As landmark marathons go, you’d be hard pressed to name an event that’s as historic, powerful and renowned as the Sundown Marathon, known as the competition that set the stage for other international night marathons throughout the globe.

Launched in 2007, this event has had plenty of time to mature, becoming a solid part of the Singapore marathon scene. If you’ve been toying with the idea of running the Sundown Marathon, your opportunity is at hand. With internationals from across globe flying in for the race, this is an event that you’ll be sure not to miss.

Make a commitment by marking your calendar for 19 May 2018 to “unleash the hero in you” in keeping with this year’s vibrant theme. Not to mention that you’ll be receiving these race entitlements: Race singlets, medals, race bibs, timing chips, goodie bags brimming with products provided by sponsors, personalised electronic race certificates and a race day insurance from Prudential!

Register. Run. Rejoice.

The OSIM Sundown Marathon 2018 is no ordinary event. There are 3 separate 5km run categories that entice kids, youth and adults to be part of the night, plus two 10km categories; one for individuals and one for teams of four. For heavy hitters, the 21.1km half marathon category gives runners opportunities to test their mettle and for those who can’t resist the ultimate challenge, the full 42.195km category may prove irresistible.

Additionally, participants this year can prepare for what’s expected to be a record-shattering attendance with numbers that could surpass 30,000 runners from around the world.

Receive Unexpected Benefits by Joining

Have you grown weary of long queues you’re forced to put up with when collecting your marathon entitlements? Relax. This year for the OSIM Sundown Marathon 2018, you can even skip the ubiquitous race pack collection queue if you like: When you register for the marathon, pay a modest fee and your race bib, race singlet and sponsor perks will land at your doorstep in plenty of time to get you ready for your event. Cool, huh?

Myriad race day details are still under wraps because OSIM, organisers and sponsors continue to work on the small details that make this particular night race unique, but here are some facts you may wish to consider if you’re still on the fence about signing up:

  • University of Essex researchers have proven that when people run at night, they feel as though they’re moving at a brisker pace than they do during the day. Scientists say that the phenomenon has to do with darkness making it harder to gauge speed and it’s also harder to be distracted.
  • Study shows that elevated endocrine hormones like cortisol and thyrotropin, the harmful by-products of stress, aren’t nearly as high at night as they are during the day and the same goes for glucose levels.
  • When you run at night, you will have more feel for the ground in a cooler environment, so you are likely to run more effectively and lessen your risk for injuries. That’s provided you watch where you are going!
  • How often do you stay up late through the night doing something that is so meaningful and beneficial to your body? The slogan “Sleep Can Wait” says it all.

John Stanton, Founder and CEO of the Running Room, says,

“Come spring, when it’s marathon time, the runners who have been training in the dark are always delighted by how much faster their times are.”

Why not prove to yourself as to whether this popular theory holds water? Of course, safety is one of the biggest reasons why people are hesitant about running after dark. The OSIM Sundown Marathon welcomes new runners and seasoned “returnees”. The local running community bands together and creates a heartwarming atmosphere, fitting for the largest night race. You’ll never be alone! Once you’re surrounded by thousands of your fellow runners.

In sum, OSIM Sundown Marathon 2018 is the quintessential affair; a race that’s filled with tradition, innovation and excitement—and if you register immediately, you’ll please the thrifty side of your personality, too!

As the Sundown Marathon enters its 11th year of operation, what is your fondest memory of this race? Is it laugh-provoking? Sentimental? Romantic? Or tied to an unforgettable moment in time?

You can sign up for the OSIM Sundown Marathon 2018 at Spacebib or at the event website.

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