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Tri-Nation Virtual Runs: A Run That Transcend Nations

by On May 31, 2018

A run that celebrates the three nation's nationhood.

Tri-Nation Virtual Runs- A Run That Transcend Nations

It’s not like any virtual runs out there that you have participated before but Tri-Nation Virtual Run is probably the only run that celebrates the nationhood of the three nations - Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. What the three nations have in common is that their country’s birthday is in August. Singapore celebrates National Day on 9 August, Malaysia celebrates Merdeka Day on 31 August and Indonesia celebrates Independence Day on 17 August.

With having the virtual run in the three nations, Tri-Nation’s event logo represents the three majestic animals which hold the symbolic status to the three countries - Lion for Singapore, Tiger for Malaysia and Eagle for Indonesia.

About Tri-Nation Virtual Runs

Just like what I said previously, Tri-Nation Virtual Runs is not the usual virtual runs that you have participated before. Tri-Nation Virtual Runs is the first ever virtual run to have the 3 countries participate in the event on the same day.

For those who registered before or on 20 June 2018, they are to complete their runs and upload their running record from 15 of May to 25 of July. Whereas for those who registered from 21 of June to 31 of July, they are to complete their runs and upload their running record on 26 of July to 31 of August.

Tri-Nation Virtual Run is a virtual run that has a minimum distance of 5km to cover but if you feel that 5km is too little or there’s still an adrenaline rush in your body, then keep on running! As this is a virtual run, there is no restriction as to where you wish to run as long as you cover the minimum of 5km. Though there will not be any early bird registration, fret not! Because you still have ample of time to get yourself a slot. The normal registration will be ending on 31st July 2018.

Tri-Nation Virtual Runs- A Run That Transcend Nations

Photo Credit: Giveasia Kindness

Spread kindness in virtual run

Love donating? Tri-nation has it! They will be giving their support to Giveasia Kindness and the organisation is a non-profit organisation that provides aid to the sudden disadvantaged, underprivileged families and emergency medical assistance in Singapore through need-based fundraising as they believe that there should be no one that should be deprived of basic necessities. If you wish to do a good deed and donate, you can do so during the registration.

Tri-Nation Virtual Runs- A Run That Transcend Nations

Photo Credit: Tri-Nation Virtual Run

What’s in it for me

Joining the virtual run and completing it will entitle you to a limited edition personalised wrist band. It comes in the colour of red which shows a form of unity. What’s even more exciting is that the virtual run provides free engraving on the wrist band! Doesn’t that excite you? You get to complete the run and also get your own engraved wrist band.

The engraved wrist band is not only for personal use but can be used for elderlies or children, in the event that they get lost, there’s Next-Of-Kin contact on the wrist band. The engraved wrist can also be used to write a message or an event celebration for your loved ones or for your great friends.

Don’t really fancy the colour red as your wrist band colour? Not to worry because you can do an add-on. The add-on merchandise is a wrist band that will be in white in colour. There is a promotion price for the add-on which is MYR 41.90 (Normal price: MYR 59.90).

To be a part of Tri-Nation Virtual Run

Decided to be a part of Tri-Nation Virtual Run? Then that's great! Now all you need to do is to:

  • Visit Spacebib to register for the virtual run.
  • Run according to the timeline of the virtual run.
  • And don’t forget to upload your running distance screenshot on Spacebib!

Let’s celebrate the three nations birthday by participating in this virtual run!

Lee Nah is a sports enthusiast who enjoys playing different kind of sports like floorball, hockey and even soccer! She personally believes in life long learning and self-development.

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