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3rd BOLATHON Charity Fun Run & Masquerade Walk Adds 10KM Category

by On Apr 29, 2014
3rd BOLATHON Charity Fun Run & Masquerade Walk Adds 10KM Category

HOPE worldwide Malaysia will be hosting its Flagship Fundraising Event – The 3rd BOLATHON Charity Fun Run & Masquerade Walk on 1 June 2014!

Dubbed as one-and-only "Charity Masquerade Walk" in Malaysia, the event is organized once every 4 years, in conjunction with the FIFA World Cup.

The proceeds from the event are put to use for implementation of Hope's health, food and education programs for underprivileged communities.

New 10KM Category For Football Aficionados

Owing to its football theme and popularity as a unique family-friendly 3km Walk, BOLATHON has had encouraging participation from Malaysians and all nationalities of all ages. During the 2006 & 2010 BOLATHONs , participants came in an array of colourful, creative and outrageous home-made costumes.

3rd BOLATHON Charity Fun Run & Masquerade Walk Adds 10KM Category

Running on the success, the 2014 BOLATHON will include an additional 10km Run, expecting to draw more than 3,000 football aficionados and enthusiasts. Good news for families: children under 7 run for free!

The BOLATHON Charity Fun Run & Masquerade Walk will be held on 1 June 2014, at the Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur.

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