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Runners League vs The Performance Series: Which Race Are You Joining?

by On May 26, 2017

As a runner, you’ve already discovered that lots of run-associated entities are competing for your attention. But when it comes to a long-term commitment, which one will you choose?

Runners League vs The Performance Series: Which Race Are You Joining?

Many people say runners are a special competitive breed, we think it's because although we desire competition yet at the same time still cherish the friendship born out of the competition. Think about it, competition drives us at work and at play. And it’s contagious. However the same fierce competition could also push us to be better.

Runners not only enjoy the thrill of crossing the finish line, we enjoy and even take pride in helping others to cross the finish line too. It's no surprise running series and leagues have spurned out in Singapore lately.

Currently, there are two running series in Singapore, one is the Runners League - an active alliance with inclusive prizes for all the winners and the other is The Performance Series - a series of running races around Singapore.

We decided to undertake a little investigative journalism to find out what's the difference between the both.

What is the Runners League?

Dictionaries define leagues as associations designed for people with common goals but we prefer to describe a league as a covenant or compact made between people brought together because everyone shares a spirit. That's exactly what lies beneath Runners League.

In Singapore, we are more familiar with different zones and constituencies, such as representing our school at the zonal competition, but sometimes we can't choose our zone or constituency as it usually are being defaulted by the location.

Hence, it's welcoming that the Runners League gives you the free choice to represent a region throughout the year: North, South Central, East or West. That’s your “home team.” The one you take pride in.

What is The Performance Series?

The Performance Series is a schedule of 5km, 10km and 21km races geared at inspiring healthy lifestyles while raising cultural awareness in participants who may not know much about iconic landmarks in Singapore.

The Performance Series is in the second edition this year. The first edition had 5 races, however this year the total races has been reduced to just 3.

Oh, the places you’ll go!

Admit it: you haven’t seen as much of your homeland as you’d like because your days fly by like tsunamis and you’re pulled in so many directions, time is at a premium. But join Runners League and you're invited to take a running tour of Singapore. And while The Performance Series offers just three events, you get a bonus with Runner’s League:

  • North Run #1 is set for Coney Island/Punggol Waterway from 6 a.m. to Noon on 10th June
  • East Run #2 is to be held at Gardens by the Bay on 26th August from 6 a.m. to Noon
  • South Central Run #3 takes place from 6 a.m. to Noon at Siloso Beach Walk on 7th October
  • Mystery West Run #4 is slotted for November or December. The exact date and place will remain a secret for the time being, but it's going to be awesome!

Runners League vs The Performance Series: Here’s the Verdict

Runners League vs The Performance Series: Here’s the Verdict

If given a choice, which series benefits you most?

If your mum ever said to you “You’re comparing apples to oranges” when you weighed the benefits of one choice over another, you may feel the same way if you’re currently in comparison mode, but here are the most striking differences between Runners League and The Performance Series.

Race Singlet Yes. Different Design, Same Colour Yes. Same Design, Different Colour
Finisher Tee Yes. Finisher Polo Tee Yes. Only for 10km and 21km finishers
Race Bib Yes Yes
Finisher Medal Yes. Different Design, Different Date Yes. Same Design, Different Date
Baggage Deposit Yes Yes
Exclusive Jacket Yes. Only for package purchase No
Official Apparel CEP Compressport
Progressive+ Ultralight CEP Compression Calf Sleeves Yes. Only for participant buying any bundle package from Spacebib (Black) from 27 May till end of registration No
Pacer Yes Yes
Number of Races 4 3
Running Ambassador 4 1
Event Owner X-Change Republic (Same owner of the successful YOLO Run and Run Free titles) Unknown
Pricing 5km - $40
5km Package - $140
10km - $50
10km Package - $180
5km - $45
10km - $50
21km - $65
Category 5km, 10km Competitive 5km, 10km & 21km Competitive
Timing Yes. 10km Competitive Yes. 10km & 21km Competitive
Prize All participants in the winning zone will get a mystery gift at the end of the league 1st to 5th only

Runners League vs The Performance Series: Which Race Are You Joining?

What do you want for yourself?

For some runners, reputation is everything. You’re known by the company you keep. The gym you prefer. The races you enter and the runner’s club you choose.

Runners League creates esprit de corps, the opportunity to get to know a zone that holds a particular fascination or sentiment throughout the year and Runners League inspires friendships, nationalism and love of sport. It’s more than a collection of four runs; it’s an active alliance espousing healthy lifestyles and personal connections.

However deciding between The Performance Series and Runners League is still a decision that you have to make.

The first event at Coney Island is on the horizon and closing in fast. Represent a zone that’s near and dear to your heart. Wear the jacket. You'll take such pride in your decision to join Runners League, you may start recruiting friends to join you!

Will you be part of Singapore’s new running society and start the league on 10th June or will you take a pass and live to regret your decision?

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