. Event tees and finisher tees are gorgeous, as are medals. Whether you register for a Classic or Basic 50km, 25km or 10km, remember that a portion of your fee goes to Mercy Relief when you complete the race.

Earth Day Online Race 2020: Save the Planet, One Footfall at a Time!

Affordable entry fees, impressively-thick medals in gold-, silver- or bronze-coloured plating fashioned with 100-percent recyclable metal and a wealth of perks are all yours, but could anything be more meaningful than this opportunity to call attention to climate change in support of the survival of every creature roaming the earth and the seas? We don’t think so. And we’re betting that you agree!

It’s your planet and your nation. Both deserve your respect and every effort you make to keep them green. What contribution will you make beyond taking part in this race?

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