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Singapore Kindness Run 2018: Put Your Kindness Where Your Feet Are!

by On Dec 15, 2017

It’s not the biggest running event in Singapore but it’s the place you’ll find the biggest hearts! Run for kindness and compassion and your feet may never touch the ground courtesy of your unselfish participation.

Singapore Kindness Run 2018: Put Your Kindness Where Your Feet Are!

If you’re a fan of last year’s Singapore Kindness Run, you’ll enjoy our brief walk down memory lane as we recall the 2017 event with great fondness. The premier event, established by Runners’ Heart-Reach and the Singapore Kindness Movement, wasn’t just about sportsmanship. Compassion, empathy and benevolence were all on display and participants took this opportunity to do more than win medals and accolades.

What made this run different than other events? Well, for starters, there was no mass confusion or even long queues to deal with on race pack collection day and the run mascot, the very non-ferocious Singa, seemed to be everywhere to greet adults and kids alike.

When participants gathered at 6:30 a.m. at Pasir Ris, some were still sleepy—until music began to play and Kindness Ambassadors worked hard to keep the event moving forward from start to finish.

Singapore Kindness Run 2018: Put Your Kindness Where Your Feet Are!

Photo Credit: Singapore Kindness Run

2018 is going to be even better

Whether or not you attended the 2017 run, plan to gather on the morning of 13 May 2018 to get your kind on at the 2018 edition of the Singapore Kindness Run! There’s to be a 10km Ambassador Run, a new 3.5km Fun Run and the kids’ perennial favourite: an 800m Dash, all of which are to be staged at Angsana Green at East Coast Park.

But at the very heart of this run is are the volunteers, without whom these events would never get off the ground, literally or figuratively. These heroes are committed to encouraging every participant (big or small) to run their best race. They also work hard to keep run routes litter-free and they’re invaluable helpers for slow runners who need an extra helping of kindness to reach the finish line.

For the second year in a row, the “Sponsor a Kid Program” will be a prominent part of the Kindness Run since recipients of donations generated by this race will be used to support and benefit underprivileged kids, children who reside in financially challenged households and youngsters whose parents are incarcerated. All of this kindness is going to take center stage when the 800m Kids’ Dash is run.

Singapore Kindness Run 2018: Put Your Kindness Where Your Feet Are!

Photo Credit: Singapore Kindness Run

Why being kind has never been more critical

All it takes is a glance at TV news broadcasts or a peek at newspaper headlines to know that being kind is no longer the biggest priority in busy people’s lives. This has become the era of selfishness. Showing kindness seems to have taken a backseat in this “Me first” generation, but if you knew how many benefits can be reaped simply by being kinder, we bet you would do it more often!

Says one of 2017 Kindness Run participants, “I’ve noticed inconsiderate behaviour by runners, but most people may not know what to do. This event could help them learn to play their part.” Now, that’s optimism and you’re going to be in the presence of more of it when you show up for the 2018 Kindness Run.

Singapore Kindness Run 2018: Put Your Kindness Where Your Feet Are!

Photo Credit: Singapore Kindness Run

Why runners make the best examples of how to be kind

According to the UK website Psychologies.com, everyone need kindness. Runners should be particularly sensitive to discussions on this topic because being kind is a “new kind of bravery” within a world of growing cultural cynicism.

It takes courage to be kind because it’s scary to worry about the possibility of being taken advantage of. But it’s a risk that, if taken, pays the best dividends of all, which is why Singapore Kindness Run Ambassadors shine a light on this important subject. Best of all, they lead by example.

Singapore Kindness Run 2018: Put Your Kindness Where Your Feet Are!

Photo Credit: Singapore Kindness Run

Ways you can be kind to yourself

  1. Imagine how cool you will look dressed in a Singapore Kindness Run 2018 men’s or women’s running vest or a men’s or woman’s finisher ambassador tee as you continue to show the world that kindness rules.
  2. Sign up for this unique race at Spacebib so you’re guaranteed a place at the start line of your fav category.
  3. Look forward to collecting entitlements that continue to spread a message of kindness: a racing bib, finisher medal, drawstring bag, E-certificate and extra goodies from sponsors.
  4. Recruit running friends to join you at the Kindness Run—those who set records and those who don’t—because this is a movement that everyone should embrace.

Enough said? We thought so. All that’s left for you to do before you head for Spacebib to sign up is to answer this important question: What’s the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you?

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