Which Pair of Reebok’s New ZPump Running Shoes Best Fits Your Personality?

by On Sep 27, 2015
Which Pair of Reebok's New ZPump Running Shoes Best Fits Your Personality?

If the graphics designed exclusively for the Fall 2015 Reebok ZPump running shoe's ad campaign don't excite you, the shoes will do the job. Targeted at women and men who aren't ashamed of showing off their physique, the ad art and shoes are powerful, inspiring and imaginative. So whether you're a shoe-a-holic or just someone who's been looking for the perfect fit, check out the full library of these personality-packed shoes. Once you see the design that best mirrors your style, you'll know it!

Call it the newest and greatest example of fit technology on the planet: the 2015 Reebok ZPump does exactly what its predecessors did, only better. Since no two people have feet that are identical, the pump feature makes sure the shoes fit like the proverbial glove once the pump is manually compressed. Deemed the "first running shoes in history to offer a fully customisable locked-in fit through a unique, air-filled cage," you'll find them a snug fit as they inflate to embrace your feet, giving your toes and soles a big hug.

What's the science behind the shoe that fits like the proverbial glove? First, while most athletic shoes are constructed using 40 separate sections, the ZPump Fusion is crafted by just three. Why so few? The pump does the customising, so designers didn't have to worry about contour, pre-fit curves or guesses about the general shape of the many types of feet destined to wear this shoe.

Further, a three-piece construction takes the worry out of your run: By crafting a shoe of just three components, Reebok produced footwear that is less likely to fall apart before you fall out of love with them. Kiss seam rips and structural stressors and strains that can lead to the early retirement of your shoe goodbye. Just in case you're wondering, the other two components are a fusion sleeve and an outsole.

We know what you're thinking: A shoe that fits this perfectly can't possibly win the love and devotion of the fashion police—or you, for that matter. But in fact, you'll literally stop other runners in their tracks—even if they're sprinting in another direction—because the exterior design, patterns and colours employed to decorate the exteriors of the ZPump are cutting edge and fashion forward. If you’ve sought endlessly for a shoe that not only fits well but meets your unique design aesthetic, you've found your shoe match! Want to see exactly see where you fit in the scheme of things? Match your personality traits to these hot kicks.

Are You a Nature Lover?

You could find the ZPump Fusion Splash in solar orange, white and glass green simply irresistible. Rumor has it, designers at Reebok consulted with Mother Nature before selecting from her organic colour palette, so feel free to thank her if you find yourself setting conditioning records as you cover your favourite outdoor running path wearing these succulent colours.

Which Pair of Reebok's New ZPump Running Shoes Best Fits Your Personality?

Need to Add More Yin or Yang to Your Step?

Try on a pair of energy blue, bright yellow and white ZPump Fusion Splash shoes to greet the morning or the evening in fashionable style as you trot along your favourite training venue. Yellow energizes as blue calms, and white plays the neutral role that may be missing as you strive to bring your Yin and Yang into balance. As for the fit, you can balance that on your own courtesy of that heavenly pump.

Which Pair of Reebok's New ZPump Running Shoes Best Fits Your Personality?

Do You Crave Drama?

Nobody has to tell you that if you wear red, you're going to attract attention. Pair the colour favoured by matadors with black and white by donning ZPump Fusion Splash running shoes that showcase what Reebok designers insist on calling “Red Rush”. Sure, the red is subtle, but it packs a punch, pairing these three colours for maximum exterior impact, even for dudes. Meanwhile, the pump secures your feet so nicely, you'll be ready to take a few running risks you might not have considered before these shoes met your feet!

Which Pair of Reebok's New ZPump Running Shoes Best Fits Your Personality?

Want to Show Your City Style?

Can't decide between the new ZPump Fusion "Urban" running shoes? Are you an uptown runner who wouldn't blink at sporting a mash-up of black, bing cherry, stinger yellow and white? Or are you a 100-percent downtown runner who favours the Urban mix of California blue, white and mint glow? We feel your pain. Both pattern and colour mixes are purposely combined to spike your fashion reputation, both on and off the trail.

Which Pair of Reebok's New ZPump Running Shoes Best Fits Your Personality?

Ever Lit Up a Trail?

You'll have no problem blazing a new trail if you consider the other two ZPump Fusion TR styles debuting this fall. If Club Blue, Far Out Blue, Black and Chalk combine to please your eye or the epic combination of Fierce Fuchsia, black orchid, black and chalk are too compelling to pass when you lace them on, you can pump up your credibility and your fit big time wearing either of these other two "Urban" designs guaranteed to rock your look and your run.

Which Pair of Reebok's New ZPump Running Shoes Best Fits Your Personality?

Do You Have Royal Roots?

Purple has always signified royalty. Thousands of years ago, a rare snail was the only source of purple so it was reserved exclusively for royal robes, which is how it became so precious. Be of good cheer. Reebok has you covered with ZPump Fusions in lilac ice, purple slate, royal orchid, neon cherry and white, a royal mix to be sure. If you like to run with your subjects, present them with a similar pair of ZPump Fusions in a more subtle hues of cycle blue, club blue, neon cherry and white. They'll uphold your majesty's style reputation big time, whether you're on the throne or not.

Which Pair of Reebok's New ZPump Running Shoes Best Fits Your Personality?

Reebok's imagination is front and centre as this new collection of ZPump running shoes is poised to hit the market running and deliver the two things runners want most: A great fit and a great look. That leads us to ask this probing question: How much of your personality do you want to reveal when you buy a new pair of running shoes? We can’t wait to read your answers!

The above Reebok ZPump Fusion models are available at Reebok store at Suntec City and Great World City, Stadium at Takashimaya Shopping Centre, and Royal Sporting House store at Vivo City.

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