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Let Your Feet Stand for Tolerance at 2XU YOLO Run Bangkok 2017

by On Aug 26, 2017

Bangkok. It’s exotic. Vibrant. Filled with history. But come September, the city is going to morph into an epicenter of tolerance and understanding—all due to a race that’s been spreading its influence from one end of Asia to the other: The 2XU YOLO Run.

Let Your Feet Stand for Tolerance at Bangkok’s 2XU YOLO Run 2017

The world is evolving at a dizzying pace, leaving societies to wonder whether it's possible to live in harmony when prejudice, discrimination and hate are everywhere we turn. Slowly but surely, things are changing—especially in Thailand where efforts to turn the tide are being made every day.

Consider the World Health Organisation's Prince Mahidol Award Conference 2017 “Discrimination in Health Care” symposium staged in Bangkok on 1st February. Medical community leaders from disparate groups came together to discuss eliminating discrimination in worldwide health care. By the time the symposium ended, participants signed an agreement to end discrimination in health care.

As you read about this, do you wish that you could do something to promote tolerance and end discrimination throughout the world? Wish no longer. You don't have to go far to be part of the solution if you sign up for the Bangkok version of the 2XU You Only Live Once Run (YOLO) on 10th September 2017.

YOLO Run is more a movement than a single event spotlighting the desire to live in a less divided world: It's a chance to show your true colours.

Let Your Feet Stand for Tolerance at Bangkok’s 2XU YOLO Run 2017

About the 2XU YOLO Run Bangkok

You've still got time to launch your conditioning programme since you have all summer to get ready for this September event. Pick the 5km fun run if you're not very skilled but want to become so or commit to the 10km event that shows your mettle.

You'll flag off alongside other folks committed to running and this cause at 6 a.m. at Suan Luang Rama IX Park. Run your heart out and cross that finish line feeling good about your part in this tribute to end all forms of discrimination. Because the 10km is competitive, your timing chip will record your progress so there's no question about whether or not you've achieved a new personal best.

Save the world by showing your love of running and eagerness to help end intolerance and secure your place on the roster.

Prizes will be given to the top 5 finishers in the 10km, but it matters not whether you opt for the easier 5km over the 10km because you will still bring home these mementos of your accomplishment: A YOLO Run t-shirt, signature singlet, drawstring bag to hold your entitlements and the sleek black medal you won’t want to put into that bag because it belongs around your neck!

Let Your Feet Stand for Tolerance at Bangkok’s 2XU YOLO Run 2017

Wear your pride—no matter where you place!

Because the YOLO Run symbolizes more than just an opportunity to run either 5km or 10km, race organisers also market exclusive merchandise that allows you to wear your commitment to change with pride. Signature City t-shirts in signature sleek black and yellow race colours are available in addition to logo-embellished white tees and razor-back sports bras.

You can also pick up a Yoga Mat in 2XU YOLO Run colours. Attend this run and you're going to need one after you cross the finish line. Keep reading to find out why.

When you visit the YOLO Run store, you will notice hot pink singlets also featured for sale. You wonder: How come everything associated with 2XU YOLO Run Bangkok is black and yellow, but a hot pink singlet pops up as an unexpected shopping surprise? This singlet represents efforts of the Queen Sirikit Centre for Breast Cancer Foundation, a Bangkok-based organisation seeking to eradicate this disease throughout Thailand.

Add one of these pink singlets to your shopping list when you visit the YOLO Run store and you'll make a donation to this worthy cause courtesy of your purchase. That stated, guys aren't left out! They can also donate to the Centre simply by running shirtless.

Let Your Feet Stand for Tolerance at Bangkok’s 2XU YOLO Run 2017

Post-YOLO Run fun you won't want to miss

Think your take-away from this event is going to be a medal, shirt and some wisdom? Think again. Unlike other runs, this one invites you to run shirtless because behind society's darker side resides a bright spirit of acceptance that encourages runners to seize the day, forget what others think and free oneself from labels, stereotypes, body types and inhibitions.

Do you have to run shirtless? It's not required. And we certainly don't encourage you to compromise any of your dignity just because you happen to feel as free as a bird during this dynamic event. Just showing up is freeing.

Come for the cause. Come for the run. Oh, and before we forget, come for the relaxing post-race mass yoga session, which is why we mentioned snagging a signature mat earlier. Winding down with a leisurely yoga session is the perfect way to end a day on which self-acceptance is behind every step runners take!

Can an event like the YOLO Run Bangkok act as an agent of change—swaying opinions and softening prejudices? If your answer is yes, why do you believe events like this can contribute to societal changes?

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