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Here’s Your Only Chance to Run For Singapore This Year

by On May 29, 2019

When the 2019 Run for Singapore Online Challenge takes place, will you run your race or sit it out? Your answer stays more about your patriotic sensibilities than you think!

Here’s Your Only Chance to “Run Toward” Your Love of Singapore This Year

Some online races raise the consciousness of runners, while others are all about a charity that’s to be the recipient of badly-needed funding. Then, there are the events that have the potential to bring athletes fame and prizes.

But only one event gives men and women an opportunity to run fueled by patriotism: The Run For Singapore Online Challenge set to be staged between 1st August and 31st August*.

Why this month? Because in case you haven’t heard, Singapore’s 54th birthday is celebrated in August, and this history is not lost as we want to push every runner to complete 54km as a tribute to the nation they love.

Additionally, this opportunity calls attention to the importance of the nation’s collective physical health, so not only do participants run for Singapore, but for themselves as well.

Do you need some inspiration? We urge you to listen to the lyrics of “Our Singapore” as you check out the condition of your running shoes and put into place a training program that will hone your body for this exciting online challenge. Add the tune to your playlist as a constant reminder of your goal.

This is no easy accomplishment, but so worth your effort!

How does it feel to consider completing an entire 54km event? Scary? Thrilling? Daunting? Relax. You will have 22 days to amass your distance since this is an online event, and it matters not where you undertake those kilometers either.

It’s up to you to use your favourite GPS-enabled device to capture and each day’s run totals and then upload them in your Spacebib account. You don’t even have to be responsible for keeping track of daily totals since your application and Spacebib do that for you!

In addition to having the honour of showing your love of country by dedicating time and effort to this challenge, your individual distances will be added to all people engaged in this online challenge.

Last year’s target of 53,000km came up short, which has only made runners recommitted to the 2019 event double down on their efforts.

Say athletes who ran last year's race, were disappointed and can't wait for another chance, “2019 is the year we will accomplish the race's 54,000km goal!”

How you and your country benefit from your participation

  • Between the 1st and the 31st, run, walk, climb stairs, hit the trail or the treadmill. Listen to “Our Singapore” every time you feel like you can’t go another step! You’ll be uplifted and inspired.
  • Recruit your friends to join you and make it a collective effort of patriotism.
  • Boost your health as a direct result of scheduling daily exercise during those 31 days.
  • Figure out clever ways to add to your total despite your hectic work and social schedule!

Your desire to be part of the grand national 54,000km total shows your character and gives you an amazing opportunity to be part of something that’s bigger than yourself. And these entitlements are going to show off your contribution every time you wear them: A finisher tee/running singlet bearing the event's colourful art, a commemorative running coin and finisher medal.

Runners sign up for three categories: premium, classic and basic, so those perks are designed and awarded accordingly. You can also stand a chance to win prizes from the event sponsors.

Here’s Your Only Chance to “Run Toward” Your Love of Singapore This Year

Run For Singapore Online Challenge 2019 Premium category (5.4km or 54km distance)

Here’s Your Only Chance to “Run Toward” Your Love of Singapore This Year

Run For Singapore Online Challenge 2019 Classic category (5.4km or 54km distance)

Here’s Your Only Chance to “Run Toward” Your Love of Singapore This Year

Run For Singapore Online Challenge 2019 Basic category (5.4km or 54km distance)

Be part of that 54,000km Singapore achievement

Collecting souvenirs that showcase your running accomplishments is a fun way to remind yourself that you are not just capable but truly worthy of the success each one symbolises, but this event is unique.

It is closely tied to the Independence Day celebration that is near and dear to every Singaporean’s heart, and what better way to celebrate your homeland’s commitment to activity and health than making a meaningful contribution via your distance goal?

You’ll show the world that the longer the goal, the more serious the nation’s runners are about building the nation’s character and strength. You'll show friends and family that you do not take for granted the freedoms and lifestyle afforded citizens as a result of the nation's hard-won independence.

Some say this is just another race. They’re wrong. This event stands for everything Singapore has gone through over the decades that has made this country a bastion of regional strength and a thriving city-state ready to face any challenge that comes along in the future.

What plans have you made to show the world that Singapore’s Independence Day is more than just a date on a calendar?

Update, 3 July 2019: The event period for Run For Singapore Online Challenge 2019 has been revised to 1st - 31 August 2019.

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