Keep this in mind as you mull your decision to sign up for the 50km, 21km, 10km or 5km distance on 29 September 2018 at the 4th MSIG Singapore Action Asia: You can win cash. Earn a trophy. Become part of this race’s history. Earn a special place in Mother Nature’s heart.

This exciting event supported by Singapore Tourism Board, begins and ends at Hindhede Walk, Bukit Timah, and in keeping with Mother Nature’s request to call attention to her glorious creations, located along run routes, the overall theme of this event is particularly appropriate: “Running for a greener Garden City.” It showcases our nation’s collective environmental spirit.

We have it on good authority that Mother Nature plans to attend. How about you?

What can you expect if you compete?

  • Select any of the Zero Waste categories. Voluntarily give up your event t-shirt and finisher’s medal to call attention to sustainability and get a special race bib that shows the world that while your heart pumps red blood, your soul is green!
  • Just because you give up your medal that doesn’t mean you won’t be rewarded with a token of your finish!
  • Pick a distance that challenges your feet, your brain, your stamina and your spirit. Go the extra distance mile if you’ve been promising to up your game.
  • Expect enough familiarity to make this event a good mix of old and new: about 80-percent of the run takes place on familiar, flat, fast urban trails, grass and roads transecting Singapore, so bring the right shoes.
  • Get an early start when temperatures are low: 6:30 a.m. for the 50km, 7:00 a.m. if you run the 21km and 7:30 a.m. if your category choice is either the 10km or 5km.

Hang with movers and shakers

It’s enough to act responsibly by lending your time and presence to a cause that pairs awareness with athletic prowess, but you’re going to run your race in some impressive company, too. Guest of honour, Mr. Baey Yam Keng, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Culture, Community and Youth & Transport, will flag off competitors and he will take part in the Zero Waste 10km race in support of a greener Singapore.

Mr. Baey won’t be running alone. Spectators may spot Cheng Yee Tee. She intends to prevail in the Zero Waste 50km category and her enthusiasm is so magnetic, you may not be able to miss her. Cheng dreams of humans living in harmony with animals, flora and fauna and believes that, “As humans, we can do our part to reduce our carbon footprint while caring for the environment.”

David Stevenson intends to complete the 21km event, as will other Zero Waste representatives. Stevenson will come from the UK to show his environmental commitment to Mother Earth and he doesn’t mince words when he pinpoints cruel truths: “Currently, Singapore produces about 800,000 tonnes of plastic waste annually,” he says, and around 94-percent of that waste never sees the inside of a recycling center.

Your presence is equally important!

Whether your objective is to show the world you care by being part of the movement that donates race tees and finisher medals to the cause of conservation or you’ve got a nice hole in your September running calendar that begs to be filled, all comers are welcome. You’ll bring your own refillable water bottle or pack because cups are verboten, and refill at water station checkpoints along the route.

In the spirit of this unique event, you’ll be asked to tone down music that blasts into your ears as you run, be especially dutiful about stowing trash in bins to reduce litter and show your respect for fellow runners by verbally informing them that you’re passing on the left or right. Each of these actions symbolise your respect for nature and civility and you’re going to love competing with runners who feel the same way you do.

Don’t compete alone

As someone mindful of environmental issues relating to the homeland, your running club mates likely feel the same way, so why not recruit at least 19 other mates and show your special team spirit? Organisers will arrange for a free 3m x 3m-marquee tent at the race venue reserved just for you and your pals. But to assure your tent, you and the gang must register before 19 August 2018.

Need more incentive? Set your expectations high as you dream about how you would spend a portion of the S$17,700 cash prize purse total. You can also figure out where to hang a certificate or place a trophy if you meet your personal expectations. But the biggest prize of all is knowing you’ve pursued your passion for running while showing your love for our planet.

What actions do you take every day to show your commitment to our fragile environment?

For more race details, click here.

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