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Unique Running Events in Singapore 2017: Which, How and Why to Join Each Race?

by On May 18, 2017

What’s your idea of a great Singapore summer? Will you lie around and think about the future? Take advantage of school holidays to spend more time with the kids? Be serious. Summertime is running time and we’ve got recommendations for your Summer 6 that have more variety than a Chinese New Year’s celebration!

Unique Running Events in Singapore 2017: Which, How and Why to Join Each Race?

When the southwest monsoon ushers in dryer weather between May and September - and when early-morning showers disappear in hours - why not proclaim the three months sandwiching spring and fall your personal running season?

Our Summer 6 is a mix of challenging, fun running events in Singapore that are reminiscent of a buffet: There's something for everyone, so run one—or run them all. Summer is meant for fun!

#1 National Vertical Marathon: How high can you get on 21st May?

Unique Running Events in Singapore 2017: Which, How and Why to Join Each Race?

Launch your Summer 6 running events in Singapore efforts with a vertical set to be staged even if early summer storms decide to drop by. The National Vertical Marathon, staged within the stairwells of South Beach Tower, promises more than just a good workout; you'll meet lots of athletes enamoured with this type of competition.

In return for burning all of those calories racing up 34 storeys, reward yourself by indulging in tasty food served at stalls strategically placed around the grounds of the Tower. Play games at other stalls to wind down your day, if you don't come for the climb, come for the food and games.

#2 DreamWorks Day Run: You'll be livin' the dream on 24th June

Unique Running Events in Singapore 2017: Which, How and Why to Join Each Race?

How often do you have an opportunity to participate in a brand new race that promises as much fun as it does good exercise? If your answer is "Not often," direct your feet to Gardens by the Bay; Bay East Garden for the first DreamWorks Day Run 2017. On 24th June characters like Kung Fu Panda, Shrek and the wacky Madagascar penguins play host to runners of all ages. Family time just got better!

You won't exhaust yourself, because in addition to a gentle 0.8km run there's a "tougher" 5km event capable of getting your pulse rate up. DreamWorks will also stage a terrific carnival, so if you don't want to run - you don't have to!

#3 MSIG Action Asia 50: Go the distance on 15th July

Unique Running Events in Singapore 2017: Which, How and Why to Join Each Race?

When Action Asia planned its third edition of the MSIG Action Asia 50 trail race, organisers once again targeted Singapore runners seeking challenges that transcend the 42km. If that describes you, put this event atop your running events in Singapore roster. You won't have to deal with foothills, obstacles and changing terrain because the fast, flat urban route is daunting enough!

If you've run the 50 in the past and felt bereft after reading that Green Corridor sections will be closed this summer, relax! A new route that's an 80-percent match for the 2016 course has already been mapped out. Show up and claim your finisher medal as you further your summer fitness goals.

#4 Race Against Cancer: Spend 30th July giving thanks for your good health!

Unique Running Events in Singapore 2017: Which, How and Why to Join Each Race?

You’'ve taken the high road by indulging in a vertical and had fun at the DreamWorks event followed by that daunting 50km challenge that tested your mettle, legs and heart muscle. As summer running events in Singapore reach a peak, it's time to give thanks for being a healthy runner by supporting the Singtel-Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer 2017 on 30th July.

It's almost impossible to run into a Singaporean who hasn't been touched by this disease, so play a role in helping those afflicted. This is the 8th year unselfish runners have contributed support to worthy charities like the Cancer Care Fund, Cancer Rehabilitation Centre, SCS Cancer Treatment Fund, SCS Help the Children and Youth Programme and the SCS Welfare Aid. Ready to do your part?

#5 Ground Zero Run: Show your human face on 20th August

Unique Running Events in Singapore 2017: Which, How and Why to Join Each Race?

You've run the July Singapore Race Against Cancer to benefit countrymen. Now, it's time to extend your outreach by helping Asian brothers and sisters by earmarking 20th August to take part in Ground Zero Run for Humanity. Show up at Casuarina Grove at East Coast Park to show your support for Mercy Relief, the nonprofit that strives to provide "emergency aid within 72 hours of an appeal in the aftermath of a disaster."

How does this Singapore event stand out from the rest? You'll be tasked with carrying relief packs while running - packs that equal the weight of foodstuffs that go to communities ravaged by circumstances beyond their control. Run the 10km or take it easy by opting for the 1km or 5 km. If this run doesn't grab your heartstrings, we don't know what will.

#6 Puma Night Run: Finish your list on the night of 26th August

Unique Running Events in Singapore 2017: Which, How and Why to Join Each Race?

The 2017 Puma Night Run is the antithesis of the other five events we listed. It's a little raucous. A bit glam. And a favourite of Singaporeans who love to see and be seen along the teeming route that ends only after you've finished the 6km or 12km distance you chose.

Report to Seletar Aerospace Park on 26th August to check off the final item on your running events in Singapore list. Register now to get early bird prices, clean up your shoes and plan to grab your share of fortitude rewards when you party into the night at the Puma post-race party. Local artists playing the hottest music seems a fit reward for your summer-long commitment and don't leave without your souvenir Instagram photo booth snap!

How often do you plan a full season of events in advance so you have a better grip on your schedule? Are you a true planner or are you a spontaneous soul known for deciding at the last minute?

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