If you can still hear the voice of your mom begging you to get out of the mud years ago, you may grin as you realise that you’ve achieved adulthood and don’t have to heed her warning. Now, you can play in the mud. You can even win a prize for doing so.

And because you can don your rattiest separates and oldest athletic shoes to have your fun, even your wardrobe is of no consequence. Need more excuses to get into the mud at the upcoming Mud Warrior Bandung on Saturday, 31 March 2018? We didn’t think so.

Why Mud-centered events are good for your heart and soul

There are very few differences between kids and adults. You’re just bigger. So, the benefits youngsters get from wallowing in mud can be yours as well:

  • When you’re drowning in the mud with other athletes, you’re going to make friends.
  • Playing in mud can be therapeutic because it’s got a soothing feel and quality.
  • Drown yourself in mud and you can actually boost your immune system.
  • Mud-focused challenges promote risk-taking which builds resistance.
  • Navigate a mud circuit and you can’t help but relax and feel happier.
  • There’s a reason that spas offer mud-baths! You could look better after Mud Warrior Bandung than you did the day you signed up at Spacebib.
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Want the dirt on Mud Warrior?

This official “terrain-running event” is filled with surprises that surpass just the element of added mud. Choose between these three distances: 5km, 10km, and 30km. Obstacles will come your way to add spice to the challenge, especially if you’re brave enough to sign up for that 30km.

Will you have to make adjustments to run your race? Not really. It’s a traditional road race, after all, but the addition of mud and obstacles will require you to test both your physical and mental mettle. Those 30 natural and man-made obstacles are being designed by clever minds eager to see how much you can endure while endeavouring to pull off a personal best!

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Who says you have to get all muddy in Bandung?

Let’s say that March date is inconvenient, or you’ve already made other plans, but you want a go at this harrowing course. Be of good cheer: You can take part in one of the other two Mud Warrior runs being held in Indonesia in 2018, or knock yourself out and undertake the entire series by adding them to your calendar:

What’s in it for you?

Let’s start with a chance to prove your mom wrong! You may even want to invite her to witness you crossing that finish line covered with sludge, so she can watch you earn your finisher medal. But there’s more to be gained than just survival: participate in lucky draws, enjoy refreshments and entertainment, make memories that last a lifetime and have Mum snap a photo of you to prove you’ve been victorious against so many odds.

Participants receive signature Mud Warrior t-shirts and limited sports injury insurance for the 18- to 50-year-old crowd. While the final details are still being sorted as to times, flag off locations and race pack collection sites, you can be sure than the folks planning this close encounter of the muddy kind are busy working on those obstacles that represent the elements of fire, water, mud, stone, metal and wood.

Pick the category that challenges you most

  • The 5km Warrior Runner contest won’t be timed; it’s all about fun and everyone’s considered a winner.
  • Elite Runners eager to see if they can survive a 5km, 10km or 15km timed distance achieve the maximum high.
  • Asian Syndicate athletes are the crème de la crème of ambitious runners eager to qualify for the 2019 PRO Division Obstacle Course Racing Asian Championships by outlasting other competitors on that 30km circuit.
  • Trophies, sponsor gifts and cash prizes abound for the fastest men and women reaching that finish line.
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Reasons to wallow in the mud

  • You can count on the chances that this race will be staged-even if it rains on the big day!
  • Enjoy super amenities: bag drop tent, food vendors, an info desk and the Counterpain Recovery Lounge.
  • You’ve got some well-worn, quick-dry or compression separates that are ready to be retired after one final victory.
  • This is your chance to bid a fond farewell to the running shoes you haven’t the heart to throw away.
  • You can leave the crown jewels home: this is not the place to see and be seen by the fashion police.
  • Festivities associated with the Mud Warrior Series don’t require you to get all gussied up.
  • The course itself is overseen by a military consultant who tested all obstacles to make sure you stay safe.
  • Put a photo of you and your mud-drenched mates on your Facebook page and expect lots of comments.
  • Yes, there are showers! Bring your own towel and soap and expect tight quarters in the changing areas.
  • Believe in your ability to snag a prize and stick around for the 11 a.m. awards ceremony!
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In your opinion, are specialty marathons like the Mud Warrior Series—events that have been engineered to deliver a more exciting experience via obstacles and gimmicks—the wave of the future?

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