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Under Armour Charged Bandit 3 Shoes Caught Stealing Hearts!

by On Sep 1, 2017

Ever wonder why Under Armour gave their shoe line the name Bandit? After all, these running shoes are only guilty of stealing hearts and minds! As the third generation of this collection races onto the market, brand fans can expect surprises from the moment they slide them on.

Under Armour Charged Bandit 3 Shoes Caught Stealing Hearts!

Bandits tend to have rakish reputations because they dare to go where law-abiding citizens don't. But Under Armour's recent new shoe release—the Charged Bandit 3—won't have to serve time for any crimes because these running shoes stay within the letter of the law. Besides, officials will likely have a hard time catching people wearing them because they give runners an extra edge.

Packed with Benefits

The Charged Bandit 3 is a third generation shoe design with deep roots that offer shoppers many more features and benefits than previous iterations. The first difference you'll notice is this kick's appearance: the trendy fabric covering is sleek and contemporary but since this knit material can become penetrable under certain conditions, no running in the snow if you'd like to own these for many years to come.

Slide this shoe on easily once you get used to the new design of the tongue; it's attached to the interior sides of the shoes rather than flopping around and getting in the way of lacing up. Prepare to be impressed the moment you experience the comfort that Bandit wearers have bragged about in the past. You'll pay a little more for this version (S$179) but if this improved shoe delivers on its promises, you may not care.

Which features are most beloved by runners test driving UA Charged Bandit 3 running shoes? The new mesh exterior featuring Threadborne mesh that's durable, stretchy, light and it dries fast when you clean them. Since these shoes are seamless, you won't have to spend half of your time cleaning them when you could be out running. They're delightfully light which adds to their appeal.

Under Armour Charged Bandit 3 Shoes Caught Stealing Hearts!

Old meets new

It's no secret that the Bandit 3 shares DNA with previous Bandit designs, but the newest version's offset is 2mm higher than that of the Bandit 2, so if you've been looking for an edge when you take off, you'll notice improvement. Do you run at night? Appreciate 360-degrees of reflectivity that helps keep you safe and sound even on the darkest nights.

For runners who have worn Bandits since this collection was first introduced, there are no changes where it counts, say athletes who have faithfully stuck with each Bandit generation: The anti-microbial sock liner still tackles perspiration efficiently and both flex groove and rubber outsole features are as tenacious as ever. Given this convergence of new and old, runners can feel confident wearing UA Charged Bandit 3 shoes on the track, over street pavement and in the gym.

But here's a benefit you may not have heard about: If you have a tendency to suffer from knee issues and must be cautious about which shoe you wear, improvements made when developing this Bandit update may spell relief, claims a personal trainer who says he felt the difference after just one run.

Further, the Bandit 3 meets all of the critical "S" standards you expect from every UA shoe: Speedform construction. Stability. Support. A solid, firm external heel counter that keeps feet from sliding around and risking blisters when athletes can least afford to develop them.

Under Armour Charged Bandit 3 Shoes Caught Stealing Hearts!

They even recover fast

Under Armour brand fans—and those who have yet to develop an affinity for both the company and the Bandit shoe family—find themselves in agreement about this footwear's ability to "recover" faster than competitor brands thanks to heel cushioning engineering that goes above and beyond the ordinary to retain its shape.

Wearers can don Bandit 3s repeatedly to undertake sequential runs, long training sessions and extended races without having to give them time off to recover. Sounds too good to be true? You might think so. Until you try them on and take them for a spin on your favourite running terrain.

The UA Charged Bandit 3 Running Shoes are available at Under Armour Brand Houses VivoCity #02-21; Bugis Junction #01-77; Tampines One #02-22; Orchard Central #01-07/08; 16 Collyer Quay #01-03, select Royal Sporting House, iRun, Sportslink, Running Lab and DOT stores or at the official Under Armour's online store.

Under Armour Charged Bandit 3 Shoes Caught Stealing Hearts!

Under Armour Charged Bandit 3, Retail price: S$179

The Bandit 3 runs true to size, so returns to any of Singapore's UA retailers are rare. These bad boys have stolen the hearts of runners from all walks of life—perhaps even a real bandit or two. But we won't judge because every Under Armour shoe deserves the benefit of the doubt before being found not guilty of under performing!

The Bandit 3 has been selected as Runner’s World’s best buy for 2017 and is also the official shoe for Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2017.

Are you curious about how manufacturers come up with names they ascribe to shoe styles? If you were asked to name a shoe style, what clever name would you suggest?

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