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Are You Just Fit or Are You Oxfitt? This Race Answers That Question!

by On Apr 28, 2019

What’s on your calendar for 7th July? If the second annual Oxfitt Race is missing, you’ve got to pencil it in so you don’t forget to register for the 21km race that can redefine how you see yourself as an athlete.

Are You Just Fit or Are You Oxfitt? This Race Answers That Question!

If you keep track of every event on the Singapore running scene, you probably know that 2018 marked the debut of the Oxfitt Run. But the race have upped the ante in terms of distance, morphing last year’s 15km distance into a 21km challenge for 2019.

This formidable goal belongs on the calendars of everyone who has reached this level of endurance—especially if you’ve had your fill of online races and crave a return to a good, old-fashioned road race that pits runners against each other to achieve a personal best or even land in the top finishers. Which best describes you?

Are You Just Fit or Are You Oxfitt? This Race Answers That Question!

Details of the race

You’ve still got time to snag an early bird rate to save money you can put toward new running shoes if you register before 31st May at Spacebib. Once you’ve got your slot, start training for the event that’s to be staged at Marina Barrage on Sunday, 7 July 2019.

You’ll compete against runners eager to show that they’ve got what it takes to be “Oxfitt,” a term that comes from a combination of the words “OX” and “FIT” with a double “T”, implying exceptional fitness and endurance.

Collect items in the race pack a few days before the event that offer you bragging rights long after the race is over: a signature water bottle, finisher’s medal, goodie bag, singlet and tights/shorts.

Are You Just Fit or Are You Oxfitt? This Race Answers That Question!

Ready for the race?

Registration closes on 23rd June (unless the Oxfitt runner limit has been reached) and those who make the cut are asked to show up by 5:30 a.m. at the start line, so set your alarm. You’re asked to bring either the water bottle included in your race pack or your own bottle to show your support of environmental concerns. No cups will be provided but there will be water refill stations along the route so runners can stay hydrated.

Show your mettle and you could land prizes and a trophy! Champions get prizes worth up to $400; 1st runners up walk away with $200 in prizes and 2nd runners up receive $100 in prizes plus trophies for top-performing men and women based on gun time.

Are You Just Fit or Are You Oxfitt? This Race Answers That Question!

Race cut-off time is 4 hours, so when you train, make sure you keep this in mind. It’s a fortuitous day (7/7) so if you’re into numerology, it could be the day you show up on the winner’s stand proving that you’re not just fit but Oxfitt for the world to see!

How important are in-person races to you as the popularity of online events continues to grow? Do you prefer one over another or do you like the variety that comes with having an ability to switch back and forth?

In these stressful and uncertain times, getting updated with accurate and useful information has never been so critical. No matter how unsettled the future feels, RunSociety will remain with you, delivering high quality news for free so we can all make critical decisions about our lives and health. Together we can overcome.

What we can do to help the situation is to keep our body and immune system in peak condition. If you are allowed or able to run outdoors, please do so cautiously but not panicky. Join our free online race to motivate you and pay tribute to our frontline heroes.

Nathaniel is a disciplined casual runner and a lover of bananas. As a columnist for RunSociety, he is always on the lookout for exciting and controversial topics that touch the heart of the running community in Singapore, often adding in his funny observations. He has embarked on a mission to start a world class running group in Asia.

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