After those grueling months of interval training, endurance runs, fartleks and everything in between, it has all paid off. That journey to complete your first 42km has been accomplished.

Sure, you’ve completed a few marathons after that, but the very first medal takes special pride of place!

But after awhile, things start to look the same. You’re running in the same environment and weather conditions.

Eventually, you find yourself reaching a stalemate. You try to push yourself but your timing doesn’t ever seem to improve.

Creating Memories

This is when finding a new place and a new environment comes in. Where you are free to ultimately challenge yourself. Where you can find the drive and rush to run your fastest again.

Why not start Down Under at the Gold Coast Airport Marathon?

It’s about creating memories for yourself that will last for decades to come.

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Beautiful Sights, Wonderful Crowd, Perfect Weather

There are so many reasons to for you to run the Gold Coast Airport Marathon, but we’ve gone through this before. The hospitality and atmosphere of the Australian locals are amazing. The weather is absolutely great.

Imagine this: You run through beautiful scenery, with the wonderful beach and sea flanking you.

The weather is cool and the calming sea breeze gives you that little extra spring in your step.

The boisterous residents who bring out their children and cheer everyone on; it’s like an annual tradition for them.

But why imagine when you can see it for yourself?

Doesn’t it make you just want to put on your running shoes and head down under?

A Chance To Make New Friends and Create Wonderful Memories

Going overseas is a wonderful opportunity to build new friendships and strengthen existing ones.

And the spirit of friendship definitely shines bright here. In fact, 355 Singaporeans traveled last year to the Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2013 under a training and travel package which was organized by local running community Team Fatbird.

That made Singapore the third largest contingent after Japan (679) and New Zealand (429)! Our eye is on the number 2 spot in 2014!

The GCAM is also Australia’s only certified IAAF Gold Label marathon, so you’ll be running with the knowledge that you are well taken care of.

After the race, you can enjoy Australia’s unique and marvelous wildlife for yourself.

Who’s to say, this might plant the seeds for the wanderlust within you to experience running in as many diverse and beautiful locales as possible. The Gold Coast Airport Marathon is just the start!

Registrations for the Gold Coast Airport Marathon opens 18 March 2014. For more general information, visit Travel packages from Singapore to this event are available from

Jonathan Chou

Jonathan was a stereotypical couch potato a few years ago. He finally took the courage to take his health into his own hands, and now enjoys lengthy runs by East Coast Park.

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