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Want to Show Your National Pride? Take the First Ever Run for Singapore Challenge 2018

by On Jul 30, 2018

When last did you attend a birthday party and receive gifts? Participate in the Run for Singapore Challenge 2018 and you neither have to show up at one venue nor stand in long queues in the sun—as long as you register now and "do your thing” between the 9th and 31st of August.

Want to Show Your National Pride? Take the First Ever Run for Singapore Challenge 2018

Confused? We offer apologies. After all, RunSociety is all about getting you off your bum and on to your feet. We want to help you wish Singapore Happy 53rd Birthday by showing the world that you take pride in living in an independent nation that prioritises health and fitness. And all you have to do is run or walk to make that statement.

There’s no cake. No candles, either. But your participation shows the world that running fosters a stronger, more inclusive nation when you sign up for this first-time event. And if you worry that no birthday is properly celebrated without cake, you can always gather a team to be part of this event and pass around the forks once everyone in your crowd meets their personal distance goals.

How it works?

Keep the number “53” in mind as you clear your August 2018 calendar. Show your patriotism and passion for running by signing up for the Run For Singapore Challenge at Spacebib. You don’t even have to be in Singapore to sign up for this virtual challenge!

Your goal is to find creative ways to rack up 53km between the 9th and 31st of August. If you do your part, you help us meet this goal: Amassing a total of 53,000km courtesy of individuals participating in this unusual run. How to amass and record those kilometres? It’s easy. Use your GPS running app to track your activity, upload your results to your Spacebib profile, and once your distance is verified, you’re declared a winner.

Want to Show Your National Pride? Take the First Ever Run for Singapore Challenge 2018

There’s more! Enter the “Singapore Team Challenge” category (prizes only available to Singapore residents), by enlisting two friends. You and your mates must run at least 5.3km each—more if you want to win—between 9th August and 31st August. Upload team and individual photos to Instagram tagged #RunForSingapore; #UASGTeam; #RunSociety. Three teams accruing the most mileage win UnderArmour HOVR Sonic running shoes, so make sure everyone says “Cheese” when those pix are snapped.

Want to Show Your National Pride? Take the First Ever Run for Singapore Challenge 2018

Why is this race important?

Because Singapore experienced more bumps on the road to independence than most. The nation was subjected to conquests by emperors, princes, kings, Arabs and Europeans before coming under the influence of the British, particularly Sir Thomas Raffles who recognised the region’s potential.

Over time, Singapore faced a delicate challenge: how to balance a society composed of so many ethnicities. The region was on the way to solidifying its cohesive efforts when war broke out on the Pacific Rim in 1941. Following Japan’s defeat, Singapore was made a British Crown Colony, then became part of Malaysia, and at last, gained full independence on 9 August 1965—hence this virtual challenge’s start date 53 years later.

Want to Show Your National Pride? Take the First Ever Run for Singapore Challenge 2018

6 reasons to take part in this virtual challenge

  1. You can collect your 53kms any way you please: walk, run, stroll or find a clever way to cover that distance, just as long as your feet (no wheels) do the work. You can even do your 53km on a treadmill if you like.
  2. If you’re away from Singapore during the month of August, you can still get in on the action and qualify for an engraved, limited-edition Singapore birthday run medal symbolising your accomplishment.
  3. You’re permitted to use any GPS-based running app you rely on, just as long as your results can be uploaded to your Spacebib profile and collected officially.
  4. Run any time you like. Morning. Middle of the night. Make it a lunch date. Every footfall brings you closer to your goal.
  5. Showcase your national pride. When folks ask why you’re running longer distances, you can say “It’s a birthday gift to my homeland,” and mean it. Feel free to bake or buy a birthday cake and reward yourself every time you add numbers to your total.
  6. Get your friends off their sofas, too. Make it a group effort so everyone winds up wearing iconic medals, and the first 500 runners signing on receive a GetActive! premium towel, too.

Run for the medal. Do it for yourself. Importantly, let your nation know that its hard-fought journey to independence means the world to you. How will you celebrate the homeland’s 53rd birthday once you finish the Run For Singapore Challenge 2018?

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