How to Run Further and Grow Constantly as a Human Being

by On Oct 2, 2018

How far is too far? It’s a question that runners often ask when trying to define the limits of their boundaries. If your answer is, “As far as I can!” you’ve got the attitude of a champion. Why not prove something to yourself at the upcoming Run Further Challenge?

How to Run Further and Grow Constantly as a Human Being

When CNN’s London bureau interviewed Dan Edwardes, author of the quote “You fear things because some part of you knows you can do them,” reporters probed the topic of the way human beings approach challenges. Edwardes believes that “fear allows athletes to keep pushing their boundaries,” and that’s the way they look at every opportunity—to run further than they imagined they could.

You’ll have an opportunity to test this theory between 10 and 30 November when Spacebib hosts an event best described as your chance to “Go as far as you can run, and you will see further.” In other words, just the act of pushing limits can help you imagine greater things for yourself. Sound like something you would like to do?

How to Run Further and Grow Constantly as a Human Being

About Run Further Challenge 2018

This unusual running challenge want to give runners chances to believe in their ability to put more effort into everything they do, which includes running more for a wide range of reasons. Central to the effort for every runner is expanding one’s physical and mental potential that can lead to becoming a better, happier person capable of exceeding one’s expectations.

Because this is an online challenge, there’s no need to worry about whether your lungs or legs will carry you to victory. You register your intent to compete at Spacebib, choose from four categories that range from 10km to 100km, and then enlist the help of your GPS-enabled running app or device to carry you to the virtual finish line.

How to Run Further and Grow Constantly as a Human Being

Early bird registration saves you money, but you’d better sprint to the registration site before the deadline. What to do next? Follow instructions to see if you can run further than you imagined, and awards await your successful accomplishment of this race.

How to Run Further and Grow Constantly as a Human Being

Why running online challenges benefits every runner

  • An athlete's ability to log kilometers on their own time schedules delivers a boost to those who can't find as much time as they would like to run races because showing up at specific venues and at specific times is problematic for myriad reasons.
  • Online races aren’t intimidating; they’re light-hearted.
  • For example, Dr. Michael Sachs of Temple University’s College of Public Health in Philadelphia recommends online races to athletes regularly. Does this mean runners miss out on the social aspects related to showing up at a start line in the morning or enjoying post-run fun? Not necessarily.
  • Pairing online competitions with in-person events gives athletes chances to expand their repertoires and up the ante on personal bests every athlete craves. Further, many people start out as online participants and morph into active runners who become hooked and want more.
  • Plenty of online race participants wind up joining running clubs and engaging in real world competitions.
How to Run Further and Grow Constantly as a Human Being

Run Further Challenge Event Tee Design

How to Run Further and Grow Constantly as a Human Being

Run Further Challenge Medals Design

What will you gain as a result of pushing your limits in November?

  • The satisfaction of knowing that every boundary can be broken if you work hard enough.
  • A stylish finisher’s medal proving you had the mettle to “run” a longer distance than you imagined you could.
  • A limited edition t-shirt (sent after the race; limited to two per runner) that shows the world you “ran further.”
  • Prove to yourself limits and boundaries can be motivating rather than frightening.
  • Find out how it feels to run a race from any geographic point on the map.
  • Realise that perception isn't your reality, says Dr. Samuele Marcora of the University of Kent. Deal with your perceptions about the limits you place on yourself and you are likely to exceed every expectation you set for yourself.


3 x Plantronics BackBeat FIT 3100 worth S$249 each for the top 3 participants who ran the most distance during the event period.

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How to Run Further and Grow Constantly as a Human Being

Can you envision a day when you find yourself calendaring a mix of on-site competitions and online runs? It’s the wave of the future, say prognosticators!

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