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You’ve Already Got What It Takes to Join the First Singapore Kindness Run

by On Apr 9, 2017

Whether you compete for medals or satisfaction, you’ll find your place at the Kindness Run where the rules of engagement recall a time when civility and compassion ruled.

You’ve Already Got What It Takes to Join the First Singapore Kindness Run

What sort of runner are you? Eager to medal above all else? Do you love being part of the social scene? Have marathons become emotional or physical therapy for you—events that give you opportunities to run with like-minded people who share your passion?

It matters not what your reason for running happens to be because the 14th May Singapore Kindness Run is designed for everyone—especially you.

What’s a Kindness Run?

Glad you asked! This kinder, gentler "competition" salutes graciousness and manners—rules of etiquette not usually prioritised during a typical marathon when getting to the finish line or snagging a PB is everyone’s primary goal.

Promoted by folks at the Singapore Kindness Movement, this event not only promotes healthy living and fitness but reminds runners of the importance of seeking out opportunities to bestow acts of kindness upon one another, both on the track and off.

Because this out-of-the-mainstream event is designed with everyone in mind, you’re invited to join the fun as a tribute to everyone who’s dissatisfied with the lack of civility in today’s busy world.

Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless. - Mother Teresa

You’ve Already Got What It Takes to Join the First Singapore Kindness Run

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But, I thought this was a race!

And you’re not wrong, dear runner. But instead of running for yourself, a prize or notoriety, your mission is to finish the 10km or 800m event you select that makes you an instant member of the "Kindness Ambassador" (KA) movement.

Becoming a Kindness ambassador isn’t a one-time duty, by the way. Once you finish this race, you’ll own an official “Kindness Ambassador” tee that shows the world what you’re made of every time you wear it.

Once an ambassador, always an ambassador, so no matter where you travel, you’ll carry that distinction and take pride in it.

Word of warning: Don’t be surprised if you’re stopped by strangers curious to know how you earned this distinguished designation, so be prepared to spread the word after the race and into the future.

You’ve Already Got What It Takes to Join the First Singapore Kindness Run

Report for kindness duty on 14th May

Register for your favourite distance at Spacebib: the 10km competitive (men and women ages 13 and up), 800m kids’ dash (two categories: 7-to-9 and 9-to-12) or bring the family and register everyone.

Form a kindness team if you're so inclined. Show up at Pasir Ris Park, 51 Pasir Ris Green in time for your start and you’re good to go. You’ll be expected to finish before either cut-off time (1 hour; 45 minutes for the 10km; 20 minutes for the 800m).

Your instincts for kindness and goodness are already hardwired into your personality, so the hardest part of becoming a KA has already been done for you courtesy of your parents when they passed on their kindness DNA. It’s just a matter of putting aside your fierce competitor instincts to reveal your softer side. This means guys, too!

You’ve Already Got What It Takes to Join the First Singapore Kindness Run

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Reap rewards in return for your kindness and courtesy

We don’t know about you, but some of the treasures earmarked for running events often seem reward enough for participating, so race entitlements for the Kindness Run won’t disappoint. You’ll receive a bib with timing chip, drawstring commemorative bag and singlet for participating in the 10km.

For those completing the 800m event, your entitlement pack includes a bib (no chip), tee and drawstring bag and if you complete the course you get a finisher’s medal, too. Collect your goodies on 6th and 7th May between the hours of 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. at Velocity located in the Novena Square Wing Atrium and you're good to go.

By the way, 1st to 3rd winners in each 10km category are awarded a trophy and an Ice Watch. Three youngsters showing up first at the finish line also get a trophy and an NDP Singa Box Set. Just remember: everyone who runs is a winner at this event, but there is more!

You’ve Already Got What It Takes to Join the First Singapore Kindness Run

How to show your kindness at the Kindness Run

  1. If you see someone having a difficult time before or during the event, stop and ask if you can help.
  2. Don’t just grab the first water you see at hydration stations; instead, pass it to a fellow runner with a smile.
  3. Congratulate everyone who finishes their run to show your kindness and sportsmanlike attitude.
  4. If bad weather happens to strike, don’t complain—instead, comfort people who feel as miserable as you do!
  5. Thank every route marshal, volunteer and first aid worker you encounter for their selfless dedication.
  6. Send a thank you note to the Kindness Run organisers to tell them that you support their efforts year-round.
  7. Promise yourself that you will exhibit one kindness every day now that you’re an official ambassador.

When was the last time someone showed you extraordinary kindness? How long did that kindness stay in your memory? Did you pay it forward?

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