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Prosperity Walk Singapore 2018: Celebrate the Day with Those You Love Most

by On Dec 30, 2017

Take a walk on the fortunate side by sharing a day with family that celebrates all aspects of your prosperity on 25th February 2018.

Prosperity Walk Singapore 2018: Celebrate the Day with Those You Love Most

The Mercer Report says that, "Singapore has the highest quality of living in Asia.” And according to the Legatum Prosperity Index, we rank 17th of 149 nations assessed by this reporting entity. In fact, the nation has advanced up the Legatum prosperity ladder by two rungs in just the past year!

These statements remind us that we live in a nation that cares about citizens and does more than most to help them prosper. That’s why it makes perfect sense to celebrate both of these rankings by taking a “Prosperity Walk” on 25 February 2018 at 8:30 a.m. for myriad reasons—not the least of which is sharing the day with family members.

Scheduled to be held on the 10th day of the Lunar New Year, you’ll join equally prosperous families at Marina Barrage, and if the urge to come up with a long list of reasons to be thankful for what awaits in the year ahead strikes—go ahead. You’ll be in good company, no matter how you define the concept of prosperity.

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About the Prosperity Walk

From the moment you spot the little cartoon designed for the 2018 Prosperity Walk, you’ll know that a good time awaits you and your family members. The little pup is cute and endearing, a fitting representative of the Year of the Dog and symbolic of a non-competitive event open to people of all ages who like the idea of taking a 3.8km walk with those they love.

Participants receive adult’s and kids’ prosperity t-shirts in signature colours of red and gold, goodie bags containing sponsor’s products and medals embellished with that cute mascot will be awarded to everyone finishing within the event's mandatory 1.5-hour time frame.

Prosperity Walk Singapore 2018: Celebrate the Day with Those You Love Most

Will this day be lucky for you?

Make your own luck by signing up for Prosperity Walk Singapore before the early bird rate offer expires on 16th January. There’s to be a spectacular lucky draw following the walk that will award S$1888 to one lucky walker. If that happens to be you, it matters not which sign you were born under—you’re destined for prosperity.

Prosperity Walk Singapore 2018: Celebrate the Day with Those You Love Most

Prosperity Walk Singapore is even sponsored by a geomancy partner: The New Trend Lifestyle Group Investor Center, one of Singapore’s leading Feng Shui specialists. Need more proof that your participation in the Prosperity Walk portends an outstanding year ahead? Check out these special "walker" forecasts and put them to use on the 25th:

  • Rat: Were you born under the sign of the Rat? You may not have to put forth much effort to walk past competitors and snag a finisher’s medal.
  • Ox: Are you an Ox? You’re most likely to help fellow walkers get to the finish line in a timely manner so there are plenty of medals handed out.
  • Tiger: Tigers are willing to cooperate with other lunar signs to achieve a common goal. If this is your sign, you'll be the compassionate walker who helps those who aren't as fit as you are.
  • Rabbit: Rabbits may feel the urge to hop ahead because the finish line holds the promise of rewards, but watch where you’re going so you don’t trip on your way to prosperity.
  • Dragon: Dragons are powerful and may challenge other walkers out of habit. If you see a walker being unfair to another, don’t stay silent, Dragon. Step in and make things right.
  • Snake: Snakes are so close to the ground, they have a unique perspective on the world. Given your outlook, you'll do a great kindness if you help walkers who are smaller and less powerful than you are.
  • Horse: Horses move so fast, they don't always see where they’re heading. If you were born under the Horse sign, remember that Prosperity Walk isn't meant to be a gallop.
  • Sheep: Sheep respect animals with whom they graze, and you’ll be expected to remain courteous to everyone you encounter at the Prosperity Walk. Play by the rules and prosper.
  • Monkey: No antics on your Prosperity Walk, please—or you could unwittingly get in the way of others. There’s a fine line between having fun and being a nuisance.
  • Rooster: Roosters tend to show up at start lines early, giving you opportunities to look out for those who aren’t alert at that hour. Oh, and show some modesty when you finish, rather than crowing.
  • Dog: This is your opportunity to shine on the 10th day of your year. Don't be distracted by walkers because you're overly confident. Stay focused and resolute.
  • Boar: If you were born during a Boar year, don’t wallow in pity if you don’t move as fast as you’d like. It’s a walk, not a sprint. You’ll get there. We promise.

Philosophers say that prosperity means different things to different people, so we invite you to answer this question: How do you define prosperity?

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