Want to give back to the community and participate in a meaningful charity run? Then you should mark the date Saturday, 28 March 2015 down on your race calendar. The 4PM Fun:D Run organised by the Malay Youth Literary Association (4PM) will be held at 7:00 a.m. in East Coast Park, Big Splash.

The objective of the 4PM Fun:D Run is to raise funds for Ramadan on Wheels (ROW) 2015 and to promote community involvement and healthy lifestyle. The run will be filled with elements that remind participants what it is to be Singaporean and an opportunity for every individual to give back to the community.

The 4PM Ramadan on Wheels (ROW) is an annual multi-racial community outreach to the less fortunate in Singapore. ROW 2015 aims to help 150 families all over Singapore through a 6 months programme. Proceeds from the event will go into providing monthly assistance to offset household expenses and to equip the families with life skills so it will ease their transition in the workforce.

There will be 2 race categories with a 10km endurance run and a 2.4km family walk/run. The normal rate for the 10km run is S$45 and the 2.4km family run costs S$25. The event will be filled with activities to foster a greater sense of belonging and strengthen national identity.

For more information, you can follow the 4PM Ramadhan On Wheels Facebook page to stay updated on the latest news.

Yuyi Lim

Yuyi is pursuing her studies in communications and communities. Now she relishes in the blend of both entities: communicating ideas to this magazine's community. As the lead news writer, her passion lies in helping people find interesting and timely news through the writing she provides.

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