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Hong Kong Tourism Board Collaborates with TLC to Introduce Hong Kong’s Outdoor Trails to Singaporeans

by On Jul 1, 2019

Running enthusiasts in Singapore can find out more about trail running in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Tourism Board Collaborates with TLC to Introduce Hong Kong’s Outdoor Trails to Singaporeans

Train Live Compete (TLC) is proud to collaborate with Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) to promote the Hong Kong Outdoor trails to running enthusiasts in Singapore.

Running is a popular sport in Singapore, evident with the full calendar of running events in Singapore. As recreational runners challenge themselves further, they take to racing abroad to gain experience to enhance their skills and forge new friendship with like-minded runners.

Hong Kong, a short 4 hours flight away from Singapore, known for its many mountains and trails that are suitable for all levels of sports enthusiasts, is a perfect place for runners to start their venture into overseas competitions and trail running.

Ms. Liew Wei Yong: Shares Her Experience and Training Mantra

Founder of TLC, Ms Liew Wei Yong, a personal trainer and running coach of over 15 years, is no stranger to the outdoor trails in Hong Kong. A constant top 16 runner in local marathons, Wei Yong competed in several trail races in Hong Kong such as the Vibram Hong Kong, 100 Ultra Trail, TransLantau 50 and Wilson Trail 78km.

“I have been watching closely as Singapore’s running society has grown strong, vibrant and ultra-popular. I wanted to share my trail running experience and training mantra with Singapore runners. My goal is to help them do well and enjoy overseas races.”

says Wei Yong.

As part of the promotion efforts to promote the Hong Kong Great Outdoors, HKTB and TLC have joined hands to invite Ultra Trail Champion, Mr Stone Tsang, to Singapore to share some personal tips and training techniques with running enthusiasts.

Hailed as one of the best trail runners in Asia, Stone is a two-time top 10 finisher of the Ultra Trail World Tour and the top Chinese finisher in the history of the Ultra Tour Monte Rosa (UTMR), taking 1st place in UTMR 2017.

A Workshop for Runners on 6 July 2019 will showcase Stone, amongst other experts in the sporting field, as part of the ‘ActiveSG Running Series 2019’. Wei Yong will also be part of the workshop, sharing on the importance of strength and condition with participants.

EVENT DETAILS (by registration only):

Date: 6 July 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Venue: Sport Singapore Auditorium (Sportshub)
Registration Fee: S$10 (ActiveSG Members can pay using up to 100% of their ActiveSG Credits).
Registration Link: Click below button.

Incentives include 30-percent discount vouchers* from North Face, goodie bags will be disbursed to all workshop attendees and there will be lucky draw prizes, as well.
*Terms and Conditions apply.

For more info on the workshop, please visit here.


0800 Registration
0815 Mass ViPR PRO Workout by ActiveSG Trainers
0900 Trail Running in Hong Kong’s Great Outdoor by Mr Stone Tsang:
Training and Preparing for overseas competition
Sharing of Sports Events in Hong Kong by Hong Kong Tourism Board
1000 Fuelling Tips by SportSG Sports Science Institute
1100 Strength and Conditioning by Ms Liew Wei Yong, TLC
1130 Stick Mobility Masterclass by Dr Justin Lee
1230 Recovery Drills by ActiveSG Athletics Club
1315 Q&A
1345 Recovery Session by Dr Justin Lee
Tips to prevent running injuries for good- Change from inside-out
1400 End

Will you make it a point to attend this important workshop on 6th July? It could change forever your chances of being at the top of your game every time you tackle a trail race.

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