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Skechers Blacklight Run 2017: Will You Get Your Glow On?

by On Aug 29, 2017

If you can’t get Nelly Furtado’s song lyric out of your head (“Make me glow, glow, glow, glow; How far can you go?”), you've gotta show up at the 28th October Skechers Blacklight Run and help light up the night with colour!

Skechers Blacklight Run 2017: Will You Get Your Glow On?

As a runner, your interest in iridescence is focused on Singapore’s lively night runs that employ fluorescent aids to make the nighttime feel like you’re wandering through a theme park after too many glasses of plum wine.

Chances are, the idea of participating in either your first or latest glow run will thrill and delight you, especially if you’ve got your eyes and intentions focused on the Skechers Blacklight Run, scheduled for 28th October at Sentosa, Palawan Green.

This annual, long-awaited Singapore fun run takes place (quite conveniently, we might add) three days before Halloween, so if you’re too broke to spring for a costume, your colour-splashed t-shirt would suffice.

About the 2017 Skechers Blacklight Run

You're in for a treat if this is to be your first noctural colour run because you'll mingle and run alongside other colour-drenched runners. You don't even have to be in top shape for this 5km. This run is designed for runners with walls full of medals as well as those who have yet to earn their first one.

Sprint. Stroll. Set a personal best if you need one to maintain your reputation, but whatever you do, promise yourself that you’ll have the time of your life along three miles filled with fellow excitement junkies. Even the process for getting yourself all lit up is fun: This is a lights and powder event that begins with you wearing a white t-shirt that's lavished with neon colours by the time you cross the finish line.

Register yourself or your group (Warning: photos on the Spacebib event page will increase your desire to attend this glow show) and then pick up your entitlements—-a signature white t-shirt, race bib and invite to the post-run blow-out—on either 14th or 15th October at Velocity at Novena Square.

We highly recommend that you make early entitlement pick-up a priority so you don’t wind up standing in a queue on race day while wishing you could get on with the business of lighting up the night.

Skechers Blacklight Run 2017: Will You Get Your Glow On?

Your tutorial: How to glow like a pro!

If you’re to be fully participatory, only one item is required: wear either a plain white t-shirt or the cool Skechers Blacklight Run™ t-shirt found in your race pack and then show up on what we like to call “the front lines of the colour war” alongside other excited participants.

You’ll be doused in powders that turn your shirt, shorts, shoes and socks into rainbows, so you might want to leave those pricey new kicks at home and run in your old athletic shoes, instead. Don't worry about getting your face on, ladies; those powders will do the job better than a professional makeup artist!

The Blacklight Zones™ set up along the route by the event organiser shine a light on all those colours so you couldn’t fade into the background if you tried. Worried the powders that turn your ensemble orange, pink and green will morph you into a creature even your mum won’t recognise? That’s the point. And mum needn't fret about those powders since they're made with ingredients that are 100-percent natural and non-toxic.

Skechers Blacklight Run 2017: Will You Get Your Glow On?

Get that party started!

If one of the reasons you adore nocturnal races has to do with the fact that you’re a party animal, we promise not to judge nor will this race disappoint! Cross the finish line and volunteers will supply you with free glow packets that invite you to help "spread the word" that colour is king on this dramatic night.

Called the best party on the planet, the post-run celebration isn’t like anything you’ve participated in before. From collecting giveaways to dancing the night away as action from the party stage sets the mood, strangers become friends amid all of that excitement—and if the Nelly Furtado glow song is played, that's even better!

Want to make sure you’re unforgettable? Drop a couple of “glow-in-the-dark” factoids so the folks you meet are impressed at the post-run party: The Chinese get credit for discovering that phosphorous glows in the dark around 1000 BC and German doctor Hennig Brand figured out how to extract it from minerals in 1669. The rest, as savvy event planners say, is history. And a bright one at that!

Skechers Blacklight Run 2017: Will You Get Your Glow On?

In your opinion, what’s the best part of jumping into a glow run with both feet? Does it make you feel like a kid again or do you just like getting lost in the anonymity of the night and the colours that light things up?

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