When iconic movie star Audrey Hepburn made a film about award-winning photographer Richard Avedon called “Funny Face,” the lively musical, filmed in Paris, won awards for theme songs like “Think Pink.” It’s not the only film that pays tribute to this colour: “The Pink Panther” and “Pretty in Pink” are two others.

But these days, the colour pink has come to stand for breast cancer awareness across the globe. Wonder why this international non-profit picked pink as the movement’s theme colour? It’s because pink stands for power.

The website Empower Yourself with Color examines the psychology behind pink, calling it the colour of Hope — a hue that inspires “the possibility of a positive outcome.” Any wonder why it’s the colour the breast cancer movement has chosen to identify itself?

Introducing the Pink Ribbon Walk Singapore

On 7 October 2017 (October is breast cancer awareness month), a Pink Ribbon Walk will be staged at Event Square, Waterfront Promenade/Gardens by the Bay East.

Lots of cancer survivors will be on hand — as will their friends, neighbours, family members and kids — all dressed to the nines in pink, so you can leave your rose-coloured glasses at home and still be drenched in the happiest colour of all.

The Pink Ribbon Walk may be a newcomer to the Singapore event scene, but it’s going to be a familiar one because it is being combined with an event you already know: For the past three years, the Make a Difference Race (MDR) has done a great job of putting the issue of breast cancer front and centre on the running community’s map.

Now, everything is being brought under one umbrella so the first Pink Ribbon Parade will be a big part of the MDR and there’s to be a joyous carnival staged in conjunction with this special occasion that’s not to be missed. To mark this grand launch, Minister of Defence Dr. Ng Eng Hen is to be the event’s honoured guest.

Use your shoes to show your support

If you’ve been seeking an athletic event that doesn’t require you to run a long distance, this is it. Choose between participating in the 3.5km walk or the 5km run and you will join an anticipated crowd of 5,000 to show your enthusiasm for the eradication of breast cancer in Singapore.

In case you’re not aware of this statistic, Singapore’s Cancer Registry says 1,850 women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually. It’s the most-often diagnosed form of cancer in women.

According to the National Cancer Centre Singapore, breast cancer diagnoses in men are rare but have been reported in small numbers, so everyone in Singapore has a stake in eradicating this disease.

About the event

Start your journey to the land of pink by signing up at Spacebib while you still have plenty of time to qualify for early bird discounts in all categories.

Entitlements reflect the fact that breast cancer doesn’t just impact women. Your race entitlement pack will include either a pink t-shirt for women or a grey t-shirt for men. Everyone receives a pink drawstring bag, bib and pink glitter tattoo. Finish the 5km and pick up a medal to add to your collection that shows your support for this worthy charity.

On the big day, get to the venue in plenty of time to march in the Pink Ribbon Parade that starts at 4:45 p.m. The 5km Fun Run flags off at 5 p.m. and the 3.5km steps off at 5:20 p.m., so plan your schedule accordingly to maximise your participation.

Sounds like fun but you prefer not to go it alone? We have your solution so you and everyone you know wind up in the pink: Group discounts are available if you pull together a posse of 10 people or more. It’s time you used your e-mail account and other social media to recruit your own team. After all, it’s hard to find anyone living in Singapore who hasn’t been touched by cancer directly or indirectly.

End the day on a positive note

While the entire day is going to be an uplifting experience simply because you’ll be in close proximity to thousands of people seeking a single goal (the end of breast cancer), the fun kicks in after the events when it will be time, as Pink loves to sing, to “Get the Party Started”!

On hand to keep things lively will be an assortment of entertainment designed to suit all ages. The Pink Ribbon Walk Carnival is expected to have on hand everyone from pink stilt walkers to “Pink Hummingbirds,” plus everything else you expect when a carnival is staged to celebrate the power of life following an inaugural walk that calls upon all of us to join the fight.

What’s the reason you feel inclined to participate in this grand cancer awareness run? Is it your conscience? A family member diagnosed with breast cancer? Why not share your story with us?

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