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Runners Become High Flyers at the Singapore Airlines Charity Run 2017

by On Jun 6, 2017

The upcoming SIA Charity Run benefits the entire community—but you could be the highest flyer of all if you arrive at the finish line early!

Runners Become High Flyers at the SIA Charity Run 2017

Do you love to fly; maybe even live to fly? If you’re nodding your head, it’s likely you have been a passenger on board a Singapore International Airlines (SIA) flight and felt proud to call the carrier a respected part of your homeland’s commercial history.

Founded in 1972, this brand’s roots literally reach back to 1948 when one airline served Malaysia and Singapore in keeping with the region’s former geographic history.

Over time, the acquisition of state-of-the-art aeroplanes, inflight amenities and route additions have turned Singapore Airlines from a small local carrier to an international powerhouse. But ask employees about the pride they take in their jobs and you will learn that the SIA Charity Run is one of the reasons they most admire their employer.

Runners Become High Flyers at the SIA Charity Run 2017

The SIA Charity Run

Do you have to work for SIA to participate in the SIA Charity Run 2017? Of course not! But you do have to want to “fly” on behalf of the Community Chest of Singapore, the charity that will benefit from this event. No jet fuel required to take off — just your best running shoes and a big desire to win.

The 2017 event is both a corporate effort to help community members and another opportunity to run the race you favour most: a 10km competitive run, 10km Corporate Challenge or a 5km Fun Run. Nobody’s left out. For the first time, a 3km Wheelathon hosts physically-challenged competitors eager to show their mettle.

Staged at one of Singapore's most outstanding race venues, The Float at Marina Bay, on 8th October 2017, registration is open right now and you have until 31st July to get in on early bird registration rates since we’re all about wings at this lively event.

Why the Community Chest?

Singapore Airlines couldn’t have picked a charity that’s more worthy of receiving race proceeds because Community Chest of Singapore impacts every level of society. This 34-year-old organisation serves children with special needs, helps adults with mental and physical disabilities, works actively to keep families together and assists the elderly so they age graciously and comfortably among their families and neighbours.

By choosing Community Chest as the 2017 recipient of race proceeds, SIA shows its community spirit and showcases a charity that does more for Singaporeans than most, so it’s a marriage made in non-profit heaven! Want to know more about this venerable charity? Visit here.

Runners Become High Flyers at the SIA Charity Run 2017

Fly away with lots of mementos

Compete in the SIA Charity Run and collect space-age souvenirs just for showing up. If you intend to pursue the 5km Fun Run, entitlements will include a 2017 race singlet in the airline’s signature colours, a personalised race bib, selection of sponsors’ products plus a silvery finisher’s medal embossed with Singapore symbols.

Opt for either the 10km Individual or Corporate Challenge categories and your entitlement pack will include the aforementioned items as well as a timing chip so your run is properly tracked. But, there’s more if you pick either of the competitive events. A personalised electronic race certificate will also be awarded to competitors in either category.

Runners Become High Flyers at the SIA Charity Run 2017

Get these awesome SIA Charity Run entitlements when you sign up and completed the race.

Top prizes are out of this world

Singapore Air was the first regional carrier to offer free headsets, meal choices and beverages - even in Economy Class - back in the 1970s. Two decades later, satellite-based inflight telephones kept passengers in touch with the ground from departure to arrival. By 1998, amenities reached new heights with the addition of an International Culinary Panel overseeing inflight meals.

Why mention these landmarks? Because SIA doesn’t fool around when it comes to the prizes that will be given away to the winners of the competitive legs of this 8th October race. If you’re one of the lucky men or women crossing the finish line early, pack your bags.

Runners Become High Flyers at the SIA Charity Run 2017

First prize winners get business class tickets to any SIA destination, 2nd prize winners receive business class tickets to any SilkAir port and 3rd place winners will be awarded tickets to the Scoot destination of their choice. Win the Corporate Challenge and you’ll hit the jackpot: take six people with you on SIA, SilkAir and Scoot flights, depending upon where you place at the finish line.

But you can’t start searching a world map for your preferred destination if you don’t first register to compete! Head to Spacebib while you still have time to get the early bird rate. The money you save on your entry fee is better spent at your destination, right?

How often do you travel to different destinations to compete in running events? Frequently? Occasionally? Or are you still waiting for that first chance to compete abroad?

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