Although Jasmine Goh is only 37-years-old, she’s earned star status in Singapore, so if you see star-struck runners watching her like a hawk when she trains with the F1 Runners’ Team, you know what they’re looking for: tips from their role model.

After all, her Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2016 win made all of the newspapers and she’s not one to rest on her laurels because she knows that every race is a new beginning.

What motivates her? Herself. Her family. A chance to help put Singapore on the map in terms of medals, honours and titles — especially overseas. She would love to make a significant contribution at the prestigious Gold Coast Airport Marathon in Queensland because her family will be on hand. She wants her kids to be inspired by her efforts so they feel confident about following their own dreams.

RS: How long have you been running?

Jasmine: I took up running in August 2011 simply to lose weight! Running felt like a good fit for me and I challenged myself to train for the Standard Chartered Marathon that year, too. I guess you could say I was hooked and before long, I decided to try ultras.

RS: Do you have a mentor?

Jasmine: I do; it’s Lexus Tan and he changed everything about the way I run since he showed me the proper way to train. I’m grateful to him because, unlike other runners, I couldn’t participate in a structured programme due to family commitments. He saw my potential and stuck with me. He’s the one who suggested cutting back on 10km and 21km events to run full marathons. I joined F1 Runners in January 2016.

Jasmine Goh and her running coach, Lexus Tan after the Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2016.

RS: When you participate in the Gold Coast Marathon this winter, it won’t be your first Australia trip, right?

Jasmine: No, I ran the GCAM in 2016, so I look forward to going back. This is one of the leading marathons in Asia and I love the flat course and wonderful cool weather! Anyone eager to run an overseas race will find the GCAM to be an idyllic choice. After all, this marathon’s theme is, “Grow your personal best at Australia’s flattest, fastest course,” and that’s certainly my goal, too.

RS: Who will travel with you to the Gold Coast?

Jasmine: I’m delighted to be part of a runcation organised jointly by CTC Travel and my club, F1 Runners. By having the agency and club take care of all of the arrangements, all I have to worry about is training hard, running hard and trying for a win! No worries about travel or accommodation.

RS: What will you do with your downtime in Queensland when you’re not running?

Jasmine: I plan to take my daughters to places I’ve visited in the past. For animal lovers, the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is an attraction that’s not to be missed! I thoroughly enjoyed the entertaining animal shows and activities, like carrying a koala and feeding the kangaroos. Gold Coast scenery is beautiful and spectacular, too. We might be even taking the famous Hot Air ballon flight.

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RS: Any other sites and attractions on your “must see” list?

Jasmine: I advise thrill seekers to check out the numerous theme parks in Gold Coast; Dreamworld; SeaWorld; Movie World. And for those who have time to add an unforgettable experience to their itineraries, head out to sea for a whale-watching excursion; that was such a memorable experience for me.

Get up close with the humpback whales as these gentle giants of the sea makes their annual migration from the Antarctic to Queensland’s coast.

RS: Having participated in several marathons around the region, how would you rate GCAM overall?

Jasmine: I give it the highest of marks. GCAM is a well-organised international event not to be missed by runners and their travelling companions. It’s high on my personal recommendation list.

RS: If readers are thinking about joining you at the next—or a future—GCAM, is this marathon for everyone?

Jasmine: It most certainly is. Runners of all skill levels will find multiple categories from which to choose and they’ll be welcomed with open arms by race organisers and the people of Queensland.

RS: How will you prepare for both the GCAM and for the SEA games?

Jasmine: I follow a very specific program that has been designed just for me by my coach, Mr. Lexus Tan.

RS: What do you most look forward to in Queensland… besides a win, of course?

Jasmine: Don’t laugh, but I really look forward to the abundance of fruits that await marathoners when they reach the finish line. Queensland organisers serve kiwis at the end point — what a refreshing bonus. Loading vitamin C after a hard run is fantastic!

Photo Credit: Ming Ham/

RS: You’re an inspiration to many, so we turn the tables and ask: Who’s your greatest inspiration?

Jasmine: I would have a hard time picking just one person because I am in awe of all runners who share stories of their unique running journeys. I’m inspired by those who overcome fear to conquer their first 10km, 21km or full marathon. Every runner is an inspiration to me!

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