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Is This Year The Return of the Most Controversial Yolo Run Singapore?

by On Sep 17, 2018

When was the last time you made a huge mistake—one with so many repercussions, you weren’t sure things could ever be resolved? That’s how organisers of the YOLO Run felt after the 2017 event. Can they turn a corner? You decide.

Organised to Perfection: The Return of the Yolo Run 2018

Runners are nothing if not forgiving athletes who graciously acknowledge losses, shake hands with the folks who beat them and move on to the next event. But when everything that could go wrong did at the 11 November 2017 YOLO Run, the brouhaha that resulted could have dealt a death blow to the race once and for all.

Participants have plenty of reason to feel angry and bitter and you would have had to be living under a rock not to come into contact with the negativity surrounding this event's post-race social media blitz. Men and women swore it would be their last YOLO Run—even when organisers took responsibility for the debacle.

Can this year’s run make up for all of that negativity? We sure hope so.

Organised to Perfection: The Return of the Yolo Run 2018

Photo Credit: Yolo Run

What went wrong

From the start, this race literally and figuratively stepped off on the wrong foot when confusion at the F1 Pit Building plus delayed gun offs were precursors to confusing race routes. Even bag collection experiences were horrific, turning what began as an exciting race morning into a frustrating day that kept throwing challenges and triggering complaints from ordinarily patient runners used to a glitch or two.

Finger pointing? There was plenty of it; you might say it has continued to this day, tainting the otherwise excellent reputation of a race designed for both healthy competition and to boost the reputation of the three-time event dedicated to the proposition that “You Only Live Once,” a theme urging self-acceptance and tolerance.

Right message. Wrong execution. So, should you abandon this year’s event to register your anger—or is this your chance to forgive and let the organisers show you how hard they’ve worked to rectify their image, so your 2018 experience is better than ever? Think about the last time you got a second chance and keep reading...

Organised to Perfection: The Return of the Yolo Run 2018

Photo Credit: Yolo Run

Why 2018 could be better

YOLO organisers don’t have to be admonished any more than they already were—by runners, by the media and by themselves. No organisation sets out to run a bad event and while there have been plenty of explanations for how and why things went wrong, the shame and embarrassment felt by those in charge of this race didn’t cause them to retreat and say, “We won’t risk this ever again.”

Instead, they’re asking for a second chance to show you how a race should be done, and they’re betting their reputations and the race’s future on it. Acknowledging the Singapore community’s outcry, YOLO organisers are bending over backward to turn 13 October 2018 into a showcase of efficient event organisation and they believe Singaporeans will show up to see that happen on 13th October.

Whether you opt for the 5km non-competitive race or the 10km chip-timed race, you’re going to be a first-hand witness to the metamorphosis of this event. Everyone showing up for this 7 a.m.-to-noon race is bound to be impressed by the organisation they witness first hand. Don’t you want to be one of them?

Organised to Perfection: The Return of the Yolo Run 2018

Photo Credit: Yolo Run

10 really good reasons to give the 2018 YOLO a second chance

  1. You give the gift of forgiveness to organisers working tirelessly to rebuild this brand.
  2. You could find yourself eligible to run for free if you’re a disappointed 2017 participant.
  3. Where else can you run shirtless as a symbol of your protest against unfair social norms?
  4. You wouldn’t be the first person to leave your inner securities at the start line and feel liberated by the end.
  5. Early bird rates are still in effect until 21 September, so if this is your premier YOLO, you save money.
  6. Help make 2018 the year YOLO hosts the largest number of shirtless runners for Singapore’s Book of Records.
  7. Get more than the usual amount of free stuff in your goodie bag to help make up for last year’s mess.
  8. Share a global experience with athletes running the YOLO in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.
  9. Plan to stick around at the YOLO Race Village where stalls, fitness challenges and activities await you.
  10. Show your willingness to forgive by registering for this upcoming event, to be held at Gardens by the Bay, Bayfront Plaza at Spacebib, right now! It's a decision you won't regret.
Organised to Perfection: The Return of the Yolo Run 2018

Photo Credit: Yolo Run

Forgiveness in short supply these days as you race from job to home, community to trail. Why not discover how healing it can be to move beyond the past and get yourself ready for what could wind up to be your 2018 personal best?

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