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U Run All Access Package is the Gift You Give Yourself!

by On Dec 23, 2015

Love running too much?

U Run All Access Package is the Gift You Give Yourself!

It’s the end of the year and as Christmas and other year-end holiday celebration approaches, Singaporeans will be opening gifts and packages from loved ones. But the package enthusiastic runners (who have made their gift wish lists known to everyone within their circle) most look forward to opening is a U Run All Access package!

Okay — so this package won’t necessarily be delivered in a glittery box with dramatic bows, but for runners who couldn’t be considered anything short of avid athletes, this meaningful package is a gift that keeps on giving because so many runners cut financial corners in order to be able to pay marathon fees during a calendar year. We don’t have to tell you that lots of entry fees add up big time, do we?

U Run All Access: Run More For Less

Not sure what we’re talking about? Allow us to explain: The U Run All Access package by U Sports can save Singapore runners of every age and stage of running skill a bundle. If you have no interest in saving money on entry fees, stop reading now. On the other hand, if you believe that a running pass makes the perfect gift to give yourself or someone you love, we know you’ll appreciate this great deal.

U Run All Access Package is the Gift You Give Yourself!

The package works like this: Purchase a U Run All Access package and for a single, one-time fee of S$158 and you’re assured of a place in three races from the list of U Sports’ partner races in 2016. Had you bought these tickets individually, your wallet would have to be stuffed with cash, so this three-for-one bundled price offers substantial savings.

We can see you shaking your head because three races may be a drop in the bucket when it comes to your ambitious 2016 race schedule, but keep this in mind: After you use up your three-run tickets, you are then obligated only to pay a flat fee of just S$50 for each additional race you select. Go ahead and take out your calculator. Even a ballpark estimate of what you could conceivably save for a year full of running could leave you speechless —especially if there are so many events on your calendar that there’s no room for your mum’s birthday!

What Are the Races Included in 2016

You’re looking a bit hesitant. Are you concerned that the 12 races from which you may choose in 2016 aren’t ones you prefer?

U Run All Access Package is the Gift You Give Yourself!

Prepare to be impressed. Thus far, you can pick your three races from this high-profile list:

  • Brooks Run Happy
  • Runners Convention + MacRitchie Run
  • Marina Run
  • 2XU Compression Run
  • NTUC Income Run 350
  • Sundown Marathon
  • TRI-Factor Run
  • DC Justice League Run
  • Garfield Run
  • Newton Challenge
  • CSC Run By The Bay
  • Standard Chartered Marathon

More Benefits?

Do you have to be an NTUC member? Indeed, you do — but this popular Singapore social movement never discriminates, so non-members can join the fun by signing up for a one-year NTUC membership at a special rate of S$245, and a U Run All Access package is included with that fee.

You’ll get more than a running package for a year if you join because like existing package holders, you’ll also be invited to attend workshops and seminars conducted by leading figures and elite athletes in Singapore’s running community, and you can also join the weekly runs held by U Sports groups alongside your newest friends. That’s a lot for your money, don’t you agree?

Who knows? You could become the most enthusiastic runner in your community thanks to making new friends, saving a fortune and realising that everything is more fun when you register as a U Run All Access package holder. Come to think of it, what could possibly stop you from joining? We’d love to know.

For more information and to purchase the U Run All Access package or the membership, visit the official site.

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