For avid Asian runners, any athletic event is excuse enough to break out running shoes and take to the streets, trails and tracks. But there’s a day and an event that’s ultimately more important than your ordinary competition: Run for Malaysia, an online running event that is more than an opportunity to stay fit and salute the nation’s health and welfare initiatives. It is also a convenient and expedient way to stay connected to fellow runners no matter where participants are located on the world map.

No Ordinary Commemoration

Runners receive opportunities to set personal bests in honour of the 62nd anniversary of National Day while showing pride in their own commitment to fitness and camaraderie with fellow Malaysians. Even folks who weren’t around in 1957 say they get chills at the thought of Britain’s Union Jack flag being lowered before the flag of Malaysia was raised as the national anthem, “Negaraku” was played 62 years ago.

Because the anniversary number 62 is tied to this year’s online race, we hope that the collective distance totals of everyone participating in this virtual race comes to an impressive 62,000km so new records can be set. Main sponsor Under Armour knows a thing or two about national pride, since the company supports myriad athletic events around the world.

Registration is so simple…

Athletes establish a personal distance goal of either 6.2km or 62km, visit the Run For Malaysia website to sign up and between the dates of 31st August and 22nd September, employ a GPS-enabled running app, wearable, device or treadmill to record and amass kilometers.

For Malaysians who will be out of the country during this time or for those who work during daytime hours, no problem. They can log distances from afar just as long as those numbers are uploaded properly to the their Spacebib account during the official Run for Malaysia window.

Plenty of rewards await finishers

For runners who have grown used to spectacular rewards that commemorate high-profile events like Run for Malaysia, the colourful attire, medals and certificates associated with participating in this virtual event won’t disappoint. They will be awarded in three categories: Premium, Classic and Basic.

Spacebib have come up with an extra incentive to mark the first-time virtual race. A commemorative token will be given to all participants: An antique gold-coloured, bas relief, spinnable running coin that’s artfully sculpted to serve as a reminder of the virtual race that marks the nation’s anniversary.

No shortage of entitlements!

Digital entitlements include finisher’s e-Certificate, e-Badge and eBib and since this is not a competition, everyone completing their distance receives a distinct finisher medal that embodies the spirit of this young nation by incorporating colors of the Malaysia flag.

Limited edition tees and singlets complete the list. These will remain a source of pride every time participants wear them, as even the colour blue used on these limited-edition garments represents pride in diversity and heritage that tells the story of Malaysia’s long fight for independence.

What could be more convenient?

For Malaysians and international runners who love the idea of independence and freedom as exemplified by this nation’s spirit, grabbing an opportunity to participate in this online race requires very little gear (device, shoes and perhaps a treadmill), a desire to strive for a goal and a passion for the run.

They needn’t worry about crowds, weather or queuing since this event’s style gives participants all of the latitude in the world for getting in their kilometers on their own time schedules.

A symbol. A goal. A premier online race. A chance for every runner to mark this important holiday his or her way. Is it any wonder that Run for Malaysia 2019 is positioned become the foundation of a tradition that portends a glorious future for runners throughout Asia?

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Alica Syafiqah

Alica is a millennial and is currently working towards an MBA with an emphasis in running if there is even one. A coffee-drinker and world explorer who is always making fun of herself.

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