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Show How “Fruit Smart” You Are at Hello Kitty Run Singapore 2018

by On May 13, 2018

The cat’s back! And just in time to add the 5km Hello Kitty Run Singapore to your summer schedule of not-to-miss, family-focused events. Bring the kids. Bring their friends. Make memories that last a lifetime. You might even learn something as you prepare for the day.

Show How “Fruit Smart” You Are at Hello Kitty Run Singapore 2018

If it’s true that cats have nine lives, Hello Kitty is just finishing up her 5th lifetime, having been born in 1974 and become the darling of fans everywhere throughout the globe.

Her kitten years were spent on greeting cards, but eventually, this little Japanese-born feline found her face on so many products, it was inevitable that adults would fall in love, too. But of all of the places the Hello Kitty character is celebrated, few are as beloved as the annual Hello Kitty Run Singapore.

The Hello Kitty Run is so popular that around 17,000 fans showed up for the 2014 inaugural run. If you were one of them and keep coming back, you owe it to yourself to keep up the tradition. New to this 5km? You won't be for long!

Show How “Fruit Smart” You Are at Hello Kitty Run Singapore 2018

7 juicy things to know about this Hello Kitty Run

  1. Kitties love birds (maybe too much!), so why not get a price break by taking advantage of early bird registration fees? Register by 31st May at Spacebib and decide how you’ll spend the money you save.
  2. Mark 15 July 2018 on your Hello Kitty calendar so you show up on time (8 a.m.) at the Promontory@Marina Bay start line. Don’t be late; race cut-off time is at 10 a.m.
  3. Check your birth certificate. As long as you’re at least 4, you qualify for this 5km fun run. Born on or after 16 July 2014 (that’s Kitty’s race birth date)? You get free admission, as long as you bring an adult with you!
  4. Keep tabs on the aforementioned Spacebib page, because that’s where race pack collection details will be posted just as soon as they’re announced.
  5. Pick a fruit. Any fruit. While this 5km event pays tribute to Kitty, it’s known as the Fruity Rush because while she doesn’t eat them, Hello Kitty hangs out with lots of exotic, colourful fruits and they’re a repeating theme at the run.
  6. Make room for the coolest race entitlements on the planet. Get a colourful runner’s t-shirt, zip pouch, carrier, race ID tag and finisher medal, all embellished with this event’s lively, whimsical art. No E-certificates will be issued, but you’ll still have lots to display on your brag wall.
  7. Start training! While the Hello Kitty 5km isn’t competitive, you can still set your sights on your own PB by eating lots of fruits, veggies and healthy proteins as you prepare for your race.

Show How “Fruit Smart” You Are at Hello Kitty Run Singapore 2018

Ready to chat up your favourite fruit?

When you run into your favourite fruit at Hello Kitty Singapore, wouldn’t you love to chat up a lemon, strawberry or pear? Here are some fun facts that will make you sound like a brainiac.

  • Did you know that strawberries aren’t really berries, but pineapples are?
  • Bananas share 50-percent of their DNA with humans.
  • Put grapes into a microwave oven and they will explode!
  • The largest fruit in the world grows on Coco de Mer palm trees, weighing around 42kg.
  • Peaches and raspberries are members of the rose family.
  • The world’s favourite fruit? The tomato.
  • Japanese agronomists grow square watermelons so they’re easier to stack in produce departments.
  • Sitting down? Coffee beans are fruit pits. Who knew?
  • Durian fruit smells so bad, you could get kicked out of some Asian hotels or off buses if you have it in your possession and the odour gives you away!

Show How “Fruit Smart” You Are at Hello Kitty Run Singapore 2018

Reasons to be part of the 2018 Hello Kitty Run

  • Hello Kitty is known for promoting friendships, so you’ll meet lots of soulmates at this event.
  • The run takes place early in the morning, so there’s still plenty of time in the day to get things done.
  • Kids and adults alike enjoy getting out in the fresh air and having fun.
  • This is an easy, breezy family affair, and couldn’t your family use more togetherness time?
  • Collect race t-shirts? Add one more on 15th July. Your collection of Hello Kitty run shirts could become valuable collectibles if you hang on to them long enough!

What’s your reason for wanting to participate in Hello Kitty Run Singapore? Are you a fan of the character, crazy about fruit or do you just love an excuse to show up at events that promise a bounty of joy and fun?

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