World Class Athletes Launch HOKA ONE ONE Carbon X Shoe

by On May 31, 2019

Can one innovative running shoe improve performance? According to HOKA ONE ONE, if their Project Carbon X running shoe can’t do the job, no shoe can—and world-class runners have proven it!

World Class Athletes Launch HOKA ONE Carbon X Shoe

What do HOKA ultrarunners Jim Walmsley, Patrick Reagan, Tyler Andrews, Mike Wardian, reigning IAAF 100K World Champion Hideaki Yamauchi and Yoshiki Takada have in common? They're all record setters with a passion for long distance running.

Was this an unusual way to launch new running shoes? In some respects, it is—but the Project Carbon X is no ordinary shoe.

Additionally, HOKA athlete Sabrina Little and Aiko Kanematsu held up their part of the sky by racing their 100K in hopes of beating Tomoe Abe's 2000 Women's World Record of 6:33:11. They too wore HOKA Carbon X running shoes at the same venue.

World Class Athletes Launch HOKA ONE ONE Carbon X Shoe

Attempt To Break A World Record

Will HOKA rely only on the aforementioned stars to test the mettle of the Carbon X? Hardly. Five relay teams comprised of 10 runners each simultaneously participated in a 10x10K event on the same course. Mixed gender teams were on a mission to break that category's mixed-gender World Record, too.

Launched with huge expectations during the early morning hours on 4th May, HOKA runners Magda Boulet and Eric Senseman were excited during all trial runs, delivering commentary throughout the morning. Runner Walmsley was unabashedly enthused over the new shoe with the potential to add to the collection of "road ultras that excite me," said the 2018 Western States Endurance Run and Lake Sonoma 50 Mile course record holder.

World Class Athletes Launch HOKA ONE ONE Carbon X Shoe

According to HOKA, the science behind this shoe's engineering offers runners signature max-cushion and minimal-weight benefits, but metaphorically, it is the sense of empowerment that the wearer achieves while racing with the Carbon X. Perhaps this is the boost of confidence HOKA had given their athletes on the 4th May test run...eventually resetting the 100k World Record.

The designers responsible for the evolution of this landmark shoe were given unusual directives when the project commenced: Produce an "impossibly-cushioned," "impossibly-lightweight" product that meets and exceeds standards applied to earlier iterations of shoes made by HOKA since the brand was first established a decade ago.

The Carbon X is a formidable competitor. Made using never-before-seen HOKA ONE ONE® technology, this high-performance shoe features a specially engineered carbon fiber plate and an aggressive Meta-Rocker, designed to provide an efficient, propulsive ride. Their PROFLY X technology, a special combination of foams, employed with their trademark geometry, delivers an inherently stable, soft and responsive experience. Completed with a lightweight upper scrutinized through the lens of speed, the Carbon X is designed to empower athletes to fly.


  • Single layer engineered mesh upper offers breathability across forefoot
  • Embroidery reinforcement delivers a secure heel fit
  • Gusseted tongue provides a lightweight mid-foot lockdown
  • Early stage Meta-Rocker delivers an up-tempo ride
  • Light and resilient PROFLY X technology provides both a soft and propulsive experience
  • Carefully positioned Carbon fiber plate curls under the lateral toes to deliver a smooth transition through the gait cycle
  • Wider forefoot platform provides support and stability along with an accommodating and comfortable fit
  • Rubberized foam outsole offers a lightweight, responsive, yet durable ground contact.

World Class Athletes Launch HOKA ONE Carbon X Shoe

"Project Carbon X shoes represent HOKA's vision of empowering athletes so they can figuratively fly over the Earth,"

said Wendy Yang, President of HOKA ONE ONE.

"They are expected to exceed performance standards thanks to features like a carbon-fiber midsole and aggressive Metarocker, both of which deliver an efficient, propulsive ride at any speed. Our signature foot-frame construction provides the ultimate in stability and support. I don't think this is lost on wearers who feel confident that their shoe won't let them down when there are world records on the line!"

added Gretchen Weimer, Vice President of Product at HOKA ONE ONE.

"We like to say that our brand holds the key to future running excellence as seen in Carbon X's extraordinary weight-to-cushion ratio and user-friendly geometry. We truly believe that runners wearing these shoes can attain heights they never imagine, so we anticipate healthy sales when the Carbon X goes on sale at hokaoneone.com on 15 May, and launches globally on 1st June."

Launch of HOKA Carbon X in Singapore

Bringing the excitement to local shores, HOKA just announced the first venue Singapore runners can visit in order to see these shoes, try them on and purchase a pair: Carbon X arrives at Running Lab's shelf on 1 June 2019 exclusively in the Marina Square outlet. It's best to arrive as early as possible since quantity is limited.

Apart from Carbon X, a new line up of HOKA ONE ONE shoes are expected to arrive at Running Lab throughout June and July. For runners eager to add a pair of HOKA Clifton 6 shoes to their running essential, they will also get a free pair of Injinji socks (worth S$19.90) if they make that purchase any time between 1 June 2019 and 16 June 2019!

Are you ready to get your Carbon X from in Running Lab Marina Square? Time to fly with HOKA ONE ONE this June.

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