Why Spacebib’s New Search Feature Saves You Time, Effort—and Perhaps Your Sanity!

by On Mar 21, 2017

After months of intense development, the Spacebib Team is proud to present the community yet another innovative solution to find their sporting events and keep them ahead of the pack.

Why Spacebib’s New Search Feature Saves You Time, Effort—and Perhaps Your Sanity!

The Global Schoolhouse is an information resource that brings complicated, erudite subject matter down to earth, so if you’re befuddled about the role search functions play in the grand scheme of things, an explanation can help you understand why Spacebib’s new search feature is important news.

This helpful feature delivers on variety and expansive resources placed literally at your fingertips and everything is organised around specifics you want and need.

Expect your learning curve to be fast because this feature is a snap to navigate. You’ll call it a tool that you had no idea how you lived without before now — and from our vantage point, it’s just one of the advantages we’re happy to provide that sets us apart from competitors and shows that we respect and pay attention to you, your lifestyle and your passion for running.

Why bother creating a search tool? Let’s start with the fact that you deserve the ease and convenience of a fast, responsive search tool — one that is nimble and ready to present only the information you ask for.

We spent overwhelming amounts of time and resources to develop our search tool with a single objective: improving the lives of our users and running community, thus turning yesterday’s vehicle — the traditional calendar — into an active search engagement feature was long overdue.

The new way to find your next sporting challenge.

What the search tool can do for you. We’ve already touched upon time and convenience, but that third element — sanity — is not to be dismissed lightly. Runners have a propensity for action, energy and engagement, which is why our personalities lead us down diverse paths.

A calendar no longer suits the typical runner’s lifestyle for myriad reasons. Our search feature acts like your schedule coach: sign up for free event notification via e-mail and don’t lift a finger to obtain news of everything under the sun on a timely basis.

3 Spacebib Features You’ll Love

Is it possible to fall in love with search features? Why not? There’s lots to love because it takes very little effort on your part to stay in this relationship! Spacebib’s three features cover all bases, so the excuse “I didn’t know!” will no longer be part of your vocabulary once you're invested in these three benefits:

1. The advanced filter

If you use the Internet assiduously but were never crystal clear on what a search filter does, here’s your explanation courtesy of Emory University: Filters help us select subsets of investigation types. For example, you are interested in competing in Malaysia, but you haven’t the time nor the interest in finding out everything there is to know about that nation. We refine a plethora of data and give you the specifics.

Why Spacebib’s New Search Feature Saves You Time, Effort—and Perhaps Your Sanity!

2. Notifications

Because your life is crazy busy, you don’t want to be bothered by receiving notifications about every upcoming 42km scheduled on the planet. Your personal input and parameters help Spacebib play a more discriminating role in your life so you receive info on only upcoming events in which you've expressed interest.

Why Spacebib’s New Search Feature Saves You Time, Effort—and Perhaps Your Sanity!

3. Map view

Some runners are born with an internal compass that allows them to know instinctively which route to follow after receiving verbal or written directions. Others need maps to properly orient themselves so they don’t get lost. Our Map View feature could become your best friend if you belong in the second category! This useful, important feature could help you achieve personal bests thanks to increased confidence in your ability to stay on track.

Why Spacebib’s New Search Feature Saves You Time, Effort—and Perhaps Your Sanity!

Building something with everyone in the community in mind

Won’t you help us stay on the right path? Having listened to endless amounts of feedback from runners like you, we’ve gone all out and invested every resource available to give you the Spacebib search features you need and deserve, but without your input in the future, how can we be certain that we’re meeting all of your needs?

We believe that a good product can only get better with community input and support, so your genuine, constructive feedback isn’t just requested, it’s critical to our mission and always will be. We urge you to stay in close communication with everyone here at Spacebib so we anticipate your search needs even before you do!

Won’t you take the search for a test drive and let us know about your experience? Would you add or change anything? Don’t hold back; we can’t wait to hear from you.

Bonus: Buy 2 event tickets at Spacebib and get 1 free!

Spacebib has always been at the front of encouraging event participation and active sport lifestyle. To raise the bar, Spacebib decided to gift you a free event ticket after your second purchase.

You can use the ticket to add on to your race achievement or gift it to a friend or loved one who has never joined a sporting event before.

To find out more about this promotion, visit here.

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