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Run for Fun. Run for Dignity and Tolerance. Only at the 2XU YOLO Run KL 2017!

by On Jun 28, 2017

How many chances have you been given to make your voice heard on behalf of those who can’t speak for themselves? At Kuala Lumpur’s 2XU YOLO, bring your authentic self and stand up for others!

Run for Fun. Run for Dignity and Tolerance. Only at the 2XU YOLO Run KL 2017!

Suppose you found a genie’s lamp, rubbed it and when the exotic spirit popped out, he said that you didn’t have to name a single wish because his lamp came with only one option: “You get to live twice,” the Genie tells you just before he disappears back into the bottle.

Would you be surprised? Excited? Perhaps thankful. After all, who among us hasn’t wished he could have done things over—could have been a better friend. A wiser child. Focused more on relationships than acquiring possessions.

But of course, that supposition is sheer fantasy. You live in the real world. And despite the good, the bad and—on occasion—the ugly, you only get to live once. How has your life been going so far? Are you satisfied? Pleased? We don't have to tell you that if you live your life properly, once should be plenty!

Ready to celebrate your life? We thought so. And what better way to do so than by joining the You Only Live Once Run (YOLO) at Oasis Square in Kuala Lumpur (2, Jalan PJU 1A/7A,, Ara Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia) on 6th August 2017.

Run for Fun. Run for Dignity and Tolerance. Only at the 2XU YOLO Run KL 2017!

About the YOLO Run

The genie we mentioned earlier may have had to return to his bottle, but you get to escape at the YOLO KL, a race organised around the principle of freeing oneself of the labels, stereotypes, inhibitions and other negative influences that pervade society in today’s judgment-laden world.

You’ll be encouraged to break free and seize the day, giving thanks for your life as you participate in unique events that range from an invitation to run shirtless to promote acceptance and harmony among all people.

X-Change Republic is the brand behind this amazing event (and YOLOs staged in Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore) that shows the world Asia’s commitment to dignity for all. Besides, you’ll help make history!

The Kuala Lumpur YOLO rides the coattails of the Singapore YOLO, an event that became popular so fast, attendance grew from 3,000 runners in 2015 to 9,000 runners in 2016. Don’t you want to be part of Kuala Lumpur’s YOLO history by running the premier event alongside other enthusiasts?

Run for Fun. Run for Dignity and Tolerance. Only at the 2XU YOLO Run KL 2017!

Show your true colors

Grab a calendar. Turn the page to 6th August. Pencil in Oasis Square; 7 a.m. YOLO.

Next, go to Spacebib website to declare your official intention to be part of this event. Opt for the 5km Fun Run or the 10km Competitive category that’s divided into two sub-categories: Individuals (age 14 and up) or Veterans (age 40-plus).

Prizes are being gathered and event organisers aren't revealing what they are quite yet, but they're going to be amazing. They will be given to competitors crossing the finish line in from 1st to 5th position within each category.

Since you’re a winner from the moment you sign up, you’ll be happy to know that these entitlements await you, no matter which distance you choose: A YOLO Run KL t-shirt, drawstring bag and a finisher’s medal.

Run for Fun. Run for Dignity and Tolerance. Only at the 2XU YOLO Run KL 2017!

Race entitlements for YOLO Run KL 2017

Run, Stretch, Give

One of the reasons the 2XU YOLO Run has become such a hot ticket in Singapore has to do with the fact that participation benefits are so impressive. You benefit from your run if you’ve got a PB in mind. You benefit from Yoga sessions that end the race day: a rejuvenating “mass outdoor” yoga-thon headlined by renowned Malaysian music personality and Yoga One that I Want personality, Atilia Haron.

Run for Fun. Run for Dignity and Tolerance. Only at the 2XU YOLO Run KL 2017!

Could there be a better way to wind down from your best effort than by joining fellow competitors in closing out a day of tolerance, friendship and fitness by stretching your way to post-run relaxation? We don’t think so!

The benefits don't end there. The non-profit Make-A-Wish Malaysia is the recipient of proceeds from sales of a special limited-edition YOLO Run x MAWM t-shirt, too. In fact, this worthy charity won't get a paltry donation from sales but rather 50-percent of those proceeds.

Run for Fun. Run for Dignity and Tolerance. Only at the 2XU YOLO Run KL 2017!

As an important part of the 2XU YOLO Run you get to make an important social statement, tone your body and support a charity that helps so many. When last were you given an opportunity this expansive?

When the topics of tolerance and understanding arise in your crowd, what’s your response? Do you say nothing or are you the first to speak up for the rights and dignity of others?

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