Do You Have the Will it Takes To Run This Under Armour Online Challenge?

by On Mar 1, 2019

How willing are you to test your mettle and show the world your resolve, willpower, motivation and strength of character? Prove your worth by taking part in an Under Armour/Spacebib collaboration that salutes the spirit of runners always willing to push their limits: Under Armour Will to Run Online Challenge!

Do You Have the Will it Takes To Run This Under Armour Online Challenge?

By the time April rolls around, will you be ready to show the world that you are prepared to undertake a running journey that gives you three full weeks to show what you’re worth?

The premier Under Armour “Will to Run” Online Challenge 2019 is more than a self-disciplined race; it’s an invitation to beginner-, advanced- and even ultra-runners to show what they’re made of and it’s the first time this event is to be held in Southeast Asia.

All the details you need to know

Unlike traditional online races, the UA Will to Run gives you three weeks to rack up as many kilometers you can on your own time schedule, starting on 1st April and finishing your self-imposed distance at midnight on the 21st. Registration ends on 30th March (or while there are still available slots) and you get to choose between walking and running because it’s your online race to pace, race and accomplish.

Do You Have the Will it Takes To Run This Under Armour Online Challenge?

Do you have the Will to earn any of these prestigious Under Armour Will to Run finisher medal?

Signature event t-shirts bearing the UA logo (only 1,000 of these limited edition shirts are being printed) are just the beginning of bounty participants receive. While this is not a competitive event (you compete against yourself), one-of-a-kind finisher’s medals, e-certificates, badges and e-bibs show the world that your will morphed into a competitive spirit that drives your personal win!

Choose your category and read up on the details at Spacebib. Accumulate kilometers on your own time schedule and your entitlements will arrive at your door as soon as your glorious results have been verified. As you can see, this challenge was designed with all runners in mind.

No ordinary finisher medal design; no ordinary shoe

The will to be a champion is beautifully represented in the medal designed by Spacebib artisans to celebrate this first run. Colour-coordinated, premium antique metals match runner achievements: bronze for 21km finishers; silver for those vanquishing the 42km and gold for those with iron wills who rack up 84km honours. These thick symbols of accomplishment are the epitome of grand design.

Must you wear a pair of UA shoes during the time you collect your kilometers? No “will” police will be in your face or checking out your feet so wear whatever footwear gets you to your goal. But the top three participants clocking the most distance at the end of the Classic challenge from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia will receive pairs of the official race shoe: the UA HOVR Infinite. These shoes are no ordinary footwear—nor is this an ordinary race, so what “prize” could be more perfect for someone going the distance and more?

Will you make April the month you undertake this extraordinary event?

Even if you have yet to try an online race, this type of event is likely to become your go-to preference because it suits every lifestyle. Take this opportunity to prove to yourself that you have the will to set your destiny and achieve success, using the UA Will to Run Challenge as a measure of your dedication.

Do You Have the Will it Takes To Run This Under Armour Online Challenge?

Men's UA Locker 2.0 Will to Run Limited Edition Event T-Shirt

Do You Have the Will it Takes To Run This Under Armour Online Challenge?

Women's UA Locker Will to Run Limited Edition Event T-Shirt

Expect these perks in addition to bragging rights:

  • You set an example for friends and family, showing them that your will to finish has never been stronger.
  • The UA shirt you wear after you’ve completed your mission says everything about your character.
  • You will be part of a larger effort to drive home the message of the value of will since compatriots at all three geographic locations (Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia) engage in the same challenge you take on.
  • This event celebrates the launch of the UA SS19 Collection, so you can tell friends that you helped kick off a new shoe that symbolises the resolute nature of the Asian runner.
  • Entitlements are more prestigious than most and the collaboration of Under Armour and Spacebib is precedent setting.
  • You get three full weeks to accomplish what you set out to do, so even glitches in your schedule won’t dissuade you from running your distance.
  • Challenge your friends to join you. There’s no such thing as too many runners proving that having the will to accomplish a goal is what life and running are all about!
  • Take part in this first-time event and you automatically become part of its legacy and history, should it become a permanent part of Southeast Asia’s running scene.

Do you have the will it takes to become part of this inaugural effort to showcase this value and test your own ability to stay the course? How will you achieve your personal goal—will you walk or run, or will you change it up, so you stand a better chance of reaching your destination before time runs out?

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