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The New Merrell Capra Bolt Shoe Collection: Rumor Has it Even Mother Nature is Impressed!

by On Jun 13, 2016

Take time out to reconnect with Mother Nature. We are one and the same.

The New CapraBolt Shoe Collection: Rumor Has it Even Mother Nature is Impressed!

You can follow the crowd. Pick athletic shoes that look great on your feet — purchase shoes that come with price tags that impress or make the covers of popular magazines — but until you get serious about your trail running, hiking and trekking shoe selection, you risk more than poor performance; you risk injuring yourself and depriving yourself of life’s greatest pleasures.

For these reasons and more, you owe it to yourself to check out the new athletic shoes in the recently-introduced Merrell Capra Bolt collection. Each shoe is designed to appeal to your inner mountain goat, according to manufacturer Merrell, but you don't have to grow hooves to appreciate the styling and waterproofing properties that habitually leave Bolt competitors in the dust.

The New CapraBolt Shoe Collection: Rumor Has it Even Mother Nature is Impressed!

What Are You Looking For?

Every pair of shoes included in the Merrell Capra Bolt family is fabricated to exacting standards, so whether your search is confined to the men’s collection or the women’s, the assortment of Merrell Capra Bolt waterproof styles is sure to suit your fancy — particularly the popular mid-cut models that plus up support off road and protection.

But what ties these shoes together in the best of all ways is the technology behind the styles. Regardless of which type of Bolt you pick, you’ll discover a lightweight shoe that Merrell aptly describes as footwear ready for "done-in-a-day, adrenaline-packed, trail running and speed hiking" thrills.

It's All About Technology

How do you separate the boys from the men when analyzing athletic shoe features and benefits? Technology, of course — and the Capra Bolt excels in these four areas:

  1. A UniFly™ midsole hugs the ground nicely, cushions the feet and absorbs impact, so no matter what sort of terrain comes underfoot, wearers feel confident and sure-footed. These features connect and protect so your feet experience a world of stability and agility. Travel the most daunting trails on the planet. Fast? Hilly? A mix? Even your stride benefits on the most extreme surfaces you traverse.
  2. The New Merrell Capra Bolt Shoe Collection: Rumor Has it Even Mother Nature is Impressed!

  3. Some athletic shoe manufacturers compromise safety and security in the name of a "cool" look that compels fashion-obsessed people to overlook features and benefits. This doesn't apply to shoes in the Bolt family. Expect to experience a precise, over-the-instep fit, breathable mesh upper, molded TPU cage that saves feet from slippage and blisters, while the proprietary, snug-in-the-heel fit is exceptional. Here's the best part: these shoes are so cool looking, you'll feel like a trend-setter!
  4. Using a mountain goat as its model, Capra Bolts really do conquer terrains like these sure-footed creatures because all of these shoes are engineered to emulate the way a goat’s hoof operates on terrain that offers surprises at every turn. The secret to staying on track is the M Select™ GRIP. This grippy outsole is so effective, it won’t take long before you morph from tentative to confident trekker, no matter how challenging the trail.
  5. The New Merrell Capra Bolt Shoe Collection: Rumor Has it Even Mother Nature is Impressed!

  6. Waterproofing properties are a serious subject for trailblazers intent upon having the full off-road experience, but in the past, waterproofing has been a descriptor in name only, letting trekkers down when they most need their feet protected from streams, downpours and slick, uneven terrain. The Merrell Capra Bolt takes seriously your need for dry feet with the M Select™ Dry Technology if you’re to go the distance and this shoe stands behind its promise to deliver just that.

Features and Benefits

  • A unique TrailProtect pad that enhances off-road support, particularly when compared to competitor’s shoes.
  • A debris-repelling bellows tongue that closes like a bank vault to keep debris on the trail, where it belongs.
  • A promise of organic odor control delivered by Merrell M Select™ Fresh a blended EVA contoured footbed.
  • A sturdy, long-wearing synthetic and mesh upper offering additional debris blocking via a snug hook/lacing system.
  • An arch shank fabricated of molded nylon plus heel air cushions that absorb shocks and keeps feet stable.
  • Merrell even uses proprietary construction methods to manufacture the Bolt that are applauded by vegans!

About Merrell

Few companies are as committed to getting people off their couches and onto trails and running paths as is Merrell. They’ve been in the business of encouraging people to get out and stay active for three decades. The company’s mission statement is unlike that of other companies: It’s filled with the aspirations Merrell has for wearers: Climb, zig, zag, forge streams, invent your own path and live life with enthusiasm and abandon.

Every new Merrell shoe introduction must meet and exceed corporate expectations, and because Merrell’s commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles is paramount, the company enthusiastically supports programs like Outdoor Nation, the Dirty Mud Run Series, Pack Project and Merrell Down.

Laced throughout the shoes, the message and the mission is a theme that transcends language, culture and lifestyle: Connect to Your World! Not your average footwear company rhetoric? Of course not. This isn’t your average footwear manufacturer, and you see it in the advances that went into the Capra Bolt collection.

Does One Size Fit All?

That depends upon how literal you happen to be! Obviously, shoe sizes are as diverse as the people who wear them to achieve personal goals, but one size truly does fit all when it comes to measuring up to customers’ expectations for beautifully-crafted, fashion-forward athletic shoes that take trekkers, hikers and runners where they want to go — both physically and spiritually.

Must a shoe have a special pedigree to help you get to the top of physical and emotional mountains? That’s a question you’ll have no trouble answering each time you lace up your Merrell Capra Bolts and enjoy exhilarating trail adventures that are guaranteed to change your life forever.

The New Merrell Capra Bolt Shoe Collection: Rumor Has it Even Mother Nature is Impressed!

The Merrell Capra Bolt Collection comes in both men's and ladies' styles and retails from S$179 at Stadium at Takashimaya S.C. and all Royal Sporting House stores (excluding factory outlet stores at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, IMM, Changi City Point, and The Star Vista).

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