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Will You Run at the Marina Run 2018 New 30km Category?

by On Dec 12, 2017

Whether you’re a veteran of the Marina Run and know the route like the back of your hand or you’ve yet to chase your dream around the Bay, you owe it to yourself to be part of this memorable event.

Will You Run at the Marina Run 2018 New 30km Category?

The rest of the world could take a lesson in efficient city planning from Singapore. Our innovative city-state takes more than the usual measure of pride in its people, architecture and commitment to healthy living.

In fact, one of the most popular places to stage large and small events is at Marina Bay, a masterpiece of responsible urban planning with humble beginnings as waterfront property that needed a huge land reclamation effort to turn it into a stunning jewel in the nation’s crown.

How serious were urban planners about this project? They even turned the flow of the Singapore River so it now fills the bay rather than going out to sea. Impressed? You should be! This treasure is an epicenter for all manner of activities that range from parades, fireworks and Formula One racing to marathons and fun runs. One of the most beloved is the Marina Run.

This competitive event has it all: A 5km Fun Run for newbies, standard 10km and 21km categories for folks comfortable running at each level, and for the very first time in 2018, competitors can pull out all stops and sign up for a 30km.

But don’t become complacent about choosing one because only 6,000 athletes can be accommodated, and you don't want to be left out. By the way, if you dislike running alone, there’s a team category that has yours and your mate’s names written on all over it!

Will You Run at the Marina Run 2018 New 30km Category?

Photo Credit: Marina Run

About the Marina Run

If you’re all about tradition, don’t worry about the addition of a super run added to this year’s menu because there’s plenty of familiarity to go around. The clock is ticking, so commit by booking your place at the start line on Spacebib that reserves 10th February on your running calendar.

Once 31 January rolls around, you’re out of luck because registration closes on that day, but if you’re really clever, you’ll jump in now to get an early-bird discount that disappears on 31th December.

Fees to enter these categories won’t empty your wallet and you’ll receive a complimentary event t-shirt just for showing up. Finish any of the 4 categories and collect a medal to add to your wall of fame, though you also get a running singlet if you take part in the three long distances.

But it’s the kids running the 5km who take home the most loot: a finisher t-shirt, water gun, blinker lights, a goodie bag and that all-important medal. Entitlement pick-up couldn’t be more accommodating to working Singaporeans: it’s to be held on both 3rd and 4th February between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Will You Run at the Marina Run 2018 New 30km Category?

Photo Credit: Marina Run

Why run the Marina Run?

  • Because there is no better way to jumpstart your year than by participating in this signature race.
  • Because getting your kids into the habit of competing, winning and losing helps build character.
  • Because you can’t run over the Marina Barrage and past iconic landmarks without being inspired.
  • Because event sponsor Herbalife is committed to supporting the nation’s fitness movement.
  • Because you never know who you could meet along this beautiful route; an old friend or a new love, perhaps.
  • Because you don’t have to worry about transport: A free shuttle service between Marina South Pier NS28 and Marina Barrage gets you where you’re going.
  • Because you really want a trophy and sponsored items, and you’re willing to push your limits to snag them.
Will You Run at the Marina Run 2018 New 30km Category?

Photo Credit: Marina Run

Do more than just run

Whether you’re an out-of-towner or you’ve lived in Singapore since birth, include time spent in and around Marina Bay Sands as part of a complete experience. This mega-project, begun in 2006, has evolved into quite the popular stomping grounds for people of all ages, so an add-on visit to the Art/Science Museum with the kids makes a great cultural experience and you can reward yourself by shopping this fashionable district if you’re not too exhausted.

Additionally, while plans are still under wraps for the exciting Marina Run Expo, rest assured that Herbalife and other sponsors won’t let you down. The post-run party gives winners and not-exactly winners opportunities to let off steam after having been disciplined so long while undertaking their conditioning, training and diet practices, and if you’ve chosen to run the 30km, you have double the number of reasons to take pride in your performance!

Will you stick to your traditional distance and sign up for the 21km or 10km or is 2018 the year you think and act outside your comfort zone by choosing the pioneering 30km?

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