Want to Lose Weight Better? Try These Top Running Gear

by On Jan 25, 2016
Want to Lose Weight Better? Try These Top Running Gear

No matter what type of running gear you choose to wear, the physical exertion of running results in calorie and weight loss. Of course, shorts and T-shirts made of cool, porous cotton or cotton blends are most popular when you are running in Singapore's hot, humid climate.

Although male runners often like to run without shirts and female runners may favour cool halter tops, the top-rated gear will keep you cool for a healthy, rewarding run. Like most runners in steamy weather, you most likely find it helpful to remain as cool as possible during each run. By doing so, you are able to run for progressively longer distances, benefiting from both an excellent cardio-physical workout and steady weight loss.

Today’s Best State-of-the-Art Running Gear for Weight Loss

The sport of running is currently an international phenomenon. With active track meets, marathons and independent runners exercising regularly around the globe, all types and weights of running gear are now in demand. Singapore runners who travel the world to take part in races and other running events must be well prepared for each climate they encounter.

1. Nathan Zelos 2L Hydration Vest

What it does: This advanced design running pack will assure you of healthy ventilation, even when running on scorching hot days. Made of bounce-free mesh, it is equipped with a 535 ml flask secured in a front pouch along with extra pockets for easy storage of energy gels and electrolyte tablets. According to sports medicine specialist, Dr. Ng Chung Sien, of the Singapore Sports Medicine Centre, you should hydrate every 15 or 20 minutes when running in hot weather.

Nathan Zelos 2L Hydration Vest

How it aids weight loss: This pack promotes good hydration and body cooling as you perspire and burn calories.

Price: US$140

2. 2XU GHST S/S Top

What it does: This stylish, light running shirt run fabric through wet and dry conditions, reflect UV rays, keeps you cool, protected and ventilated thanks to high level moisture management. Its reflective trims allows you to run more safely at night with minimal seams and contoured raglan sleeves assuring comfort.


How it aids weight loss: By active cooling with lowest possible heat absorption as you exercise, this shirt aids your body in shedding water, cooling and subsequently makes you increase speed and power resulting in losing weight.

Price: A$85

3. RDX Slimming Weight Loss Sweat Suana Suit

What it does: This sauna suit has the appearance of the latest fashion in sweats. However, its inner layer is specially formulated EVA nylon. This suit includes a hood, pullover top (optional long sleeve) and pants. Cuffs, waist and ankles are secured with elastic to promote retention of air and a sauna effect. Its oversized cut enhances effectiveness.

RDX Slimming Weight Loss Sweat Suana Suit

How it aids weight loss: This advanced sauna suit helps you triple your total weight loss. It rids your body of fat and excess water with the aid of your natural body heat. As you perspire, this amazing suit will enable you to decrease your overall body weight, get rid of cellulite and greatly improve muscle tone.

Price: US$43.49

4. Thin Ice Clothing Line

What it does: The Thin Ice product lines include the Lightweight Vest, insole, socks and undershirt. The Thin Ice works by tricking your body into thinking it's in a colder environment than it actually is by stimulating specific regions with cold temperatures. This creates a cascade of physiological responses in your body that kick your metabolism into overdrive.

Thin Ice Clothing Line

How it aids weight loss: By targeting regions of your body with high concentrations of thermoreceptors, these neural receptors trigger a metabolic response for your body to fight cold by generating heat in your core. Expect to burn around 500-1000 calories daily without you having to think about it.

Price: TBA, join the pre-order waiting list.

5. The Original Cool Fat Burner

What it does: This first cold thermogenesis cooling vest activates Brown Fat, or brown adipose tissue (B.A.T.) which burns regular fat to generate heat.

The Original Cool Fat Burner

How it aids weight loss: This scientific tester vest is able to boost metabolism up to 300% above normal while you sit around and watch TV.

Price: US$$69.99

6. Kutting Weight Neoprene Weight Loss Sauna Suit (Unisex)

What it does: This latest design elastic neoprene sauna suit is 2.5 mm in thickness and triple-layered for durability and effectiveness. It is made for wearing beneath your clothing and is fashioned for both male and female runners.

Kutting Weight Neoprene Weight Loss Sauna Suit (Unisex)

How it aids weight loss: This frequently bought sauna suit burns impressive numbers of calories as it increases your metabolism while you run. It builds body strength as it detoxifies your entire immune system and enhances muscular flexibility.

Price: US$79.95

7. TITLE Pro Hooded Sauna Suit

What it does: This top-quality hooded sauna suit is ultra-durable, offering ultimate results to runners. It is composed of double-layered rip-stop nylon. This suit has an indestructible PVC nylon-rubber liner plus a drawstring hood. It has elasticised wrist tab and pants with elastic waistband and drawstring. Pants also have elastic cuffs for high effectiveness.

TITLE Pro Hooded Sauna Suit

How it aids weight loss: The uniquely fashioned overall loose fit with elasticised wrists, ankles and waistband assure high-intensity sweating, inducing rapid weight loss from this strong sauna effect.

Price: US$49.99

8. Body Spa Sauna Extreme Complete 360 (Women)

What it does: This comfortable full body Sauna Gym Sport Suit helps to better stimulate perspiration and aid you to lose inches by compressing and moulding certain parts of your body.

Body Spa Sauna Extreme Complete 360

How it aids weight loss: This suit which was used by divers to skillfully preserve body heat under the water will cause a higher perspiration level making it easier to eliminate toxins and excess water. It increases your metabolism, helps you burn more calories, detoxifies your immune system and increases flexibility, decreasing the likelihood of injury.

Price: US$69.95

9. MCDAVID Level 1 Waist Trimmer

What it does: This one size fits most waist trimmer enhance weight loss efforts via therapeutic heat and waist training. Its latex-free neoprene is ideal for thermal/compression therapy and soft tissue support.

MCDAVID Level 1 Waist Trimmer

How it aids weight loss: When running in this waist trimmer, it helps to relieve minor back pain and supports lower back and abdominal muscles. You can reduce your overall weight, reduce bothersome stomach fat and enhance muscle strength and tone.

Price: US$19.99

10. CW-X Endurance Generator Tights

What it does: This is available in men's and women's tights and combines optimum muscle and joint support for maximum stability, movement efficiency, and power during running. The EXO-Stretch body fabric keeps the body cool and dry with UVA/UVB protection. The abdominal support panel and inner floating lower back support provides extra support to the lower abdominal muscles, hips, back, Gluteus Medius and pelvic area.

CW-X Endurance Generator Tights

How it aids weight loss: With the joint, knee, core and muscle support, it allows you to go further burning more fat while reducing the risk of injuries and accelerated recovery.

Price: US$170

11. BioSweats Sauna Pants (Women)

What it does: If you are worried about wearing a full sauna suit, you can opt for the pants only. These high quality sauna pants use natural body heat to help increase sweat output up to 70% while shaping and sculpting the lower body.

BioSweats Sauna Pants

How it aids weight loss: The BioSweats Poly-Bio-Flex fabric inner lining uses a sweat excretion process through perspiration to stimulate the entire body, thus helping to rid the body of excess water weight gain. It works just like the expensive saran wrap body treatments offered at exclusive health spas.

Price: US$65

What is Most Important When Selecting Weight Loss Running Gear?

As a runner, your major concern when choosing your weight loss running gear should be necessary comfort and warmth or cooling capacity, depending on the climate where you are running. Running is excellent exercise for cardiovascular health, muscle strengthening and strong bones.

In addition, it increases your physical endurance and aids greatly in weight loss. If you run at the speed of 9.65 kilometres per hour for 45 minutes and you weigh 77 kilograms, you can burn approximately 580 calories. In a health-approved modern sauna suit or sweat clothing, you can drop considerably more pounds with no added effort.

There have been debates on the danger and meaningless of sweat suits hence you should always exercise caution when using them. Always hydrate yourself sufficiently, and only wear it for as long as you have to. Stop when you are feeling uncomfortable and always shop for a quality suit. In order to permanently lose weight, you must burn more calories than you consume over a period of time. That's why besides exercising regularly, practising healthy eating is recommended.

How do you make your runs work harder? Do you use any gear or apparel to aid in your weight loss or do you simply not bother as long as you exercise regularly?

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