How much do you know about the top and best running routes in Singapore? Let’s go through each of them.

1. Bedok Reservoir

Photo Credit: Syed Omar Fadzil

Location: Bedok
Distance: 4.3km
Why Run Here: Because of its different terrains – paved and gravel
Rating: 4/5
Fun Facts: It is like a twin of East Coast Park (except that there are no sands)!

For Singaporeans living on the east side, there is no more popular running venue than Bedok Reservoir, an 88-hectare location that delivers everything a fitness buff could desire, including beautiful views and soft breezes. No maths degree required to track distance: one jog around the perimeter is 4.3km, so repeat the loop as often as time allows to meet your goals!

2. The Ditch

Photo Credit: Zhiyong Liu

Location: Commonwealth
Distance: 10km
Why Run Here: Because of its paved path, traffic free and well-lit.
Rating: 4/5
Fun Facts: The Ditch is not its real name.

Nothing could be less appealing than the name this running spot has been given, but the Ditch will surprise you if you need a place to let loose and live on the west side. The Pandan River makes a terrific companion as you sprint along amid green trees and plants. Since this route offers runners excellent lighting, you’ll find plenty of post-work athletes jogging along this route after sundown.

3. East Coast Park

Photo Credit: Eric J

Location: Bedok/Pasir Ris
Distance: 21km
Why Run Here: Because of its breezy atmosphere
Rating: 4.5/5
Fun Facts: East Coast Park is known as “Recreation for All”.

If you’re all about distance, come here to Singapore’s longest park. The route is a straight shot with few curves so you couldn’t get lost if you tried. Enjoy the breezes along either a 15km or 21km stretch and if you need toilets or food, East Coast Park meets those needs. There’s a reason so many marathons are staged here; this location wins popularity contests — especially with newbies.

4. Green Corridor

Photo Credit: Ayush

Location: Bukit Timah
Distance: 26km
Why Run Here: You’ll get to be reminisce in the history of the relationship between Singapore and Malaysia while running!
Rating: 4/5
Fun Facts: It plays host to one of Singapore’s best running races.

This landscaped engineering marvel (courtesy of the government) offers a variety of distance choices that range from 6.3 and 8km to a full 26km of running space, all of which are so green and rustic, you may have to remind yourself that you’re running in the midst of a sophisticated, modern city. Take note of the ancient railroad tracks along this corridor. Some date back to 1903.

5. Labrador Park

Photo Credit: Maros Demko

Location: Labrador
Distance: 3km
Why Run Here: Because you’ll get to admire the picturesque view of the sea and try out Labrador’s nature trail.
Rating: 4/5
Fun Facts: It is part of the Southern Ridges.

Who said that earbuds and a playlist are the only distractions available to runners? This park is filled with reminders of Singapore’s historic past so by the time you complete a 6km run, you’ll be smarter and wiser. Cross the bridge toward Keppel Island to get to the harbour-front and log extra fitness time or take the MRT if you’re saving your energy for all of that learning.

6. MacRitchie Reservoir

Photo Credit: Gregory Szeto

Location: Marymount
Distance: 11km
Why Run Here: Because it is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustling city of Singapore.
Rating: 4.5/5
Fun Facts: MacRitchie Reservoir is Singapore’s oldest reservoir.

Pretend you’re Indiana Jones as you exercise your body within a lush jungle where the 11km route will surprise you because the terrain is so diverse, it tests legs and stamina. If monkeys that make this area home intimidate you, ask them to show you their marathon medals. They won’t, but it can’t hurt to ask.

7. Marina Bay

Photo Credit: 123RF

Location: Marina Bay
Distance: 11km
Why Run Here: Because you’ll get to see different kind of sceneries and you’ll never get bored of it.
Rating: 4.5/5
Fun Facts: Marina Bay was once just a body of water off Collyer Quay.

If you’re easily distracted, running in the Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay area may not be a wise choice, particularly if you’re a night runner or you are easily distracted by landmarks along a run route. This is the urban runner’s ideal spot because it’s quite dramatic and offers eclectic diversions. Expect to encounter joggers along the 5km small loop or opt for the 11km distance by day or night.

8. Punggol Waterway

Photo Credit: knowenoughhappy

Location: Punggol
Distance: 14km
Why Run Here: Because of its well-maintained tracks and also you get to admire the surrounding view.
Rating: 4/5
Fun Facts: The waterway is Singapore’s longest man-made waterway and it runs through the park.

The Punggol Waterway run route is a 14km loop lavished with man-made structures like the metal bridges that span the river at various points. There’s enough green space to satisfy those eager to run in nature. Curious about what’s on the horizon? Spot Coney Island, Malaysia and Pulau Ubin along the northern coast as you traverse this scenic trail.

9. Sentosa

Photo Credit: 123RF

Location: Harbourfront
Distance: 14km
Why Run Here: Because it is a perfect getaway from the bustling city. Plus, it a place of fun and relaxation.
Rating: 4.5/5
Fun Facts: Sentosa was formerly known as “Pulau Blakang Mati” which means “Island of Death from Behind”.

The 14km Punggol Waterway run couldn’t be more different than an equal amount of distance that’s found in Sentosa, the nation’s playground. Distractions here are more likely to be celebs, babes in bikinis and buff dudes who look as though they began running right out of the womb. Photobombs are to be expected as you try to take care of running business within this commercial and scenic paradise.

10. Southern Ridges

Photo Credit: 123RF

Location: Kent Ridge
Distance: 9km
Why Run Here: Because there are suspended walkways that zigzags through the treetops, showing you the panoramic view of the city’s skyline.
Rating: 4.5/5
Fun Facts: Southern Ridges was created to connect the parks between the Kent Ridge Park and Harbourfront.

This breathtaking route is the antithesis of Sentosa; a forested wonderland of coniferous trees, coastline and suspended walkways beloved by athletes craving both natural beauty and a workout. Multiple connections to other parks beyond the 6.65km trail (including the complete 9km Southern Ridges Trail) makes this route one of the most Zen-like ways to accomplish your fitness goals.

Can you identify these routes?

1. You’re just getting started and need an easy route so you don’t get discouraged. Do you pick:

a) Sentosa Beach
b) Marina Bay
c) Bedok Reservoir
d) Southern Trails

2. You prefer not to run into other runners because you are the quintessential loner. Do you choose:

a) Bedok Reservoir
b) Sentosa Beach
c) MacRitchie Reservoir
d) Southern Trails

3. You seek a route that spans exactly 3.5km? Do you go to:

a) East Coast Park
b) MacRitchie Reservoir
c) Bedok Reservoir
d) Sentosa Beach

4. You suffer from Pithikosophobia. Which route should you avoid?

a) The Green Corridor
b) Labrador Park
c) MacRitchie Reservoir
d) Punggol Waterway

5. Which route is home to 14,000+ wetland plants indigenous to Singapore?

a) Green Corridor
b) Marina Bay
c) Bedok Reservoir
d) Southern Ridges

6. What trail runs the entire length of Singapore?

a) Southern Trails
b) Green Corridor
c) Sentosa
d) Labrador Park

7.Where can you view a dramatic light show every night a 8 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.?

a) Marina Bay
b) Sentosa
c) The Ditch
d) Punggol Waterway

8. Which route feels most like Florida hot spots Orlando or Miami?

a) Labrador Park because you love Disney dog movies.
b) Marina Bay because it looks just like Miami’s Biscayne Bay.
c) Sentosa because you crave theme parks and sandy beaches.
d) East Coast Park ’cause it rivals Miami Beach for ocean breezes?


  1. Either Sentosa or Marina Bay are correct; if you picked both, you’re a running brainiac since both distances require around 4,350 steps to complete the official running route.
  2. Southern Trails is your opportunity to run in relative isolation, but if you’re not already fit, don’t try to undertake the entire 9.7km route because you may not survive it!
  3. Either Sentosa or Marina Bay deliver a 3.5km circuit. MacRitchie is nearly three times this distance at 9.7km and East Coast Park is a whopping 22.7km in length.
  4. Stay away from MacRitchie Reservoir if you happen to have a monkey phobia! Pithecophobia means fear of monkeys.
  5. It may seem likely, given its size, that Southern Ridges would be home to this many plant species, but in fact, the answer to this question is Bedok Reservoir.
  6. Only the Green Corridor runs the entire length of the nation. Congrats if you knew this!
  7. The Ditch may have excellent lighting for night runs, but it’s the sky-high light show seen from Marina Bay that causes runners to stop in their tracks.
  8. Either East Coast Park or Sentosa could make you feel as though you’re running in Florida!

What’s your RQ (route quotient)?

  1. 1-2 right: You need to get out more!
  2. 3-4 right: We’ll forgive you if you didn’t grow up in Singapore.
  3. 5-6 right: Playing Trivial Pursuit with you could be a challenge.
  4. 7-8 right: How come you didn’t write this article?

Which running route has won your heart? Is it listed here or has the world yet to discover your pick? Let us know which venue you call “My Top Running Route” after you visit our article on the best Singapore’s running routes in the North, South, East, West and Central!

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