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8 Great Reasons to Run the Great Eastern Women’s Run 2016

by On Aug 26, 2016

Women and girls of all ages meet up to do more than keeping fit: The Great Eastern Women's Run showcases sportsmanship, charity and purpose, yet the fun doesn't stop!

8 Great Reasons to Run the Great Eastern Women’s Run 2016

Participants at the Great Eastern Women's Run (GEWR) on 13th November 2016 will display more than just their ability to run a good race: GEWR encourages women to bond over their shared passion for fitness. As a matter of fact, Great Eastern established this event to reach out to women who prioritize healthier, better lives and to encourage them to share this philosophy with the people they love most.

What better way to promote the brand’s ethos of “Live Great” than organising such a sporting event? As a Life Company going beyond the call of insurance and protecting finances to help the community live healthier and better, this signature event says as much about Great Eastern’s commitment towards helping women live healthy as it does about the women who run it

Deep roots

Great Eastern was one of the early pioneers of public runs in Singapore. Its first women’s run in 2006 saw 3,500 participants. Today, GEWR is the largest all-women run in Asia, attracting 17,000 participants in 2015. A sporting event eagerly anticipated every year, tens of thousands women have enjoyed the Run and benefitted from it over the last decade.

8 Great Reasons to Run the Great Eastern Women’s Run 2016

Back by popular demand this year, parents can register their daughters for the 100-metre Princess Dash category which is open to three to nine-year-old girls.

In 2012, GEWR distance menu expanded to include an all-women’s half marathon run. #RuntoLiveGreat, a programme under GEWR, is another addition in 2014 to encourage non-runners to take their first step to better health through running.

Adding these new dimensions has been a big factor in growing the Run’s reputation and popularity. When runners arrive at The Float at Marina Bay to hit the 5km, 10km or 21.1km start line this November, they will also discover that the popular Princess Dash is back, too.

8 Great Reasons to Run the Great Eastern Women’s Run 2016

Specially catered to young girls to inculcate in them the importance of a healthy lifestyle, they will compete in the race in colourful tutus and be rewarded with a ‘Finisher Tiara’ upon completion of the race.

Something For Everyone

If you didn’t witness the 2015 Princess Dash, you’re in for a surprise. Little girls, as young as three, dressed in colourful tutus, participated in a 100m Dash and were rewarded with a tiara at the end of the race. Meanwhile, adult runners not out to run long distances signed on for the 5km Live Great! Fun Run, so you might say that there’s something on the GEWR list for anyone showing up in running shoes who like to have a good time.

Helping women live well, stay healthy and be empowered are reasons this event has captured the hearts of runners, but the GEWR is more than just a race. Women who participate also make a philanthropic statement in support of the Breast Cancer Foundation and Women’s Health Research and Education Fund. Is it any wonder the GEWR was named "Best Sport Event of the Year (Local)" at the 2016 Singapore Sports Awards?

We should add that there will be no shortage of entitlements guaranteed to remind you of this day for years to come, no matter which category you prefer: snag an Adidas race tee, sling bag, finisher medal, event guide, finisher certificate, personalized race bib and even free insurance coverage during the race.

8 Great Reasons to Run the Great Eastern Women’s Run 2016

Mothers get to bond with their daughters while embracing healthy lifestyle at the Great Eastern Women’s Run.

Add a finisher tee if you run the 21.1km. Princess Dash participants’ entitlements are equally amazing. Visit the race website at to see what other surprises await.

8 Great Reasons you should run the Great Eastern Women’s Run

  • Strive to set a new personal best at Asia’s largest all-women run and acquire all bragging rights!
  • Prove to the world that women excel at having fun while pursuing their athletic dreams and ambitions.
  • Show every little girl in your family that women’s charitable causes matter so they want to run in your footsteps in the future.
  • Set an example for women who think they’re too busy to run! Show them that the benefits of training and participation can enhance a woman's life in myriad ways.
  • Try your hand at forming a team of up to four women. Train together and then motivate each other during the ultimate bonding experience.
  • Look forward to lively post-race activities staged at the race village to celebrate your achievement.
  • Contribute—with your presence and your donation—to two of Singapore’s most important charitable groups.
  • Make new friends who share your passion for running and showcasing the glory of womanhood.

Are you ready to show the world the “stuff” you’re made of? Register now so you don’t miss a moment of the magic at the Great Eastern Women’s Run 2016.

Registration for GEWR ends 30 September. Runners making their payment with the OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Credit Card will also get to enjoy a 10% off registration fees.

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