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U Run All Access: Every Runner is a Winner in 2019

by On Jan 3, 2019

It’s a personal challenge for anyone wishing to make their mark on Singapore’s running scene or just prove to themselves that they can go above and beyond in 2019.

U Run All Access: Every Runner is a Winner in 2019

Runners committing to a new year of running excellence have an opportunity to set personal goals, inspire others and save money by taking part in a Herculean challenge that has no equal: The U Run All Access that spans the entire year of 2019.

There’s no single date to mark on calendars because participants are invited to choose from a long list of races—each a prestigious race scheduled to be staged nearly every month. Collectively, they represent the best Singapore has to offer and for athletes committing to at least three events, rewards are aplenty.

What is U Run All Access?

It is a package of tangible and intangible perks that motivate participants to train and run at least three running races staged during 2019.

All URAA participants will benefit from savings, you get to save more if you are a NTUC/nEbO member which you can purchase U Run All Access at an exclusive rate. In return, runners are assured race slots so there’s no chance they could be turned away at the fastest-filling marathons.

This doesn't mean that only NTUC/nEbO members have access to this series. In fact, anyone wishing to participate is welcome to do so.

In addition to saving money and receiving a slot guarantee, U Run All Access has put into place programmes with their U Run Interest Group.

U Run All Access: Every Runner is a Winner in 2019

U Sports Running Group

For runners who are relatively new to the sport or have not joined a running network, organisers are happy to play matchmakers, so participants receive opportunities to train and run with like-minded people. Given the length and breadth of this series, long-time friendships are bound to be made in addition to staying fit and having fun.

Which races are part of this unique series?

Singapore’s finest and best running races—as determined by runners who take competitions seriously and with frequent opportunities to challenge themselves—have signed on to this year-long programme:

  • February: Marina Run, Safari Zoo Run
  • April: 2XU Compression Run, Income Eco Run
  • May: Forest Force 50
  • June: OSIM Sundown Marathon
  • September: Force of Nature Marathon, The Straits Times Run
  • October: 2XU Ultra Singapore
  • December: Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon
  • and many more upcoming races

Follow or like U Sports’ Facebook page to get the latest information on the updated list of races.

How it works

Pay a fixed amount and claim 3 run credits, each with a slot guarantee. Runners who are not members of the aforementioned organisations can join simply by visiting nEbO Card or NTUC portal.

Neither membership is required to participate in URAA All Access and for runners eager to be inspired and fulfill a resolution to get in shape in 2019, U Run All Access represents more than just race days on calendars. In fact, the events runners choose can forever change the way they feel about themselves, their hopes and their dreams.

U Run All Access: Every Runner is a Winner in 2019

5 Reasons to be part of U Run All Access 2019

  • There is no better way to kick off the year than by making this purposeful commitment.
  • Run more, pay less for each run when you sign up for the U Run All Access and save even more when you are or opt to be a NTUC/ nEbO Member.
  • Receive assurances of slot reservations—even at the most popular local races.
  • Associate with other dedicated, committed runners who are eager to take advantage of this program.
  • Get attractive lucky draw prizes, exclusive URAA t-shirt and train with U Sports Running Group, dedicated to improve your running.

Besides guaranteed race slots and significant cost savings per run, you will get the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself while being part of their running community.

U Run All Access transcends ordinary running programmes, thus for runners who see their own extraordinary potential, saying yes is not just prudent but life-affirming.

Learn more about the U Run All Access package and sign up now.

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