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Reebok ActivChill Gives New Meaning to the Term “No Sweat”!

by On Apr 26, 2017

Many clothing brands promise to keep runners cool when temperatures spike. You make promises to undertake conditioning or marathon obligations no matter what that thermometer says. Can you meet both goals when temperatures spike? Ask the folks at Reebok!

Reebok ActivChill Gives New Meaning to the Term "No Sweat"!

During the earliest-recorded running competitions, Greek Olympians wore little more than skimpy loincloths to compete. Some arrived at the finish line wearing nothing at all after the garment fell off during the runs.

Over time, costumes designed just for male athletes were more modest, but by the time women entered the sports scene, outfits they were forced to wear were so cumbersome, it’s a wonder they could move at all.

True, Mary, Queen of Scots, played golf in 1567 and Maud Watson was Wimbledon’s first champion in 1884, but track and field? Events weren’t open to women until 1922. Deplorable? We agree. Both women and men deserve to compete on even playing fields just as they deserve to be comfortable when they run.

Both sexes benefit from the evolution of sports garments, which is why news about Reebok’s latest and greatest introductions—the ActivChill collection—are being met with such enthusiasm by athletes who want to look and feel cool.

As the name suggests, these tops are hot. But you’re not. Isn’t that the way every garment designed for runners should function?

Reebok ActivChill Gives New Meaning to the Term "No Sweat"!

Staying cool is now doubly chill

Long before the term “cool” became a colloquialism in the 1930s, cool was a weather-related term that indicated drops in temperature—ideal circumstances for runners who seek the most comfortable environments to hype their performances. But with running, there are no guarantees. Races are staged and preparations taken, so for athletes, being in a perpetual, hot sweat came with the territory.

Myriad sports garment manufacturers sought solutions to keep athletes cool, but until now, success eluded most. Now, Reebok has stepped up its efforts with newly-introduced men’s and women’s tops that perform as well as the company claims, ushering in a new day for those who never thought they could stay cool in Singapore’s legendary heat.

ActivChill: Your solution to all things cool

When the folks at Reebok announced that they had solved the puzzle of keeping runners cool despite daunting challenges in the hottest weather, Singapore athletes were skeptical. Sure, they thought the name ActivChill was cool, but could these new garments live up to their name? Consumers eager to verify performance put them to the test and in the end, agreed that Reebok had done the impossible!

Don one of the ActivChill tops that just hit the market and prepare to be impressed. Each garment is crafted of a specially-made fabric that has been subjected to an unusual weaving process so irregularly-shaped “pentagon fibers” don’t form the tight knit that tends to trap sweat and keep athletes somewhere between uncomfortable and miserable.

Those air portals take ventilation benefits to new heights and promote cooling as no fabric has done before. Train in weather you would normally have avoided to see and feel the difference. It’s nothing short of revolutionary.

Reebok ActivChill Gives New Meaning to the Term "No Sweat"!

No compromises on other features

Because this pioneering textile is the biggest benefit one receives from wearing ActivChill tops, you may worry that style, comfort and wear ability either fell to the wayside or were compromised during the development stages, but nothing could be further from the truth. While you’re ventilated to the max, this miracle fabric also wicks away moisture so it doesn’t contribute to your discomfort at a time you can least afford to worry about it. The ActivChill tops are perfect for running, studio and gym sessions.

In fact, this fiber configuration literally enhances the ventilation process so breathability, courtesy of Reebok's proprietary SpeedWick technology, is maximized. Run faster. Train harder. Your intensity goals have met their match!

Worried that all of this technology aimed at keeping bodies cool has resulted in designs that fall short in the “cool fashion” department? Relax. This is Reebok! Style and on-trend looks are as important to product developers as keeping runners cool, so you’ll find colours and silhouettes that look as good as they feel.

ActivChill tops: As cool as they are affordable

There’s absolutely nothing you can do about Singapore’s weather and truth be told, if you’ve ever competed in cold weather, you likely gave thanks for a homeland that didn’t require you to layer on garments until you looked like a stuffed Thanksgiving turkey!

When you can’t beat the weather you find ways to cope with it and that’s the objective of these Reebok separates.

Reebok ActivChill Gives New Meaning to the Term "No Sweat"!

Even your wallet will like the pricing that starts at S$39, so here are four cool benefits you can gain just by shopping Reebok or Royal Sporting House stores for these new togs right now:

  • Show the world you follow clothing trends by wearing ActivChill separates.
  • Use your new top as an excuse introduce yourself to someone who looks hot!
  • Add ActivChill separates to your wish list so you receive gifts you actually want.
  • Hype your PB numbers wearing ActivChill; cool running means cooler personal bests. But you knew that, right?

What are your most effective methods for staying cool, no matter how high thermostat numbers climb during Singapore’s hottest weather?

The latest ACTIVCHILL range is available now at prices starting from S$39 and above at all Reebok mono-brand stores and through Royal Sporting House stores island-wide such as Velocity @ Novena Square, Suntec City, VivoCity and Great World City.

Find out more about the Reebok ActiveChill by following Reebok Singapore on Facebook and Instagram.

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