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Love on the Run: Run to the Beat of Your Heart with Love

by On Dec 19, 2015
Love on the Run: It’s the Most Love-filled, Passion-driven Run in the City!

Everyone can see it in your eyes and in your smile. You’ve fallen in love. And that fact is keeping you up at night. You’re so head-over-heels enamoured over the object of your affections that you can barely think about anything else — and that just describes how you feel about the running shoes displayed in the window of your favourite shop!

Okay, so love is about more than running shoes, which is why "Love On The Run" is literally being scheduled by race organisers for 13 February 2016 — that is, after all, the night before Valentine’s Day!

To get in on the fun, it’s okay to give your heart to those new running shoes, since you’ll have a couple of months to break them in before the big day — and what a big day that will be. It’s inspired by Cupid, of course, but the emotion that’s showcased doesn’t stop with your honey, your parents, your friends (or your shoes) — it’s a reminder that the world has never needed examples of love more badly than it does right now.

Why Join Love on the Run?

What can you expect if you decide to join the lovefest? An amazing, first-of-its-kind race that aims to get to the heart of what’s most important in life. That’s why you’re encouraged to pair up to run the course on the 13th, and planners don’t care who you choose to partner with, as long as it’s someone you love.

Heavy breathing is encouraged — despite the fact that it’s only a 5km run — but since the fun run takes you through the beautiful Gardens by the Bay, we’re pretty sure of this: if you don’t start the course feeling that love is in bloom all around you, by the time you arrive at the finish line, you’ll be in full swoon.

But it’s not just the gardens that will capture your heart and your imagination: Every one of your senses will be engaged when you run this short distance: You’ll pass themed zones lavished with symbols of love, music will change in response to your mood and you’ll even have an opportunity to show off your excellent limbo skills as you cleverly avoid the poles set at a variety of heights so you’re challenged to the max.

Love on the Run: It’s the Most Love-filled, Passion-driven Run in the City!

Who’s the matchmaker behind the biggest running lovefest ever? Nathalie Marquet, who found her love and life partner on a running track, she’s the CEO of MetaSport, the company behind this inaugural Love on the Run fun run. She and a bevy of other organising minds have already snagged the hashtag #bettertogether, so as February approaches, you'll hear lots more about the upcoming fun run.

What else can you look forward to when you join the fun on the 13th? Runners will be given opportunities to show their passion by dressing to impress: Customize a tee just for the love of your life, your beloved parent, hubby or child so you shout his or her name graphically for all the world to see during and after Go the Distance with Love.

One of our goals is to celebrate the beauty of every kind of love, towards your partner, friend, parent, child, or that other human being that you want to help have a better life. Running and love have a lot in common: loving is wanting to make someone happier. Running is a wonderful vehicle to peace, happiness and a better life, and a 5km run is highly inclusive, Marquet added.

You'll Get More than Love

Is there more? You bet your roses! Every participant will feel the love when they open their surprise gift at the finish line where you’re sure to collect lots of kisses from your biggest fans anyway. Following the successful completion of the Gardens by the Bay course, you can take a few breaths and get into an appropriate party mood to mingle and dance at the after-party that puts the icing on the cake of this lovefest. We can’t guarantee that you’ll find the love of your life at the party, but trust us, if he or she is there, fate will intercede.

Love on the Run: It’s the Most Love-filled, Passion-driven Run in the City!

Have we got your pulse racing? Are you eager to show the world some love by engaging one or more people you adore as your partners in love? Then morph your adoration into registration so you can take advantage of early [love] bird pricing only until 18 December. Once you’ve committed, you automatically receive a premium goody bag.

Would you like to give your sweetheart runner the ideal Valentine's Day gift? Register for the deluxe package as a couple so you can both paint the town red. Regular tickets start at S$63; add S$26 for the deluxe treatment and you’ll enjoy cocktails on the house, S$50 worth of race pack gifts and your names will be entered into a prize draw for an estimated S$2,000 in prizes. If you and your partner are among the first 300 ticket holders, you’ll also be entitled to a free Zouk! entry.

We know what you’re thinking: the race organisers truly put some thought into this fun run and you want in, but you can’t start collecting virtual hugs and kisses until you register before 18 December 2015 to get that early bird discount and hopefully qualify to be counted among the lucky first 300.

A Guaranteed Lovely Pre Valentine Day Celebration

Talk about rewards. You spend time with the people you love most — that hard-working husband, the wife you treasure, friends who make up your second family and just about anyone else in your world to whom you owe so much. An ordinary race? Not by any measure.

If you believe in your heart of hearts that love has never been more important than it is today, we can’t wait to see you at the start line, Love Bug. And do bring those running shoes you can’t live without!

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