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Runners, Transform and Roll Out at the Transformers Run Singapore! (Free Tickets Included)

by On Dec 23, 2017

They’re action figures. And movie stars. Now, the Transformers franchise welcomes a 5km Fun Run into the family that’s destined to be one of the most fun adventures adults and kids can have on 6th January.

Runners, Transform and Roll Out at the Transformers Run Singapore! (Free Tickets Included)

What comes to mind when someone mentions the word Transformers? If you’re of a certain age, you think transformers are devices that use electromagnetic induction to transform energy between circuits when producing power. On the other hand, if you’re a parent, your kids are likely experts when it comes to the iconic Hasboro super hero toys, many of which became the stars of films where special effects rule.

In fact, the first Transformers film debuted in 2007 and has launched an endless number of sequels about warring robots making Earth their final battleground as the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. What are these characters all about? They're "a race of sentient robots that can change into vehicles, animal forms as well as other mechanical devices and shapes.” Got it?

Transformer bots tackle Herculean feats in films directed by Michael Bay who, says writer Jesse Schedeen, “is never happy with a regular-size explosion when a gigantic, megaton blast will do.” Amid explosions rocketing across the big screen, these characters seek redemption amid pulse-raising action. From comic books to toys, Transformers became so popular, staging a Transformers Run was inevitable!

About the Transformers Run Singapore

Let’s begin with the most urgent information of all: Even if you’re the most powerful bot on the planet, you must register quickly before 31 December 2017 if you hope to secure a place at the 6th January event. You’ll collect killer entitlements that include a drawstring bag, event t-shirt, wristband, water bottle and medal—each lavished with signature art that’s the hallmark of these powerful characters.

There are two ticket types for the premier, 5km, non-competitive event: Receive a price break if you hold a Sentosa Islander Membership because the event will be staged at Palawan Green, Sentosa Island, where the festivities begin at noon with the actual race flagging off at 4 p.m. It promises to be a full day of fun for all.

Even if you’re not a Sentosa Islander Member, the entry fee isn’t much when you consider how much enjoyment you and the kids will share—enjoyment that will linger in your hearts and minds for years to come. While you take care of the details, you are required to make this important decision: Will you join Team Autobots or Team Decepticon?

Expect close counters of the exciting kind along the run route. You'll spot characters like Bumblebee, Grimlock, Starscream, Megatron and Optimus Prime. Run your best race, but save some energy for the post-run carnival where big and little kids will enjoy on-stage contests, food and beverage stalls, NERF and other games and activities. No child wants to leave without a souvenir after such a big day, so be advised parents: licensed merchandise will be sold, too.

Runners, Transform and Roll Out at the Transformers Run Singapore! (Free Tickets Included)

Fun stuff to know about Transformers characters

According to Transformers expert Michael Arbeiter, Transformer lore is as complex as the characters represented by these action figures, so share Arbeiter’s insights with folks you meet at the race. Not only will they be impressed, but your kids could be rendered speechless!

  1. First Transformers figures were a joint venture of Hasbro (U.S.) and Takara (Japan). They were produced right after U.S. President Ronald Reagan deregulated media so companies could advertise directly to kids.
  2. Sales of Transformers products in Asia far surpass those of the rest of the world.
  3. When the first Transformers figures debuted, the manufacturer employed moulds already used to make other toys on the market.
  4. Animal Transformers were first called “Beast Wars,” but Canada found the collection name too scary, so it was changed to “Beasties.”
  5. If you’re a Bumblebee fan, did you know that the original yellow robot/VW Beetle was ultimately produced in red only to make the collection look larger?
  6. Rumours abound that Bluestreak was originally red and silver! Do you own one of these? They’re super-valuable.
  7. The character Jetfire wound up in the middle of a legal conflict when Takatoku was bought out in 1984.
  8. The first Megatron figures looked so much like guns, kids couldn’t take them on U.S. aeroplanes. In Australia, collectors may only own Megatrons purchased on the continent; importing them is against the law.

Runners, Transform and Roll Out at the Transformers Run Singapore! (Free Tickets Included)

Tips from organisers to make race day perfect

It doesn’t take much to turn a delightful day into a bad one, so follow the advice of Tranformers Run organisers so you wind up making positive memories:

  1. Don’t drag a lot of stuff with you because baggage deposit spaces are limited.
  2. Put your wristband on before entering Sentosa so you don’t hold up the line of people behind you!
  3. Show up a little before the 4 p.m. flag off to take advantage of pre-run warm-up activities.
  4. Pay attention to emcees to learn where runners wearing your wristband colours appear on the flag-off schedule.
  5. Hydrate your body—but not to the point that you turn into a human slosh machine.
  6. Pace yourself so you enjoy every moment of your run and the cool characters you’ll meet along the route!
  7. Let your body cool down once you’ve run so you fully enjoy the carnival that runs until 8 p.m. that night.

If you could meet just one Transformers character in person, which would it be?

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Runners, Transform and Roll Out at the Transformers Run Singapore! (Free Tickets Included)

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