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Why Not Take the Long Road to Victory at the Newton Challenge 2017?

by On Jul 12, 2017

You don’t have to wear Newton brand running shoes to be victorious at this year’s Challenge.

Why Not Take the Long Road to Victory at the Newton Challenge 2017?

When runner Mok Ying Ren ran his 30km Newton Challenge race back in 2012, he had just come off a 9-month hiatus following a third place finish at the Army Half Marathon where he sustained an injury. Eager to share his experience once he returned to action, Mok kept a journal to chronical his Newton Challenge run.

One of the funniest entries? His father forgot to set the alarm that would get him up and out the door on race day, leading to a comedic car sprint that landed him at that start line only 5 minutes before flag off!

We're not suggesting that you forget to set your alarm (or that you count on a parent to awaken you if you oversleep!), but you are invited to push your capacity for distance by stepping out of your comfort zone at the 2017 Newton Challenge where distance is king.

About the Newton brand

The Newton Challenge refers to the race sponsor: Newton Running. Founded in 2010, staffers are proud to be associated with only line of running shoes designed to help athletes assume a natural gait from start to finish, no matter how long or daunting their run may be.

What's behind this engineering? Newton designers sought to mirror the geometry of feet so wearers experience added protection and comfort. In fact, Newton athletic shoes deliver 60-percent more cushioning than competitor brands and wearers enjoy 40-percent more energy return.

But that doesn't mean you have to wear this brand to compete at Newton Challenge 2017!

Any pair of solid running shoes will do as long as you wear your determination and stamina to compete in this popular race, scheduled to flag off at Marina Barrage in the wee small hours of the morning (4:30 a.m.) on 29th October.

Why Not Take the Long Road to Victory at the Newton Challenge 2017?

Newton Challenge 2017

How does the Newton Challenge differ from other marathons? Let's begin by saying that this year's race theme is apropos for a marathon that takes no prisoners when it comes to effort athletes are urged to put forth: There is no full stop. The Newton is serious business.

There are no fun runs associated with the Newton; this event is a pure adrenaline rush for runners who see 10km, 21.1km and 32.195km events as opportunities to prove that conditioning and commitment pay off.

Early bird rates are currently in play until 31st August, so once you identify your category, take advantage of the discount to seal your commitment to yourself. Confirm your track record and start conditioning.

Why Not Take the Long Road to Victory at the Newton Challenge 2017?

Run hard and get lucky

You know the brand. You love the merchandise. So why not fill your drawers with Newton running gear made to last for years in addition to serving as constant reminders of your participation? Snag entitlements like Newton finisher polo shirts, Newton singlets and socks plus a finisher's medal you'll take pride in displaying. Cash prizes and vouchers will be awarded to top performers in the Open and Singapore categories.

Your registration also makes you eligible for lucky draws with super prizes if you're among the athletes on whom fortune smiles that day: Lucky Draw winners may return home with a Samsung mobile phone, an iPad Mini or a GoPro. Seven consolation prizes will be awarded as well. While each runner gets only one chance at these prizes, if you land the right race bib number that could be you!

Why Not Take the Long Road to Victory at the Newton Challenge 2017?

10 Reasons to run the Long Race

It's easy to keep running 5km events, but did you know that electing to run long races like the Newton Challenge can improve you as an athlete and human being on and off the race course? Choose the longest race for your comfort level for these reasons and more:

  1. Long races fine tune your performance levels, giving you opportunities to correct flaws, deal with fatigue and perfect technique.
  2. Long races give you bragging rights because many, like the Newton, exceed that 26km limit, taking you even further into the realm of accomplishment.
  3. Long races improve one's mental state at the end of a killer week. Built-up pressure can motivate you as you expel tension while taking the long road to the finish line.
  4. Long races do amazing things for your heart muscle.
  5. Long runs trigger the development of more capillary beds (tiny blood vessels in the legs). These beds grow like tree branches, pumping more oxygen through the body.
  6. Long runs promote camaraderie. Everyone's in the same miserable boat as miles are logged. A sympathetic look from another runner may be all you need to keep pushing.
  7. Long runs give you the excuse you seek to change up your scenery and see more of the countryside.
  8. Long runs do wonders for your confidence!
  9. Long runs help repair muscle damage and rehabilitate hamstring and calf muscles. Longer distances deliver more nutrients to muscles, triggering faster repairs.
  10. Long runs enhance endurance. Your ability to stay the course, no matter what life throws your way, makes long runs worth all that effort. Why not prove this to yourself at the Newton this year?

When confronted with opportunities to run races that exceed distances with which you are comfortable, how do you motivate yourself to take that risk?

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